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Thread: Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by user0 View Post
    I found some BOTS (or chinese guys or sandbox boosters) here.
    They have 300 games already.
    350 feeding games (on each of five bot's profiles) so far.
    One of their latest game match ID: 2541085674 (pic attached).
    Name: DOTA2

    WHY THEY ARE NOT banned yet?
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    Update on the matchmaking abuse by bots.
    There are MUCH MORE bots here.

    Once they got low priority they play with each other, winning/loosing to get rid of LP and go abuse MMR again.
    For example check match ID 2532571507 (pic attached), they all are bots.

    If you check their games history you can easily find most of them. Since they often play against each other, more than 400 games so far. These bots play nonstop, doing 24 games per day.

    Any action Valve?

    ps. just few profiles and friend's id:
    Created: 26 Jul 2016 359637972 360261255
    Created: 07 Jul 2016 358512127
    Just check their games history to find all of them
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    And what about Season MMR?

    The 1st place is a Cheater:

    Sample matchid: 2541529940


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    np intentionally feeding pa. pa controlling both heroes. farming levels. reported by everyone but further action needed.
    Phantom Assassin In game name: sad
    Nature's prophet in game name: xyipizdaeldar
    Match ID:2559695571

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    Would like to report another suspicions game a follower reported. (As his English wasn't enough for him to post it himself, I offered to post instead.)

    Match ID: 2556208276

    The Radiant Players :
    AA, Abaddon , Alche and time to time WK go mid and feed.
    Or WK gets killed by neutral creeps in jungle.

    Game Result as attached:


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    Another odd Case he reported was a played called: cr33py

    His Steam ID:

    He has been spamming Riki in his MMR games as you can see in his profile page. Most of his matched last around 6 minutes - 8 minutes.


    I attached some of the games print screens in which you may be able to see details.
    Also for you to quickly see some of his Ranked Match IDs:
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    Match ID 2562410354

    IGN :
    - 123sasss412222 ( Death Prophet )
    - saaxx213412xxxx ( Nyx Assassin )

    u can see in the replays their items only boot and iron wood branch, also only go to tower normal attack not using any skills also just feeding enemy, but i don't know who the one in radiant get boosted, but this is happen almost around 4 AM GMT +7 when less people in SE Asia server less people playing and most people watching TI6 match.

    I'm sure this is used for boosting someone or more players MMR and also for their predict for TI battle pass level, hope this abuser (the one feeding and get boosted) get really bad punishment!!!

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    The rank 24 in the SEA leaderboards named Insanity is a MMR Abuser. -Insanity

    He is abusing in Japan server and uses 2 Accounts to abuse. -Pow -Eyyy Lmao

    In this game Eyyy Lmao is feeding so that the team of Pow will have an ez mmr in which you can see on Pow's recent match history that this eyy lmao is feeding non stop couriers and observers in the entire game.

    I think he is raising the mmr of Pow so that he could abuse it with his 7k mmr account. Which you can see that in these games that Pow is feeding the enemy team which has Insanity (Suck my balls) is in it.

    Eyy lmao acc feeding mmr on Insanity (Suck my balls)

    AND THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY TO MENTION. I think this would give my evidence clear. I just hate people that abuse for MMR when they actually sucks when they play.
    I hope Valve will be able to BAN all of his accounts. He is one of the reason why Dota 2 is so cancerous. Thanks everyone !

    NOTE: Insanity is Suck my balls in those matches. Sorry for my bad english
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    A 5k wins cheater called "Tremere" (
    He/she has been abusing normal matchmaking in random drafts for 6 months (>725 times) at least.


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