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Thread: Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

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    Match ID:
    Name of Feeding Player:I GO BACK TO 3K MMR (Private profile), Fed the Pudge
    The name of boosted player: SIR ADMIRAL KUNKKAA (6k mmr and afk dodging whilst SF fed the pudge and private profile) - It was obvious the death prophet was the boosted account as everyone else hovered around 3.5-4.5k mmr whilst he had 6k mmr due to him being afk a lot it could be that SF was multi boxing.
    Screenshot of player admitting feed:
    Attachment 23719

    Valve seriously sort this shit out this is why I stopped play dota 2 for 2 weeks then first day back and in third game I have an MMR booster and feel like quitting again you need to permanently ban peoples steam accounts for this stuff is it so hard?
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    Match ID: 643751534
    Name of the feeding player: gg wp Edit: Changes name frequently "fEEd SAMA", "don't even try", anyways he was tinker in this game.
    Name of the boosted player:最爱吃Burrito了 lone druid
    Amount of games you found where the player got boosted: I unfortunately was part of the losing team in the above game. I dotabuffed the player him after the game and in all his recent games the same cheating with the same guy was found.. Match IDs: 641761939, 641637077, 641590816, 641537261. I wish valve can find a way to stop this kind of cheating....
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    Match id: 643213583

    Hero: Outworld Devouer
    Name: Dwight K. Schrute

    Outworld Devouer was feeding enemy team with currier all the time and was hiding items from our team. Not to mention abussing currier as he wanted to.
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    Match id: 644216854
    Hero: Rhasta
    Name: DZHONI
    Used to stay afk all the game long and cheat with anti-afk system by feeding enemies team.
    Its all about RMM.

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    Match ID: 641721772
    Hero: BountyHunter
    Name: Roshan46370
    It is a bot. You can see him clickling exactly once every 1 second if he walks e.g. back to the base. At the exact same point, exactly 1 second between the clicks. Also his Camera movement is really strange. He fed 33 kills. Please check for the IPs.
    Edit: With the IP i mean check who of the other team it was. Since it is a bot, guessing is hard.
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    Match ID: 644607688
    Hero: Zeus, Ogre Magi, Natures Prohpet
    Name: Blackmill, Vote against the Nazi EU in May, Sofran Problem?

    Towards the end of the match one of my opponents had a disconnect and my team kept unpausing. I appologized for my team which lead to my team mates insulting and reporting me.
    This game has by far the worst community I have ever seen.

    Edit: I just realized this is the wrong thread. Would a mod be so kind and move this post to a more appropriate thread?
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    Another one. Seems I can't play a damn game without either braindead players or feeders, and I'm not even under 4k.

    Matchid: 645449571
    Feeder: Fcking L
    Boosted player: HS

    Both had private profiles, of course.

    And just for curiosity, is someone even looking at these? Or it's just a frustration dump thread?
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    Match ID - 645514394

    Feeding Player - <3 Baby

    Boosted Players - 我很牛逼 (Lone Druid who controls <3 Baby) + 천재 (Witch Doctor)

    我很牛逼 controls Terror Blade (<3 Baby) to feed and win the game easily. The co-accused is in the same party as Lone Druid player.


    1.) Lone Druid shows no mouse movement when Terror Blade buys items and head to mid lane.
    2.) Lone Druid and Terror Blade share the same ping.
    3.) Terror Blade goes to mid where the co-accused Witch Doctor is.
    Attachment 23731

    This one is pretty obvious as they do it again in the next game with Shadow Fiend feeding.

    Match ID -645546912
    Attachment 23733

    Edit: I've done a bit of research on this player and he seems to do it all the time. He has been in many games where his opposing team has 1 player who feeds substantially.

    Match ID - 644743476
    Sniper 0-37-2
    Attachment 23734

    Match ID - 642927778
    Tinker 0-22-0

    Match ID - 642766013
    Terror Blade 0-16-0

    Match ID - 642495122
    Spirit Breaker 0-22-1

    Match ID - 641338849
    Spirit Breaker 0-30-1

    Match ID - 640730899
    Ember Spirit 0-12-0

    The list goes on. To me this is a very clear case of someone cheating. Please Valve, this issue affects so many games of so many players who just want to play this game and have fun.
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    Match ID - 645272282

    Feeding Player - Raindog

    Boosted Players - LGD.ZSMJ

    Match ID - 645083442
    Spirit Breaker 0-6-1

    Match ID - 645109804
    Nature's Prophet 0-19-1

    Match ID -645123673
    Nature's Prophet 0-39-2

    Match ID - 645210138
    Nature's Prophet 0-18-4

    Match ID - 645288392
    Nature's Prophet 1-53-3

    Match ID - 645496341
    Nature's Prophet 0-21-2

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    BOTNET is increasing in AD

    I dont know where to post this,i reported his steam acc but i dont know thats work or not, i could give some proof here
    and sharing if someone got same issues as me

    match id : 646260590
    Attachment 23753

    and some of his profile was

    after i check in replay, while not seeing enemy hero, their command was clicking in 3 place, top of his hero portrait, a bit more left and a bit more bottom.
    and after i see their item, just boot, bracers for all 5 hero.
    im playing at Ability draft here, but i think the ID owner will take item dropping advantage from there

    thanks, sorry if something wrong about this post, im new here

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