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Thread: Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

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    Jan 2016
    match id 3066984811

    someone from RADIANT team use hex. when no one no have hex. seems new cheats.

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    Sep 2016
    10.000 mmr on this account 132488966 abused. And pls show game history for dota 2 players, with this we can chek games, and report abusers here.
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    Private profile but I still managed to get his ID.

    One of the match with intended feeder since the beginning - Dazzle (not only hero, but also courier)
    However, we still managed to win the game.
    I'm not sure he boosted who.

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    Check his account. He hide the history of matches. but on stream( he boost this acc to 10k with sandboxie.

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    Match id 3092489090 Sniper feeding a smurf on his friends list the alchemist at min 0 hasnt said a word and just walks down mid feed courier and himself over and over the other account has multiple games of this happening were a anonymous account feeds him nonstop 2 games in arow end in like 13mins recently for him from this here is the dotabuff from the alchemist

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    Match ID 3098050475
    Dire Alchemist "starts" level 1 fights near cliffs, so radiant Rubick can move dire heroes onto cliff. Alchemist then proceeds to reuse courier so heroes cant bring tp to get away from cliff. Some courier feeding by Alchemist afterwards.
    Both not sharing data, cant provide anything futher.

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    Match ID 3098416721
    Dire, es and sky feed anywhere... togather! Ban it plz ><

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    Match id 3099874825.
    Our team had Tinker , Bane and Wk bots and feeding from the start.

    I suspect the enemy team is all working together. I suspect Monkey king player ( Amarok ) friend id 183917275 and Axe player (™IM|NotTheOnlyOne™) friend id 325138821 as being benefiting from this sandbox. It could be anyone. Their accounts are private when i checked. Please ban these cheaters.

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    1.Match 3105097254
    2.silencer with nickname road to 5k
    3.phoenix with nickname joker
    4.all of this guy games are actualy sandboxing he always has enemy with 0 20 score with anonymous dotabuff for example: 3084737227 3084624583 3083056671 3082988518 3082826112

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    Char : Pahantom Assasin
    Match ID: 3115019496
    Player name : Sora
    Steam ID : 399499021

    keep runing towards enemy base using his hero or courrier when he die..

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