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    The matchid of the game: 625088018
    The name of the feeding player: 30 sec to Mars (Leshrac)
    The name of the boosted player: Glasses (Puck)

    Puck is using leshrac to boost himself, if you watch his player perspective it's obvious he's controlling leshrac in between. For example, in the start he goes afk and send leshrac mid, then leshracs screen is not moving and Puck doesn't back when he see a leshrac rushing at him but stays close to kill him instead. After first blood he prepared a tp scroll, you see after first blood puck is not moving his mouse for a small time, while leshrac is moving, and sent to tower, and you can see puck is right clicking exactly the same spot he ordered shift click leshrac to. It's too obvious that he is using leshrac to gain mmr. Please punish and/or void this match, you can't possible lose 25 worths of points from 10 minute games where you don't have a chance
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