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Thread: Bots do not attack always

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    Bots do not attack always

    I dont know if you guys also experienced this but on the end-game part, when you are so fat, getting triple and ultra kills, the bot does not even want to touch you. It walks around you even without attacking. I will try to add some replays.
    Meanwhile on the game start, they are way to harsh on the HUMAN player

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    The human players ARE the biggest threat though really, so can't blame 'em. It is somewhat annoying every time having to buy more tango's/health pots than I'd buy against normal players but *shrug*
    And yeah the bots basically start to regard you as extremely hard to kill, and will prioritize other heroes first as they'll regard them as 'squishy'. The problem is that often after having killed these other heroes they'll find themselves left with this 1 really hard target and deem you unkillable (as you probably murdered 2 of them while they were busy with your team mates) then just start to flee when there isn't any escaping the farmed player anyhow.
    Especially getting Heart makes the bots pretty much completely ignore you.

    The other case of bots ignoring you is if you're inside their base. Bot AI just completely spazzes out in that case, I imagine what their AI does is go like "Uhoh I'm being attacked! Better get back to safety! Oh wait, I'm inside my base, I'm safe! Okay then, get back into the fight!" ad infinitum.

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    Yeah, I noticed this when I tried to feed myself to AI bots so they could get beefier. Stood in their base, they just ran in circles and left me alone.

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