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Thread: Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

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    The matchid of the game - Don't know im being reported in every game i play for no reason
    The name of the feeding player - They all feed in every game then report me
    The name of the boosted player - There is no booster just a broken report system ruining my account
    The amount of games you found where the player got boosted - N/A

    See this thread i tried messaging admins with no reply so hopefully someone reads this thread

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    match id: 4783520403

    player id: 858889669

    profile steam for report :

    he use Auto hex, Auto spell, Camera Hack, map hack, Auto farm and ....

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    Match ID : 4808776664

    Player ID : 76561198967113394

    Steam Profile : (

    Dazzle afk start of game in tree's then buys shadow amulet and afk's more at this point team gives up because he is trolling / griefing please ban account 6 months or perm thanks

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    Why do people still report here if Valve doesn't even check these forums?

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    MMR abuser

    Games I am with the 2 accounts
    Game 1
    Match ID: 4861099520
    The name of the feeding player: sparks fly (Medusa)
    The name of the boosted player: Ued (Storm)

    Game 2
    Match ID: 4861167736
    The name of the feeding player: sparks fly (Naga)
    The name of the boosted player: @kry (Spectre) Changed name on the 2nd game (Boosting) (Boosted)

    I feel that he/she also uses other accounts.

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    name of game ruiner - fid suka fid

    match ID in question - 4892543228

    I don't understand how I get put into low priority and muted when, while not perfect, I am nowhere near as toxic as this guy, and never ruin games, unlike him on a regular basis. He has been in a few of my games on various accounts, and I have had enough of it. The fact that he has created more than one account, calibrated them numerous times, and reattached unique phone numbers to his accounts to get into ranked should show that he is clearly trying to avoid any and all punishment, which in and of itself should be a violation of the Steam TOS, no? Look at his wordmap nonetheless. Feeding the courier in games, trying to get the team to falsely report me when I am NOT griefing and making an attempt to win. It doesn't make sense that people that clearly abuse the system go relatively unpunished, while I get reported and negatively punished just because he wants to abuse the rather lax system valve has in place.

    look at his youtube channel, too, plenty of proof of him intentionally ruining and griefing games. Come on, Valve. This is inexcusable.
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