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Thread: Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

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    I think this account speaks for itself, all of his recent games are wins where the other team had an anonymous player on the other team feeding

    How do they do it, I wonder?

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    Match: 634806036
    Usernames: Da5 and JayZ

    major feeding and I am presuming multiboxing for the other team. he would control tiny and only level toss to throw allies to feed.
    while controlling Tiny he would stop control of Witch Doctor and he would sit idle. When he controlled Witch Doctor he would set Tiny on follow and this went on until he AFK'd out.

    He said in draft he would ruin the game, i am thinking he is boosting for the three party members on the other team.

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    This same player is still abusing matchmaking. formerly called qqqqqppppp in the last post i made as you can see under the aliases bottom right of page.

    Attachment 23598

    In this match AGAIN we have a jungling hero and AGAIN its name is in Russian letters. This is not the same alternate account as the last one in the posts i made BUT he is still doing the exact same strategy throwing the alt on a jungler and just feeding it.

    He does the exact same thing game after game and ALL three times the feeding accounts have had Russian names on AUSTRALIAN servers. I have shown it 3 times now but he still isn't banned?
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    Matchid: 636133512
    Feeding player: Run you clever boy
    Steam id: STEAM_0:1:59661139
    Boosted player: Shai
    Steam id: STEAM_0:1:66852401

    The amount of games you found where the player got boosted (if possible including matchids) Dont care. Just give me 0 mmr lost. Want real game sto count.

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    Match ID: 636477013
    Boosted MMR player: 你菜如狗 凄惨的人头
    Shit account: sinimb

    Ruined the game for us. Both of them marked private profile, and the match history for 你菜如狗 凄惨的人头 shows a lot of ~15minute games with a feeder on other team.

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    Cheating in RMM

    Hi, I'm new here so I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. Would have loved to email Valve directly. If anyone can redirect me, it would be much appreciated.

    I just had a game where 1 player from Dire was controlling 1 hero from Radiant to easily win the game. I just wanted to give Valve feedback regarding this issue, as this has happened 4 times to me already (on Australian server).

    Match ID 638489216

    - Beast Master continuously runs into enemies and dies.
    - From player perspective in the reply, Beast Master shows minimal player control.

    Tinker player named The Jokerr in Dire team probably controlled this Beast Master. My reasoning is:

    - The only time Beast Master shows player control more than just moving is at the start of the game where he buys items and head to lane at 0:35 (game time). Tinker stops moving completely for this period, while the rest of the dire team shows mouse control in Player Perspective mode.
    - He is the only player in Dire with his profile set as private. I have learnt by now that people who cheat in this way tend to keep their profiles private for obvious reasons.

    The last 7 days I encountered this problem 4 times already. I am not sure if it's the same person or more than 1 person doing this (I assume they change names repeatedly and keep their profiles private) and how they manage to get both of their accounts in the same game. But I would be appreciated if this problem could be addressed by Valve somehow.

    One of my quick suggestions would be, if two people share the same IP they cannot be in different teams.


    Edit: Found more games by him, and he seems to do it all the time.

    Match ID - 637053460
    Luna 0-28-1
    Attachment 23745

    Match ID - 637195115
    Centaur Warrunner 0-20-3
    Attachment 23746

    Match ID - 637342397
    Centaur Warrunner 0-5-1
    Attachment 23747

    Match ID - 638811187
    Phoenix 0-15-1
    Attachment 23748

    Match ID - 638941805
    Windranger 0-31-2
    Attachment 23749

    Match ID - 639011345
    Windranger 0-12-0
    Attachment 23750

    Again, the list goes on.
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    Match ID: 640429563
    Name of feeding player: DK TOP TEAM EVER
    Name of boosting player: Phazimon

    There's at least 9 games with this happening.


    Took a look at the boosting player's profile on Dotabuff,, he's been cheating for someone else too. They've been actively doing this for the past few days. I think there might be a whole syndicate of ranked abuse here.

    Feeding player: Phazimon
    Boosting player: 2EZ4RTZ-EG ONE LOVE (STEAM_0:0:47184002)


    Another instance,

    Feeding player: Phazimon
    Boosting player: Shizamon

    These two accounts are the same person. Same alias, same name on their steam. &


    Edit: Found a whole syndicate of them. They're part of one team called Complex Gaming KHV. (the player involved above) (look at his match history, he's definitely an abuser, worked with Phazimon/Shizamon)

    There's definitely more people involved, but I don't have the patience to go through each and everyone of those games. Please bring them all to justice.
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    Match id: 642657739

    Boosted player: opa (Invoker)
    Feeding player: FUCKING DARLING (Vengeful spirit)

    Both players had private profiles in-game and on dotabuff

    opa was the only one having 6K in that game, all the others were between 4 and 5k.
    Although on paper vs doesn't seem to feed that much, it was obvious in game. He started with non-support items (no wards, chick), calling everyone noobs and helping invoker get solo kills (by backing without even trying to help etc), still had starter battlebonus from chest( new to rmm/unused account)

    I don't think that's enough proof to get them punished but if someone else meets them maybe this will serve as additional proof, although I'm pretty sure they can easily change names and get unnoticed (because you can't get any info about them if they got everything private).

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    [*] The matchid of the game: 642134036
    [*] The name of the feeding player: FCkkkkk / GgG (the guy is always changing the name) he also use this profile 김정은 and this one RumblingRose and many others fake acc
    [*] The name of the boosted player: Aj / 進擊的♥720 (His current nick atm is Aj, it was the Venge player, he's always changing the name too)
    [*] The amount of games you found where the player got boosted (if possible including matchids): 642305764, 641091712, 640551314, 640481991, 643414594, 643371635, 643169101, 643095608, 642843338, 642785643, 642700759, 632724547, 630749975 and theres MANY MORE games which he abused, im tired now, no doubt this is enought proof

    I just ask one thing, when you punish this abusers plz make it public, with a list of all abusers and who reported them, cuz i HAVE to know that this little cunt got punished so i can trust this game once again and i want him to KNOW that i reported him, so he can have nightmares with my nick while playing his 3k mmr games where he belongs. ty
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