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Thread: Can't delete untradable items due to offering

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    Can't delete untradable items due to offering

    I have couriers, announcers, and hud skins that are untradable. I recently got new ones that I would like to shuffle without my old ones. I can't offer the old ones because they are untradable. And now I can't delete them because the "make offering" botton replaced the "delete" option. So can Valve either make untradables offerable (is this a word?), or add a delete option in the drop down menu?

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    Ah is that what's been going on? I've just discovered the shuffle option and I want to get rid of that stupid Mighty Boar courier and I just can't. Guess I'll have to wait for months now.

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    Yes, bump to keep this up top. With the inclusion of the shuffle option into the game for huds,wards ect. You cannot delete/offer the untradable items given from early leveling chests. Kinda annoying don't want like cruel diretide in my hud rotation or staff of faith ward for example.

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    i need this option too

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