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Thread: Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

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    Game MatchID: 2142962574

    Feeders: 'Spank The Dragon' - (Friend ID: 157993736)
    Rickus Grimus - (Friend ID: 100983114)

    Situation: They both feeded bottom and although we were doing good and starting to catch up, suddenly they both disconnected without any reason ... after the match finished I saw they were together in party, so the second one up here disconnected first (he was playing crystal maiden), what I don't understand is why the other followed him when we were winning. You can imagine the struggle after and still we lost but it was a 70th minutes game wich wasn't fun at all, and it could've been a easy win if these two wouldn't disconnect. Please can you do something about this, those kind of players are the plague to the fun of the game, realy ... and reports don't do much ... you must add some extra punishments, perhaps you can make a script to detect party players that quit and punish them hard, like no ranked for 1 week. I mean wth ... it's not our fault these ppl don't give a shit about the others, this is not fun, and it's suppose to be, right?

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    Was queuing with friends. Other team refused to pick anything, then abandons. I checked their names and realized immediately that they were bots.
    Checked match history, found out that they are part of a rich chinese player's set-up to farm charms, sets, battle pass quests.

    Guy behind it (he has hidden steam inventory but his profile showcase shows various rare items and his tickets show that he buy a lot of levels)

    Example abuse match:

    He abuses with these players: | | | | |

    Bot accs: |<- |<- These two are his old accs I believe, they have MMR but all have the same losing streak (due to botting) and same stats in charts, they appear in the games | These accs are typical, abandon if they get the wrong people in match and just make a new acc

    They all build Ogre clubs.

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    Basically they abuse matchmaking to get rampages.They do this in captains mode matches quite often as seen on any of theyr profile.I dont think this should be allowed

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    Hey moderatores please ban

    Match id: 2155596025 link

    The name of the feeding players:
    The High Life aka. EG.Suma1l -
    OhMyDog aka. Archon.Moo -

    The name of the boosted players:
    stars aka. EG.universe -

    Extra proove:


    Realy if this happen in high mmr games with "pro players", what are your expectations from normal players. Now excuse me, I have to tell my friends to walk down mid and feed for me so I can have better rating at dota.
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    Angry How can I report Manipulation of games & MMR / cheats Compendium Quests / Wintrading?

    How can I report a game where players traded quest achievements with each other? Today I played with a "unfriendly" player and I later noticed in, that he was involved in many games that ended with K-D 200-0 or similar. When I checked one of the games (Match ID: 2143147729 - 11th Feb. 2016) I saw, that they were discussing quest trades and feeding intentionally for it.
    This is the game on
    I didn't investigate this any further then that, but I bet that many more accounts can be found that did the same thing, if you check the recent games of all players involved here.

    It somewhat disheartens me to go on buying compendiums and struggling to complete hard quests, when others cheat to get rewards easy. Hope Devs can do something about this matter.

    There is no report button ingame for matches that you didn't participate in, or..?

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    Ok, post has been moved, I understand now...


    Matches (all 10 players were involved):

    As I see it (and I know this from spectating a game and following ingame chat), this is done to easily get compendium quest rewards.

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    Cruel russian man boosting using Sandboxie

    MatchID: 2174243464
    Name of AFKguyy: Briflying
    Name of boosted acc: умру - встану на фонтан


    The same situation:
    you can list another matches and find some games where he's ruining


    The same action from this account:

    He's just not deny about using sandboxie for boost. Please valve fix this and ban that accounts.
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    Valve! Do something to bots.

    This bots has high KDA (~70) first 4 games to get high skill bracket, and 0/0/0 stats 96 games after it. Then calibrating.

    If you can't solve this problem (decide programmaticaly if player is bot), please add new settings to dota: Filter matchmaking to search teammates with GAMES PLAYED parameter.
    I have 5k games played. Why should I play with this bots calibrating their account after 100 games? I want to play with real people on their main account. I want only > 2k games played players in my team. I can wait to find game 30 min, if needed. I just want this settings in dota "Teammates min played games".

    P.S: i think they found games together with abuse settings of region: "Dubai region and Russian language" for example. This makes this bots to play together 100 games in a row.
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    This guy confessed on the team chat to play that account just to boost it. Proceeds then to feed and abandon when realized he couldn't win that match.
    Nickname: lelkek
    Steam page:
    Dotabuff: (over 720 games on SEA server, then magically passed to EU servers and rise to an over 70% winrate in ranked games)

    Screen of the guy admitting it.

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    Match ID: 2202706232 - plenty of bots (just see the names).
    If you check their profiles you can find A LOT of other bot accounts.

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