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Thread: Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

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    Jun 2017
    Match ID: 3245617282
    Feeding player: Everyone on Radiant
    Boosted players: Everyone on Dire
    Ammount of games: One that I know of

    Seriously, just look at this match. They were friends playing and communicating on All in russian(in a SA match). All of them was feeding the enemy team, I'm sure they were abusing to boost the Compendium.
    What is the point of this thread? Sorry, I'm new here. Is there a way I can report this match to Valve? I wasn't even able to report all of the players on my team due to reporting limit.

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    i start dota today and i m on channle Romania/bucuresti there are so many people who make lobbyes where they abuse compendium , how to describe this ?
    1 make lobby
    2 need full lobby
    3 shuffle and make 2 party
    4 start game with other settings like portughese language and dubai server or others...
    5 the party leaders speak and tell when they start and game ready
    6 team who are reading have first win , dire team feed and let radiant team make missions and wagger are safe
    7 the team who was dire if starts again dire they make same free wager and missions
    reason for report this is i join there and all insult me for making ramapage and report me and i say to them i will report you all if you insult me more and there i open a recorder program and i record a part of a game
    here the link to see and i will come again with another video full about abuze compendium

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    Apr 2014
    Match ID: 3255762759
    Boosting Player: Az-BOOSTORE.NET
    Just this game. He was spamming chat about the boosting website from the start till end of the game.

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    Match ID: 3261012816
    Feeder player:
    Hes profile is private (dotabuff "Anonymous") but im sure all his rating games are a solid feed, this account is played by a bot. Every acc's with "" special bots for ruine mmr games

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    Match ID: 3245249616
    Feeding player: Terrencelovesyou- ( changed nickname and pic, now cRystal
    Boosted player: Odd ( changed nickname, now tenseigan
    One more match like this, id 3245291680, same players
    Also i have replay file, can send if you want. I'm sure that this was a contractual match, they even wrote in a general chat about the fact that they do not care about anything and that they will not get a ban. By the way, they are friends in Steam. (boosted profile not private)
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    Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 6.58.59 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-20 at 6.58.53 PM.png

    After a loss mainly because of the salty-ness(including myself) this guy took it to a whole new level

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    Typical sand pub, whats wrong? This thread is about re-rated in rating matches, i do not see this. Please, do not litter it with any nonsense

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    Oct 2012
    ID: 3204181978
    Feeder: Anonymous
    Booster: eXpositiv
    Boosted in numerous games. This account was "Anonymous" for a couple of weeks while being boosted, now it isn't anonymous again, yet is still being boosted.
    More match IDs:
    P.S. That 1st game did cost me 26 MMR btw. GabeN plz.

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    Sep 2015
    match id 3276805480

    feeding player : 180879954

    he just attempting to hook friend who got ruptured

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    Apr 2017
    Match ID: 3276939392 (Ranked)

    Players Big.Beef (Lion) and Killfish (Riki) can be seen not warding (lion) and continuously feeding, harassing teammates and inviting them to ganks and then pulling out to ensure the participants death. Quite obvious to see their intentions through the text chat but also rife through the voice chat, likely candidate for boosting is kill me (Tinker) . Their profiles are marked private so I can't see the history but through the actions it is beyond suspicious and should be looked into.

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