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Thread: Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

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    Situation and comment: Let's watch this freaking bullshit match. Damn obvious that 2 shit players in my team keep spoiling for nothing and claim they lag but I check their ping via console, showing about the same like mine only. I don't encounter any super or ultra lag at all. Also, the 2 players keep disconnecting their line and pretending like bad line in their place. Whenever one of them disconnect and almost abandon as the time is less than 2 minutes, the opposite team so kind to PAUSE the game to prevent that feeder from abandon. Also, when they were doing so, I already started to suspect they were working without another 2 in opposite team and the result really show party. Previously, people already reported about the abuse of Charm Farming by matchmaking, yet Valve never fix it.
    Now, this kind of technique is widely used by a lot of players especially those youngsters/abusers of MMR. Valve still never give any concern about it. I am NOT trying to rage, rant, or complaining here. IMO, if abusers want to continue, then let it continue till there's a better way to counter-measure. But I would like to question on Valve, "How a game developer can be recognized as good developer?"

    Match ID: 1919846542

    Team Radiant:

    Team Dire (feeders/spoilers):
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    My friend and I (4 of us) encountered a botted game

    The alleged suspect, Geiki Sen, played extremely badly (getting hit by towers and creeps)

    And strangely, he kept urging us to push his lanes where ever he go. And even at the end when we were attacking the T4 towers, he asked us to go bottom lane to push tower with him.

    From the screenshots, you will be able to see that the opponents behaved just like bots. In fact, during the picking phase, all of them picked in a sequential manner.

    Afterwards, all of them bought headress and went to top lane.

    Throughout the game, I kept confronting him about the hack, probing him to share some clues as to what was happening. And he kept quiet all the way and speak only when he want us to push with him.

    His steam profile
    Screen shots

    I did a quick game history search on 1 of the bots and one of the game was this

    A 10 bots unranked game?
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    I am lazy to describe anything already.

    Match ID: 1929652932

    These 2 fucking feeders in that game.
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    This is the most idiot and stupid thing ever implemented in Dota 2 system. I am really wondering why Valve still never fix this since players keep on abusing it, just my question. Well, this is a place for us to share the player who abuse, yes, we share. Okay, I share another now. Last time, there was someone posted about charm abuse but Valve still never fix it.
    The problem I would like to issue out is, players can match each other by using "same settings" and "same timing" to start Find Match. Because of this, I lost my "Coin Charm" and it turned into 2 blue stones. What the Valve can do for me if I share here?
    The explanation for my game situation is very clear already and you just need to refer to the attachment. What that Legion Commander did was, he fed the enemies then he AFK in the game. After AFK and announced as abandoned, the money was distributed to the team but the heroes still standing there. What the hell was that? Player can scout out game? THE ABANDON STATUS DOES NOT DISPLAY OUT AND MY TEAM CANNOT CONTROL THE ABANDONED HERO.
    It was damn obvious whenever I go to farm, the enemies will know. I don't want to rant or rage here because the OP already state not to use this thread to post for ranting or raging. I just want to pass my simple question to Valve. So, this is Dota 2 quality?

    Match ID: 1935773030

    Player who AFK:

    5 suspicious players who controlled the Legion Commander (I am very sure 1 out of 5 was the Legion Commander because they can know my position in map):
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    This guy. Always someone in opposing teams feds and ruins game, and he gets free mmr. In every single game someone feeds, but not even once ruiner is not in his team.
    I think he just bought several accounts and transfusing mmr to main. Because most accounts are created in same month of 2014 and most of them dont have even photo.
    Match ID: 1940576298 - Nickname: FeelMyShit, Hero: Riki 0-16-0, Opponent: мяу
    Match ID: 1935308727 - Nickname: ГОСТ, Hero: Spirit breaker 1-13-8 only dagon in stache. Opponent: мяу
    Match ID: 1934806134 - Nickname: Matador, Hero: Shadow demon 1-12-5, Opponent: мяу
    And more and more and more. He is not stupid and btw ruined games he plays normal matcmaking, but after that transfusing starts again
    I dont know what to do to this kind of ruiners. Maybe they sell accs, or smth else...

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    Match ID : 1940508516
    Player name : No_mercy1,also known as "mid or meepo"
    Player ID : 163595583,
    team radiant
    Abuse : this abuser used a new technique that I never saw before.Buying shadow amulet and staying invisible near ally towers to gain xp from dying creeps so he could dodge the afk abandon case.This started form the very beginning of the match duration.Even 2 players of the enemy team noticed that something is wrong with the game.Any attempt to use the courier by the team led to the courier feed.He also refused to make any communication with the team,like he was muted.
    His status at the end of the match : 0/4/0 . zero LH,zero deny.
    I also checked his profile both in client and dotabuff. : changed his name many times,Lost all of his ranked matches.The rest of his games are only SD,meaning he was reported many times by others.
    In the client : Zero participate in fights,which means he only farms to avoid AFK.

    I could not locate the boosted account but what I am sure is that this player is abuser for 100%.
    Can you take a look please?

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    Match id=1945743623
    We get 6bots in this game one of them was in our team (Bane)
    and the other five's were on the enemy team with a party
    this bots upgread skills randomly and do skills in random times
    and if you check their profiles u see that they play just abilty draft in 24h
    fix it valve

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    2 games in a roll.


    this 2 man stacks mass buying and feeding courir since 5min. language abuse in russian too.

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    Match ID: 1946344017 -

    eu biggest hammer - -
    .. - -

    The first one has a score of 196-77-1 (winrate of 71.53%), seems good but ok. Yeah, but he has a winrate of 91.72% over 145 ranked games and a 48.8% winrate for unranked.
    The second ( .. ) has a score of 234-24-5 and a ranked winrate of 88.97%

    They played together for 23 games this week with a winrate of 95.65%. Both created their account one week apart (as you can also see by their steam id with very similar numbers)

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    Match ID: 299238849
    I spotted this guy when i was playing bots to practice meepo he picks batrider everygame and goes jungle and keeps on dying he has 4.5k mmr which means he is intentionally doing it see his record he has more then 30 - 40 games a day where he just keeps on doing this after mass reports which me and my teammates did he just logs into a different id which is set to pvt. so i cant see his details please ip ban him and delete his dota he has even got some friends who pick winter and they keep on doing the same thing again and again and to confirm he would have nulls vlads and lots of tp in his inventory every game please look forward to this matter and ip ban this guy because new players have no chance of winning with this guy in team and his id name is something like jj

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