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Thread: Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

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    Steam id:151214932
    Game number 2057944708

    Action must be taken against this Pudge player :

    - Insulting
    - Buying all wards and placing them in base
    - Feeding courrier
    - AFK in base

    How can it be that this kind of player is in normal matchmaking ? How ???
    Even 4 vs 5 we gave a good fight... Sad story to be matched with this "player"
    Been a player since early 2012 and first time i express the need to come here report someone... I hope his actions wont remain unpunished

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    8th game in a row feeding with oracle, buying all the wards placing them in base, following ppl around nuking them and flaming in chat. ban him for life pls.

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    - Match ID : 2072128196
    - Feeding Player : 1) b214r141nn77 (Use UNDYING)
    2) d6ysdfy2234 (Use JAKIRO)
    - Boosted Player : hero (Use PHANTOM ASSASSIN)
    - First match i versus this person (hero). My team undying & jakiro feed so much from early game, i don't know why. Second match (hero) become my team, when game start she go middle lane & i don't know what happen, she got first blood and some people said for report him because of hacking (something happen in mid) then some dire team abandon game. Game become safe too leave & no match ID. A few hour i look back in his profile for recent games details, something happen again like my first match with him. Can refer this match ID

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    The match - 2053689621

    The name of the feeding player Wraith King - Narco Baron 228 / King Leoric http://images.akamai.steamuserconten...B0E2B34AF711E/

    The name of the boosted player - Valdemarth

    The amount of games you found where the player got boosted - in profile feeder


    http://images.akamai.steamuserconten...4355787F0F5A9/ [I'm Steeper Pepper]



    And Valdemarth's friends tоо see last game, all game 10 min.
    and this game

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    19 - Nickname: [mYm] Stupid Genius
    Match: - He's the alchemist (Of course, private profile to hide the boosting). Already VAC banned less than a year ago, now ruins ranked games boosting an account mmr. 182hours with a 70% wr and a 1.1k GPM and 920 XPM? Come the fuck on Valve. But I don't expect anything more from you, it's more than 2 months that I posted about 2 boosting accounts and still nothing was done. Shame.

    Attachment 37613


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    This player i believe is playing cheat by matchmaking mmr by using his partner in crime on opposite side, one in Radiant and another in Dire for example. I have download a replay for u guys to investigate. Also, we are average 3.5k MMR vs 6k MMR on this match. This is the ID Match game : 2091787705

    Here is some img :


    Suspected cheating :
    1) Play to earn more winning streaks
    2) Easy win to earn MMR points
    3) Violation software

    Please do take action on this matter. Thank you.

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    Hello everyone,
    This is my first post here, since I made this account only to call out this player.
    This player is from Spain, and has 6500 mmr on his main account. However, he has other accounts that are around 5500mmr.

    What he does, is to search a game with both accounts, from different PCs, in the same language, with the same language preferences on the same region. By doing that, eventually, he will get to play with both accounts in different teams on the same game.

    Then, he will feed with his lower account, making his main account to gain MMR. I’ll show you how it works with some examples from the last 2 days.

    His main account is gorgutzer, and has at the moment 6600 MMR.

    This is one of his fake accounts; he uses them to boost his main account:

    As you can see on the following screenshot, his fake account is a friend of his main account:

    Now I’m going to show you some examples of the games they played with each other during the last 2 days:

    As you can see, the Ulfried account is always feeding, and helping Gorgutzert to win the game. He did this many times before, and by doing this he can climb the ladder and keep earning easy mmr on his main account. I don’t know if there is a way to report this to valve, but I think it’s a poor way to steal MMR from others, and ruin other people´s game.

    Nitice how the majority of games only last a few mins, then he gets reported and has to play low pool unranked games for a while.
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    Match ID: 2110514089

    Feeding players (in early) & spoilers: (bURniK or SF) and (CHUVACHENESMAMA or Huskar)

    Situation: In early game, you should able to see what SF was doing. Please watch what SF did during early game by feeding the enemies for several times, without proper reason of deaths. That game probably has SF+Huskar and Tinker+Necrophos. The SF didn't want to farm in proper way and in the team chat he sometimes keep laughing and also acting like nothing happening nearby him even when a war happened. Never perform properly (ignore or didn't want use Raze skill to kill enemy right near him when I duel enemy). Huskar always stand in open area for enemies, waiting for enemies to come and gank him (called him to come back to base but he still stood in open area longer till enemies came only he started to move).

    Another SF who act the same way like don't want to farm and then feed to the enemies at the end of game when his own team carries were fatting (late game time).
    Match ID: 2112300315
    Spoiler: (Mmen Rider)
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