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Thread: Beastmaster Boar Issue

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    Beastmaster Boar Issue

    Whenever Beastmaster's boar is being controlled by the player and the boar is taken by either Chen's 3rd spell or Enchantress ability the player controlling beast cannot go back to controlling his hero, his HUD is stuck on the boar and can no longer control his hero, this is resolved by hitting the key to which you have assigned your hero (Default -F1), however you lose a lot of time trying to regain control of your hero, died about 3-4 times in a one match thanks to that.

    Would Appreciate if you could look into that.
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    Looks like a bug, should be in here.
    Nice find, tho.

    Also, does it still have Beastmaster's voice when you give orders to the boar / bird as other heroes? (Thru HoD or Chen or Enchantress)

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