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Thread: Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

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    Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

    Due to the high amount of posts regarding matchmaking abuse lately, we decided to create a sticky to report games where someone fed intentionally to boost the matchmaking rating of another account.

    Before reporting an incident please check the match history of said players to ensure that it's not a single case of someone feeding (out of boredom/being mad/something else) and provide:
    • The matchid of the game
    • The name of the feeding player
    • The name of the boosted player
    • The amount of games you found where the player got boosted (if possible including matchids)

    Please understand that this is not a place to rant about lost games. Posts that don't follow the requirements can and will be removed to ensure that this thread contains valuable information.
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    If you think I've closed or deleted a post unjustified, feel free to PM me and I'll explain it to you/discuss it with you further.

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    Match ID: 585678408
    Feeding player: Datero
    Boosted players: [M]arduk, Quit for Tsunami Sry
    Ammount of games: 1 personally witnessed, Flauschi(Batrider) said Datero had been feeding on a previous match. Couldn't check game history because of private profiles.

    In the replay it can be seen how Datero buys items (courier, wards and TP), then TPs near the radiant fountain, drops items and feeds. [M]arduk gets the items, hits Datero and gets first blood. Then Datero feeds mid ("Quit for Tsunami Sry ") 6 or 7 times and he abandons.
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    idk, slark or ember maybe

    so have you guys actually ever done anything about this
    3rd time ive posted about this

    you say to post this shit but people have done it many times in the past to no effect whatsoever, neither their mmr nor that of the abusers gets reverted nor does anyone get banned or what the fuck ever

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    Match ID: 582735812
    Feeding player was named S9 at the time. (Playing Spectre)
    Boosted player is a variant of KAeKAeMKAeM (Playing Weaver) - He us using altered letters so that name is not letter for letter.
    Amount of games: 3 for sure - Can't check game history because one is private and the other has "match history sharing" disabled.

    He ques Captains Draft. Insta-picks captain for himself and drafts bad lineups that would make sense to someone with 0 experience drafting. With or without complaints about the draft, he'll find a reason to feed and ruin the game. Friends of mine qued into this combination of accounts twice in a row and both times, the feed happened. When it happened to me I passed it off as a griefer, but after having friends que into the same people on opposite teams and having the same thing happen was by no means coincidence.

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    This is the match. Feeder is mirana and the person getting fed the mmr is according to me weaver.
    Because 1. His profile is private
    2. His last game was with mirana too, I checked because the ES was there.
    3. I downloaded the replay and checked. Everytime mirana moves weaver doesnt, most notably is at 13 minute mark to 13.15. Mirana starts moving and uses leap whilst weaver top lane is tanking entire creepwave, when mirana stops getting controled weaver realises it and shukuchis out.
    4. Both had anime avatars from the same show
    5. Both logged at the sametime. A margin of smaller than 1 minute

    this was the game before
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    MatchID 607387851

    Feeder was Axe
    Boosted I really don't know, but was probably Ursa. I didn't stay long as soon as I saw 30 couriers around

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    MatchId: 609609739
    Feeding player: qqw (randomly changes name im sure)
    Player boosted: .. (another player im sure changes his name every match also is the only one that has his profile set to private)
    This was the first game I found this happened but it was clear qqw the weaver was going to begin his feeding spree. He went up mid in an attempt to feed first blood but i abandoned the game milliseconds before he died. I took the abandoned and the loss for my team because this is the fourth time this has happened to me now. Every time i post on but somehow it continuously happens. I dont know what it will take to help make this game fair but its been happening for months now and valve seems to know about it and doesnt fix the problem. I am not sure why they have leaderboards if they allow players to exploit obvious bugs. I am done ranting about this and I am done with this game. Farewell dota 2 I will go support a game that gives a shit about its community like LOL. I loved dota for so many years but I can no longer tolerate this. I will be mass selling my entire inventory of items I am done with this game about to uninstall. I will protest this game I am so pissed off this keeps happening to me so over this. My name is Raiden and I have several posts about this exploit all unfortunately happening to me. I notice players exploit this bug more often in the early hours of the morning with them switching to different languages.....Really valve you cant fix this problem ?!?!?!?!? How pathetic, im done with this shit game

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    Match ID: 610099085

    the guy has his profile set on private so I don't really know if he did this before or if there are boosted players, but even without boosted players this shouldn't be allowed .
    So what happened is, the dark seer (In game name is Sexyhair) started feeding from the start, just running in their tower and standing there, when he respawned he'd do it again. Skywrath mage also fed, but he only started AFTER the dark seer fed like 5 kills. Please ban this guy or atleast punish him hard.

    Here is a screenshot i took:

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