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Thread: Moving camera is a unpleasant experience

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    Once again, V-Sync has NOTHING to do with 60fps, it justs bounds the game to the monitor "refresh rate" which, yes, happens to be 60Hz for most monitors out there. But if that's not your case, that's not what it will do for you. If your gpu can't keep up with your monitor, V-Sync will often force the game down to a framerate that is half the monitor refresh rate, but then, in these situations, tearing is rarely a big issue. Also, in your case that would be 72fps, not 60. If dota is really able to run with a stable 150fps on your rig, V-Sync should just throttle it to 144fps (with maybe occasional dips to 72, 48).

    edit : Just to be sure. run glxgears in a terminal. Does it run at 144fps ? (if you don't already have it, it's in the mesa-utils package)
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    Be aware that Dota 2 has 120 FPS cap. You have to type "fps_max 144" in Dota console. You can set higher cap of course. :-)

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