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Thread: When submitting a bug report

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    all my items in dota 2 and cs go have been stolen and i dont know how but everysingle item excluding the non tradable are gone.
    please help me recover

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    Pending Gift Warped Items

    can anyone help? i have pending gift warped items that can be gift warped after mar 24 2015, and today is already mar 26 2015 but i still can't gift it.


    thx before

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    why my acc still cant open my fantasy player card pack? i post lot of time in diff threads!!!
    please fix it ASAP! i cant participate in event!!

    I CANT OPEN MY fantasy player card

    steam profile:

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    Hey guys,

    I didn't receive my points of predictions.
    I predict corretly 8 but the point isn't credited in my account.
    It's right? I do not know hahahaha.
    Thx for help

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    20160911122821_1.jpg1 Language: My game of choice is the western United States and Chinese. But in the evening match teammates are in English.
    2 matching mechanism: in the evening match teammates are in English problem? Or other problems, in the evening all my senior Board games are lost! Power and strength of the enemy teammates totally different! I tried to use Chinese or English to communicate, but have no one to answer! Received only taunt the enemy! Teammates totally unable to communicate! My strength is too weak or small? Senior Board game night is to play nine individuals, including one person your teammates? 1000 teammate operation and integration, like!
    Tell me why the evening game teammates strength and strength of the enemy such a big difference!

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    i have 2 IG.Vitality player, but i can't change in the dust this, fix plz, i need this dust

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