Match ID 2114390552

1/47/11 Furion ==> Game dotabuff ==> Player dotabuff

The furion keep feeding since minute 0, buying all the wards/smoke, etc and feeding everything
He was "Non Determined" MMR, Thx for matching us with this kind of people, wasting our time and losing mmr for no reason, just no luck to be with this player...
As you can see in is dotabuff, not the first time he feeds that way...

If nothing is done against this player, and i'm not talking about lpq, he needs MORE than that, i will seriously lose faith in this game and community...
0/52/10 Elder Titan
0/23/0 Legion Commander
1/30/9 Pudge

HOW is it possible that this player is matched with anyone playing dota ?
Sorry for being this mad, but this was realy painful... Is it possible to have any kind of feedback about what will happen to him ?