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Thread: Unable to load Hero Build file 라는 메시지가 뜹니다.

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    Unable to load Hero Build file 라는 메시지가 뜹니다.

    도타2에서 자신만의 스킬이나 아이템을 빌드로 만들수 있는 기능을 사용했는데요,

    어느 순간 부터 아래와 같은 메시지가 뜹니다.

    Unable to load Hero Build file: 613923994304572576!

    Steam 고객지원 방문

    어떻게 해야하나요. 버그인가요?

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    It seems that I've got the same issue according to the error given (although I do not understand Korean ).

    When I go the the builds in game, I get this error:
    Unable to load Hero Build file: 432654109318442067!

    Visit Steam Support
    I cannot see anything else on my builds.
    This is exactly the same when I try to go to the Web site:
    I tryied to empty cookies on my browser, restart browser, restart game, restart PC, all the same, there is no workaround.

    However I can use my builds in game, I suppose they are cached on the disk drive.

    • I could use it yesterday, it was slow but it worked, then it started to do this late evening while in game (not after a game update).
    • I am playing on Ubuntu 13.10.

    Edit: Just updated the page and its now fixed for me. If its not the case for you, read this post, this is very interesting:
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