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Thread: $40 upgrading compendium and it's useless. No point booster!

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    $40 upgrading compendium and it's useless. No point booster!

    I upgraded the compendium to level 100 and I'm still earning battle points at the base 100%. At first it said 100% in the armory section and that's what I earned. A few hours later it showed the correct 400% bonus but in game I'm still earning at 100%. I've asked other players who are at over level 100 what their bonus is per game and they say it's around 750%. Well for me it maxes out around 350% per game.

    All that upgrading did absolutely nothing to increase my battle booster percentage. To make matters worse that squawkins courier is supposed to get a new style but it's still the same for me. In fact the only difference visually I've seen since buying the compendium is is the fountain healing effect.

    I sure hope the immortals make it worth my $50. That is if I even get them.

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    The new styles haven't been added yet. You're not the only one missing them.

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    Plz add aftermatch BP gain (Screenshot or numbers).

    The loading screen at the beginning is bugged right now and doesnt display compendium bonus. But valve already ninja fixed the bp gain issue.
    So the bp you gain at the end should be accurate.

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