So, I've played a few wraith king games.
Basically I farm in lane until level 6, then farm in lane a little bit more, then I go to kill someone. I kill someone, I buy my armlet, and proceed to wreck the enemy team for 20-25 minutes until I can 1v5 without any problems. (it actually took me a while to realize I could 1v5 them, but it happened gradually. 1v3, 1v4, and several variations until we won)
Because wraith-king is overpowered.
Might I point out the 56.92% win-rate this month?

I mean, this PROBABLY has something to do with the fact that you lose less games when you die less, and wraith king dies less than other heroes because of his ultimate, which also leads to getting ahead and snowballing really easily.

I mean I kind of don't want him to get nerfed too, cause I really love that feeling you get when it's like you're ripping the enemy part one by one.