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Thread: Towers need buffed

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    Towers need buffed

    I think towers are given too much importance in this version. In competitive games, a fastpush lineup pushes towers like madmen, a ganking lineup gather quickly for a tower after a successful gank, a farming-turtling lineup pushes towers via splitpush, all lineups put towers at the center of their strategies. There is no wonder why towers are so important in this game, because towers give much more gold than ganking or farming. Towers being too important is a big balance problem in this game.

    Firstly, towers being too important makes heroes unable to threaten towers underwhelming. This is especially apparent among carries: among competitively strong carries, most are those who can threaten towers, such as Lycan, Alchemist, DK, LD, Luna, Morph, Siren, Viper, Clinkz, DP, Pugna, etc, most of whom have been top-tier in several versions. In contrast, some heroes having zero threat to tower are completely forgotten: PA, Riki, Huskar, etc. Towers being too important creates imbalance among heroes.

    Secondly, towers being too important is the basis of deathball, a fast-paced strategy based on ganking, pushing and then flashfarming, and then going over again. Since pushing towers makes ganking and flashfarming easier and are very rewarding, this ball can easily get rolling. Deathball greatly hurts the diversity of strategies. Currently all strategies in competitive games are pushing deathball, ganking deathball and splitfarming deathball, in sum, deathball. We can't see other strategies like ganking-splitfarming, or pure ganking, or pure farming, because they can't survive against deathball.

    tier1 towers gold bonus reduced 200 to 150
    tier2 towers gold bonus reduced 200 to 175

    Due to these two bad concequences of towers being too important, I think it is a serious problem that should be fixed.

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    What the hell are you talking about? You think that's why riki, pa, huskar are not seen in competitive? You think ganking and taking an objective has something to do with towers being weak or giving too much money?
    Well excuse us for not having 70 min farm fests.

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    Why did you go from playdota here? Discussion there didn't satisfy you?

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