This individuals is are carry. So, we are trying to communicate with him, but we can't because he doesn't speak any english. He asks for Spanish. Now, whose fault is this? He never plays with the team and just farms without ever helping us. Instead of fighting a team fight, he backs, and then when we are all dead, he runs in after against 4 and dies. The whole game we are asking him to help us, but he can't understand. So, I'll ask again, whose fault is this? VALVE. You are responsible for these horrible games with unfair advantages. Every game there is some unfair advantage that is created by you not knowing how to use PLAYER PREFERENCES. You can verify the closest server. You can also BAN non-english speakers from US servers. I'm sorry, but they have no need to be in our games, especially as teammates. Communication is very important to the community and the game. You make this game so frustrating and you don't care. I think you know that you are the biggest TROLL of the community. You deserve a global mute. You deserve to have this game take away from you. Seriously, you have no respect for the COMMUNITY that actually is the reason this game even exists.