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Thread: Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottRTL View Post
    Match ID: 3004474326
    Player: [MNII]GoHuskies

    Script that ran to enemy towers over and over again, fed 29 kills, didn't speak, even if trapped, TP'd out and continued feeding. Must be farming items/Intentional MMR lowering.
    either farming items or abusing matchmaking,
    this thing going serious, just now i got LP match like this, going to update the info soon..


    Match id 3004984036

    opposing team id


    teammate id
    347656932 feeding as same as post above, feeding by tp-ing then going through towers , no chat no voice, over and over again, if no gold or tp cd, will afk at base,
    401612967 feeding then abandon one
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    mirana id 29996179
    ls id 308625022
    ban pls

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    Low Priority Game ID 3007802336

    fataless_bot ( ) like name suggests was a bot. It's behaviour was similar to the one described by users of this forum. It was autoissuing attack order towards enemy fountain, buying a lot of tp scrolls and using abilities randomly. The interesting thing was that when I wrote on all chat "so who's using this bot?" it almost IMMEDIATELY disconnected and abandoned the game. It's possible that Legion Commander player (because he/she were mid) or Visage player (because they went afk just after the bot disconnected) to be responsible.

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    game ID 3023812743
    player feeding Valhalla

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    The matchid of the game - 3019842153
    The name of the feeding player - xdksbmw99, xdksbmw95, xdksbmw98, 111, xdksbmw104,
    The name of the boosted player - "." .
    The amount of games you found where the player got boosted (if possible including matchids) - he played on meepo 4 games in a row.,,,

    I clicked "find a ranked game on the Russian server", and found the game on US WEST server. Please punish this cheater.

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    the matchid of the game - 3029070023 ( ranked )
    the name of the feeding player - brucks
    the name of the boosted player 1189
    That man , who get feed added me to friends and I saw , he played with feeder party games ! their id 303574914 , 188518800

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    Match ID: 3040151884
    Feeding player: ALPHALVILLE ID : 177371841
    Boosted players:
    Ammount of games: 1 personally witnessed, ALPHALVILLE(Bounty Hunter) useless

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    Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I just played a game in which the entire enemy team was obviously bots. They all would continuously run to the same spot mid when they spawned. Two players (in a group) obviously knew what was going on, and sat mid to run up their scores, taking turns to get rampages, etc. Not sure how one does this but it ruined the game. You'll see when you look at the score.

    Match ID: 3047792990
    Players: MirAcle GooRung (ID: 383545610), Marshmello (ID: 383919471)

    I just checked Marshmello's activity feed, and it looks like they are doing this regularly. See Match IDs: 3047732939, 3038092793, 3033600239. Also, jesus... match ID: 3011306703, Marshmello and MirAcle GooRung are on opposite teams. This is fucked

    I don't know why someone would do shit like this, it defeats the purpose... smh

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    Match ID's: 3058206188

    The 10 players were actually boosting each other with there battle passes. They selected random draft matchmaking so they will be fighting with each other then feed or give the other team the advantage so that they will have an easy time on there quest. Of course they already decided who will win so the supposed winning team can bet the highest amount of wager. This is just disgusting.

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    Feeder name F1Z4
    Games he feed or stayed afk last 2 weeks. Most of games ranked.
    Match ids

    Not only is this guy feeding he is also very toxic, account should be perma banned if you want the dota 2 community to stay alive. There is at least 4 players that thinking about quitting dota today......

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