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Thread: [Suggestion] make a dota 2 watch mobile app

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    [Suggestion] make a dota 2 watch mobile app

    Whenever I go to play dota I'm always trying to improve my game, and something a lot of players recommend is to watch your own replays and see what you did right and wrong. The problem is, I really just don't have time for this, and I would rather play dota then watch it in my limited free time.
    So if vavle ever added a way to watch replays or even live games on the go via mobile device, this would essentially allow me to actually watch myself instead of just thinking about a game I played. I feel like this is something that a lot of other people would like, so I just wanted to throw this idea out there for anybody listening, because I would pay for a service like this.

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    You can watch the games on Twitch... I do it on my perfect.
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    Please make a Android and IOS version, sure you can watch on twitch, however I can never get a video to load because of bad internet, but can watch via dota client.

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    It would be nice if valve would release the .dem source code so that people could maybe write there own dem phrasers for mobile devices. But thats ofc just me with an idea
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    Quote Originally Posted by vladn View Post
    You can watch the games on Twitch... I do it on my perfect.
    Yeah, except for the fact that you can't watch saved replays. Only broadcasts can be viewed on twitch, I'm talking about watching games saved on your dota account so you don't have to be at your computer to watch your replays.

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    This is impossible
    1. A mobile's graphical processing unit is not powerful enough to handle a full game like dota 2.
    2. Porting a game to ARM takes a lot of effort and zero outcome.
    3. With the small screens on portable devices, you either need to zoom out to see anything happen which not only increases the weight on GPU (see 1) but it will make everything so small that you won't see anything which defeats the purpose.
    4. This is a very stupid idea. Desktop computers have a purpose: Gaming and fast processing. Mobile computers have their own purpose, and it's not gaming.

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