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    Known Bugs List

    To browse the list use your browser's search function (default ctrl+f) and try out multiple search terms that might appear in a description of your bug (heroname, spellname, affected mechanic, etc). Searching for substrings is advised to compensate for typos (e.g. "relo" instead of "relocate").

    Severe (the exploits listed in this section are hidden)
    1. Ancient exploit
    2. Wraith Night exploit
    3. server crash exploit
    4. Repick/crash exploit
    5. Pause exploit
    6. ['12.08.03] Item icons get stuck on screen (again) | possible fix
    7. rarely unit models are not selectable/targetable (reproducable with Rubick)
    8. ['12.08.16] Several teleportation issues beyond explanation
    9. undisclosed game-crashes/team-disconnects:

    10. It is possible to get multi-/ultrakills on meepo (with clones) with spells such as Caustic finale
    11. Tusk [Snowball] occasionally ends up teleporting the group of units to random places of the map
    12. Aegis Exploit
    13. Heropicker not initializing
    14. reliable server crash
    15. Sometimes a game starts with 9 or less players
    16. New disassamble exploit (Thread 1, thread 2, thread 3)
    17. Meepo clones don't get any exp

    1. Unpausing the game misses the 3 seconds countdown
    2. Courier's delivery range is too big
    3. Leavers cannot be "frozen" inside the fountain area
    4. Creep Pathing Exploit
    5. Certain Cosmetic Wards have a misplaced hitbox
    6. Fatal bonds dealing damage to bonded units if one of the linked targets is insta-killed (using midas, devour etc)
    7. Towers still have the wrong BAT
    8. Damage and Bounty Gold are not calculated with different amounts of die resulting in less average damage/bounty values
    9. it's possible to put skill point into action skills (throw snowball)
    10. Negative Armor [armour] is calculated incorrectly
    11. Sounds are audible through fog
    12. Certain AoE spells can be seen by enemy players when under fog
    13. Using Wisp [Tether] directly after [Relocate] occasionally causes an unexpected repositioning of wisp
    14. Aghanims Scepter has incorrect ownership when picked up by ogre magi or meepo
    15. Slark Pounce & Disruptor Kinetic Field issues:

    16. Other player's observer/sentry wards can be sold
    17. Zoom out exploit
    18. Rubick's Telekinesis Cliff Abuse Still Possible
    19. Timber chain is not cancelled by stun
    20. Heroes getting stuck inside Tusk's [Ice Shards]
    21. interaction between timber chain & banishments (not cancelled)
    22. Death prophet's ultimate heals for damage done unmodified by armor (see thread for thorough explanation)
    23. Yet another ancient farming exploit
    24. Combining of items owned by different players exploit
    25. ['12.08.19] Exploit to gain Vision on the area you died in for a short time
    26. ['12.08.23] Ice Blast adds the debuff to invulnerable units (e.g. SotS)
    27. ['12.08.15] Summoning Lone Druid [Spirit Bear] before swapping doesnt swap the control properly
    28. ['12.08.14] Permanent Meld & being able to move, if meld target goes invis before the projectile arrives
    29. Sellback exploit
    30. ['12.07.31] Backdoor Protection not triggering correctly
    31. ['12.07.08] Voodoo restoration heals Witch doctor under the effect of Doom
    32. ['12.01.21] Spells Going on cooldown without doing any effect (when 2 spells are cast at the same time) [Finger of death#1 | Hex +Rage/timelapse
    33. Juggernaut [Blade Fury] can be canceled by Silencer[Global Silence] in rare situations
    34. ['12.07.08] If you manually cast an auto-castable spell such as Silencers glaives will transfer the nightmare debuff (In D1 the Unit awakes but the debuff is not transferred)
    35. ['12.01.24] Spiritbreaker bashing tossed unit in the air, if he charges through it to another unit. (see thread)
    36. ['12.07.14] Kunkka having Problems using Ghost Ship and refresher
    37. pushing to inescapable areas (Positioning on Cliffs/Terrain Bug List)

    38. ['12.03.04] Possible bug with attack speed and the time it takes to attack (see thread for more info)
    39. ['12.03.09] When you die by pudges hook having enough bloodstone charges to instantly revive, you will instead revive in the place you died (see thread)
    40. ['12.03.11] If you use X-marks the spot after swapping someone with Vengeful spirit, the target will return to the previous place (see thread for pictures)
    41. leveling spell issues:

    42. ['12.07.08] Speed bonus from multiple Eul's Scepters of divinity stack
    43. ['12.07.15] Charged items sellback price do not change when charges are used
    44. ['12.07.05] Demonic Purge Interaction with Magic Immunity
    45. ['12.07.08] Heat seeking missile (from tinker) damage goes through etheral units (only IF the target got etheral while the rocket was in mid-air), however if target is etheral before tinker uses rocket the rocked wont launch at all (see thread for more information)
    46. ['12.03.20] Sticky napalm shows no indication to invisible units, also it does show to illusions (in d1 the illusions don't get an indicator).
    47. ['12.07.05] Lycan's shapeshifted illusions have different shapeshift buff duration (if shapeshift ended for lycan himself, the illusion will still be in shapeshift form)
    48. ['12.07.05] Dust getting removed by black-king-bar (also might get dispelled from some other buff removals)
    49. corpse issues:

    50. ['12.07.17] Invokers deafening blast reapplies stun effect of mirana arrow and other effects which add the (stunned debuff)
    51. ['12.07.17] Ranged heroes cannot deny invisible friendly deniable units
    52. ['12.07.15] Fatal bonds doesn't go through astral imprisonment ( intended ?)
    53. ['12.03.30] Debuffs are not correctly removed when using Infest
    54. ['12.03.30] Issues with broodmother's web and silence. (Broodmother's invisibility will not get prevented from doom also If broodmother enters her Web while being silenced she will NOT get invisible, she will only get invisible when silence wears off) [see thread]
    55. ['12.03.31] Refresher sometimes not resetting spells properly for owning player (not just visual)
    56. ['12.04.01] Glyph of fortification does not get reset when the first creep wave starts
    57. ['12.07.17] Cyclone not dispelling poison nova/poison sting
    58. ['12.04.06] Weaver's Timelapse returns him to position of death with very low hp when used after respawning (w/w/o bloodstone)/buyback/aegis
    59. ['12.08.03] Omnislash not giving invulnerability properly (see thread)
    60. ['12.07.08] Initial Echo Slam damage going through etheral state
    61. ['12.07.27] Spirit bear can use Midas | Lone Druid doesnt get xp from Spirit Bear using Midas (might be intended)
    62. ['12.07.15] Sanity's eclipse will only do dmg to the most recent target affected by astral imprisonment(if you use refresher to trap 2 heroes and then use ultimate only the recent target that got imprisoned is damaged).
    63. ['12.07.15] Autoattack still working when it is turned off (if you cast a spell when autoattack is off, actions get reset and hero starts autoattacking, also the same for using items.)
    64. ['12.04.21] Rot and dismember damaging nightmared targets (see thread)
    65. ['12.04.22] Denying the spirit bear will not damage lone druid.
    66. ['12.04.25] Chronosphere reveals allied invisible units (should only reveal allied units with permanent invisibility)
    67. ['12.04.26] You can buy an unlimited amount of wards if you have enemy owned wards in your inventory
    68. pointer issues:

    69. ['12.02.18] Self-damage is causing suicides from Ice Blast instead of awarding the kill to Ancient Apparition
    70. teleport issues:

    71. ['12.05.17] Unable to place wards on destroyed buildings for a few seconds after it is destroyed.
    72. ['12.05.22] Hook can pull a hero during manta style's invulnerability time (possibly causing game freeze as well)
    73. ['12.05.12] Death Prophet's exorcism spirits do not disappear if she moves too far away from them
    74. ['12.05.12] If exorcism is cast twice using refresher, the first exorcism won't heal Death Prophet
    75. Omnislash target issues:

    76. ['12.07.17] Juggernaut Will keep doing damage if he dies by shadow poison while Spinning
    77. ['12.05.31] Twin Head-Dragon's Liquid fire damages Roshan.
    78. ['12.07.08] Death pulse doesn't heal hidden units (you use death pulse, target becomes astral imprisoned - it doesn't get healed - should)
    79. ['12.07.08] Flying courier is affected by Overgrowth
    80. ['12.07.31] Flying courier is affected by Echo Slam.
    81. ['12.07.08] DK can attack Roshan from outside his pit with dragon form
    82. ['12.06.13] Doom does not get silenced by Silencer's Last Word if he cast's a spell he achieved by devouring (e.g. Heal, Frost armor not sure about other spells.)
    83. ['12.06.15] PA's coup de grace blood splatter effect is visible in fog
    84. ['12.07.08] Moving while Ruptured will disable blink for the duration of Rupture |Also disables blink when magic immune and therefore not taking damage from Rupture
    85. melee attack range:

    86. flak cannon/split shot issues:

    87. ['12.06.19] Shatter killing blow removes soul ring buff or ignores soul ring mana, resulting in Skeleton King not resurrecting when he should
    88. rubicks stolen spells not stacking properly

    89. ['12.06.14] Splash attacks miss entirely if evaded, they should be dealing 50% damage in the aoe
    90. ['12.07.04] Wisp can suicide with active armlet and overcharge
    91. ['12.07.07] Dire small camp (possibly others) does not consider lane creeps when determining camp respawn
    92. ['12.07.08] Stealing Morph with Rubick permanently changes your stats and has huge impacts on balance
    93. disconnect issues:

    94. Tiny's Avalanche dealing wrong amount of damage instances when using Avalanche + Toss Combo
    95. Tiny's Avalanche + Toss Combo doing less damage unless Toss is cast with a slight delay
    96. Blink Strike (Riki, Phantom Assassin, Chaos Knight) interaction with Linkens/Razor's Static Current
    97. seeing opponents spells :

    98. Ursa's Overpower is not purgeable.
    99. Naga Siren's Ensnare does not disable consumables.
    100. Naga Siren's Song of the Siren repositioning issues:

    101. Carrying 2 Rapiers can make one of them undroppable under certain circumstances
    102. Boots of travel can be used to teleport onto flying units
    103. Naga Siren's Mirror Image Does not remove buffs properly (see thread for a list of issues)
    104. Stealing Tornado or Alacrity messes up Rubicks legacy hotkeys
    105. Ensnare not removed by Manta, Mirror Images and Phantasm
    106. Charge of Darkness stunning the target, while Spirit Breaker is immobilized
    107. Templar Assassin with Desolator is not applying debuffs and damage in the right order
    108. Backstab doing lifeleech and cleave for the wrong amount of damage
    109. Visage's familiars can destroy runes and items
    110. Dying to Pugna's Netherward with Keeper of the Light messes up his hotkeys and skill order
    111. invulnerability - buff interaction issues:

    112. Neutrals share vision with both factions
    113. Damage from Acid Spray can be blocked
    114. Broodmothers Illusions inflict Incapacitating Bite (not just fake buffs)
    115. Leaving tower range doesnt exclude a hero from the aggro consideration until the next tower attack
    116. Issuing attack orders to a group of wards renders out-of-range wards useless until they get a new manual order
    117. Wrong accelaration of homing missile (or general movement speed issue)
    118. Turnrate issues with blink dagger (possibly a general issue with turnrate and abilities)
    119. Ensnare not preventing Transformation Spells from being cast
    120. Interaction with etheral state and physical spells is wrong
    121. Items are unusable during Blackhole
    122. Unstable Concoction stops brewing during flight time, and is not possible to explode mid-air
    123. Various Spells immediately end when their caster is killed by Ice Blast
    124. Death prophet's spirits attack units in fog
    125. kills outside of xp range:

    126. Some spells can be cast (not continued casting) outside of castrange when the enemy is running away from the caster
    127. Silencing/Disabling Riki doesn't pause the fade time of permanent invisibility (->instant invis after silence)
    128. Disables are not revealing Riki's Permanent Invisibility
    129. Wards/Smoke dont restock when being sold from the courier
    130. Wind walk based invisibility does not give unit-walking in fade time. (unit walking should be granted at cast)
    131. Juggernaut is able to cleave while using Bladefury
    132. interaction with issued attacks on the hero who uses manta
    133. aoe effects are not instantly applied after exiting a banishment spell
    134. Illusions can not be denied
    135. Killing illusions does not dispel Battle Hunger
    136. Models with particle effects (e.g. Shadow Fiend) are distinguishable from their illusions
    137. Hero-only abilities & Resistant Skin issues:

    138. other non-hero issues:

    139. non-hero movementspeed issues:

    140. Discrepancies of Ancients and their skills interaction
    141. Huskar Burning Spear Damage stacks to cancel Consumables
    142. Psi blades will still spill damage even if the projectile is in mid-air when the unit dies
    143. Meepo Clones triggering Wall of Replica
    144. Various inconsistencies with ensnare spells
    145. Casting Glimpse on Clones uses the position of Meepo Prime
    146. Earthbind interaction with Magic Immunity & Ghostform
    147. ['12.08.18] Essence Aura does not activate upon using items
    148. rubick transformation spell issues:

    149. Meepo gets the wrong amount of experience when allies are nearby
    150. Meepo doesnt lose Bloodstone Charges
    151. Equipping Agh's while dead spawns fifth Meepo at death location
    152. Ethereal State and Magic Immunity/Manta
    153. Clockwerk Cogs are not containing enemy heroes as they are supposed when they are cluttered or trees are involved
    154. Dismember & Hook interaction
    155. Keeper of the Light Range is wider than it should be
    156. Several Skewer interactions are different
    157. Reverse Polarity not moving heroes under Song Of Siren, or Nightmare
    158. Denies, suicides and death to neutrals not properly granting exp and gold to nearby enemies
    159. Black Hole affects Ancients, including Roshan and couriers
    160. Rubick uses cast time on instant spells
    161. Tombstone Zombies spawned for illusions dont disappear when the illusions disappear (it is also possible to get aggression by those additional zombies)
    162. Channeling disable spells prevent fadetime of several invisibilities
    163. Channeling disable spells extend true sight once it is lost
    164. It is possible to perform additional backstab attacks during the fadetime of Shadow Blade || Same goes for Bounty Hunter's Shadow Walk
    165. Lone druid not regaining control of Spirit bear on reconnect
    166. Last word damages before activation of Dazzle Shallow Grave/magic immunity/etc
    167. Essence aura not working on some spells it should trigger on
    168. Pulse nova can NOT be disabled while silenced (not Doom)
    169. Meepo Clone not correctly assigned to his player when ulti is skilled while dead and a disconnect happens before respawn
    170. Meepo Clone not correctly assigned to his player color when ulti is skilled while the player is disconnected
    171. Forcestaff fails to work entirely if leashed or in/near kinetic field
    172. Desolate not having the right proc conditions
    173. Refraction attack charges used up incorrectly
    174. Headshot's Truestrike mechanic not working properly
    175. Strength Gain & Decay interaction not correct
    176. Split Shot damage reduction is not correctly applied to the quelling blade bonus damage
    177. Interactions with reincarnation.

    178. EMP should deal damage before mana burn (prevents skeleton king from resurrection if he died from EMP)
    179. Leashed unit from slark's pounce is able to go through kinetic field
    180. Enemy purge and cyclone don't remove negative buffs on enemies[read thread for clarification]
    181. Enfeeble is reducing too much damage
    182. Tornado purges Insatiable Hunger
    183. Mystic snake can hit invisible units
    184. Curse of the silent's interaction with some castable items
    185. Deafening Blast disarm debuff not removed by magic immunity
    186. Envenomed weapons-based skills don't deal dmg to magic immune targets (most poison spells (viper, venomancer, etc), see thread for list of spells)
    187. Envenomed weapons-based skills are removed by magic immunity (most poison spells (viper, venomancer, etc), see thread for list of spells)
    188. ['12.07.10] Fatal bonds doesnt prioritize heroes
    189. Death Pact affects the hero's Base Damage
    190. spectral dagger not drawing correctly behind invisible targets and giving shared vision instead
    191. backswing issues:

    192. Several Last Word Interactions are incorrect
    193. Snowball does not follow Invisible Units (visual only)
    194. Warlock Golems have incorrect magic resist
    195. Unstable Current purges Tusk before Snowball starts
    196. Tusk [Ice Shards] Crystal amount is 7 (should be 5)
    197. Tusk [Snowball] can be interrupted by [Pudge] Hook
    198. Shadow Fiend's [Requiem of Souls] Doing Less Damage Than It's Supposed To / not hitting enough lines
    199. Lone Druid's [Spirit Bear] does not trigger several passives
    200. Silencer [Last word] has incorrect interactions with Puck [Phase shift]
    201. Auras do not apply on invulnerable heroes
    202. Tusk [Ice Shards] dont have the correct rotation when used in an off-axis direction or hitting a target sideways
    203. wards not being purgable:

    204. Comprehensive List of incorrect Purge interactions
    205. List of incorrect ghost scepter interactions with attack modifiers
    206. Timber [Whirling Death] hp regain on str heroes should be flat, not percentage
    207. Outworld Devourer does not gain enough mana with astral imprisonment
    208. Ownership issues with Morphling replicates of Phantom Lancer and illusions as well as enchanted pl illusions
    209. Timber [Whirling death] is not correctly restoring mana when the stats debuff expires
    210. Timber [Whirling death] stats debuff interaction with decay
    211. Timber [Whirling death] is not correctly restoring hp when the stats debuff runs out on STR heroes
    212. Lycanthrope [Shapeshift] hp gain and lose is incorrect
    213. Timbersaw [Whirling Death] debuff does not stack
    214. Keeper of the Light [Mana Leak] doesn't work against Storms [Ball Lightning]
    215. Ancient Apparition [Ice Blast] does not prevent several instances of "healing" that involve increasing the Max HP of the hero and scale the current hp
    216. Clockwerk [Power Cogs] Push into the wrong direction and activate from wrong angles
    217. Timbersaw [Timber Chain] grabbing a tree near him
    218. Familiar issues:

    219. Mirana [Leap] has too fast leap speed
    220. Several skills allow their casters to not attack axe during his Berserkers Call (e.g. slithereen crush, earthshock, diabolic edict, nature's attendance)
    221. Drow Ranger's Markmanship AoE is too small
    222. Pudge [Meat Hook] rotates the unit it hits. Units should be able to rotate while being hooked
    223. Rarely Necrolyte [Death Pulse] does not hit nearby enemies
    224. Broodmother's Incapacitating Bite duration is wrong for non-hero units
    225. meat hook inconsitencies:

    226. Razor's Plasma Field's search range is way too wide
    227. Treant Protector's Living Armor ticking from several hp removal instances
    228. Every level of sight range is incosistent with any other type of range
    229. Lion's Impale's range is too high
    230. Shackleshot tree angle is incorrect
    231. Rubick loses all benefits from a stolen spectral dagger upon stealing another spell
    232. Opposing Spectral Daggers (Rubick vs Spectre) stack with each other instead of working independently
    233. Nasal Goo can be dodged by Invisiblity & Invulnerability (e.g. Leap, Windwalk)
    234. Bristleback Quill auto procs are not released when quill spray isnt skilled
    235. Pipe Barrier incorrectly blocks damage from March of the Machines & Midnight Pulse
    236. No experience for kills while dead
    237. When Relocating and dying as Wisp while being Infested by an allied Lifestealer the Lifestealer will stay infested on the ground for an indefinite time (might only work in the fountain area)
    238. Teleportation shouldnt consider moonwells & ziggurats
    239. Roshan should have a collision size of 1
    240. Beastmaster's Primal Roar's damaging/slowing/pushing range/startingposition are wrong
    241. Slark's Dark Pact issues:

    242. Motion Buffer Range working behaviour is incorrect
    243. Wisp's Relocate issues:

    244. Visage's Familiars are able to move while casting Stone Form
    245. Wisp Relocate can get players stuck on cliffs/map borders
    246. Enigma's [Black Hole] lacks far AoE damage
    247. Slark's Pounce has several incorrect parameter
    248. Brewmaster' Primal Split Primal Spirits are selected in the wrong order or not selectable at all since the latest patch
    249. Interaction of Nyx' Spiked Carapace & Blade Mail (on both attacker and defender) is incorrect
    250. bash effect issues:

    251. Rubick has Return Spirit Spell in GUI after stealing Elder Titan's Ancestral Spirit
    252. Elder Titan's Natural Order does not interact with stats increasement/decreasement
    253. Razor's Eye of the Storm damage against towers does not account for fortified armor type, it also has an incorrect amount of damage ticks
    254. Pudge's Dismember Sound ("Fresh Meat") Should Not Play Through Fog
    255. Base Buildings have an incorrect amount of Armor/Health/Exp-/Gold-bounty
    256. PRD Chance Not Incrementing While On Cooldown
    257. razor's eye of the storm & towers:

    258. Windrunner Focus Fire interaction with Damage Block is incorrect
    259. Elder Titan's Ancestor Spirit uses an incorrect damage radius while casting Echo Stomp
    260. Slark Dark Pact, Tidehunter Krakenshell & Eul's Cyclone are not purging Ancient Apparitions Ice Blast
    261. Elder Titan Astral Spirit does not apply Natural Order upon returning to Elder Titan
    262. bloodseeker rupture new damage type issues:

    263. Nyx Assassin's Vendetta can be seen through the Fog of War
    264. Area covered by Clockwerk's Power Cogs is too big
    265. Necrolyte Aghanim Reaper's Scythe doesnt prevent Meepo from rebuying when killing one of his clones
    266. Dropping/Picking Activated Armlet while Doomed gives you HP
    267. Doom's Doom does not disable the Regeneration from STR/INT
    268. Doom doesn't disable some Effects (UAMs and others)
    269. Attack speed is decided at the wrong time
    270. Attack damage is decided at wrong time
    271. All incorrect interactions with Borrowed Time and HP removal:

    272. Abaddon's Aphotic Shield and Burrowed Time nullify Knock Backs
    273. Abaddon's Aphotic Shield & Burrowed Time do not remove Fury Swipes and Caustic Finale
    274. Abaddon Curse of Avernus debuff/mark should not be purged upon gaining magic immunity
    275. Abaddon's Borrowed Time activates too early
    276. Abaddon's Aphotic shield interraction with Batrider's Flaming Lasso
    277. Abbadon's Borrowed Time and Blademail
    278. Slark [Dark Pact],[Kraken Shell] should remove stun/stone from Stone Gaze
    279. Elder Titan's Ancestral Spirit does not prevent neutral creeps from spawning
    280. Shackle-shot not providing vision when hitting unit
    281. Treant's Nature's Guise makes checks in 0.5 secs instead of having 1 sec grace time
    282. Chronosphere does not disable damage block (vanguard, kraken shell etc)
    283. Glimpse does not end phase shift
    284. Shadow Blade's invisibility breaks on cast point rather than on the start of the cast
    285. Shadow Demon's Demonic Purge does not slow attack speed
    286. Slark is visible on the minimap during Shadow Dance
    287. Doom deals damage to sleeping units
    288. Axe's Berserker's Call works on units under the effect of Rhasta's Shackle
    289. Axe's Berserker's Call doesn't affect invulnerable targets
    290. Axe's Battle Hunger gets cleared off with Hand of Midas transmution
    291. Battle Hunger doesn't get removed when Serpent/Plague/Death Wards kill a unit
    292. Axe's Culling Blade kill doesn't grant bonus ms to invulnerable allies
    293. Axe's Culling Blade deals non-threshold damage instantly
    294. Axe's Culling Blade kill, applies the movespeed bonus to illusions and non-hero units
    295. Rubick cannot Spell Steal auto-activated Borrowed Time
    296. Composite/Mixed damage not being blocked by Pipe active
    297. Disruptor's Glimpse, Keeper's Recall and Io's Relocate end Cyclone's duration prematurely.
    298. X marks the spot doesn't return invunlerable units to their previous location
    299. Test of Faith Teleport Works On Allied Creeps
    300. The Swarm bugs have lower attack priority than creeps
    301. Timbersaw can't attack during Timber Chain's pull
    302. Courier's skills give charges to Magic Stick/Wand
    303. Slark has the incorrect collision/hull size
    304. Lycan has the incorrect collision/hull size while not Shapeshifted
    305. Meepo control groups (unit selection) bugged after you disconnect.
    306. Discrepancy in the behaviour of Omnislash in dota 2 compared to DotA
    307. Weaver's Swarm Beetles ignore evasion
    308. Spirit breakers charge of darkness does not get interrupted by all items
    309. Wisp's Relocate - while it's in casting delay - gets interrupted by knock backs (Vacuum, Power Cogs, etc)
    310. Viper's Corrosive skin damaging Broodmother if spiderlings attack (works only with spiderlings, not spiderites)
    311. Queen of Pain's Shadow Strike projectile speed too low - is 900, should be 1200
    312. Undying's Decay does not work on Invulnerable Heroes
    313. Timbersaw's Whirling Death does not work on invulnerable heroes
    314. Neutral Satyr Hellcaster target their shockwawe wrong
    315. Earthshaker's Echo Slam(with aghanim's scepter) does not count Invulnerable units
    316. Dark Seer's Wall of replica is creating illusions after the damage(first illusions, then damage)
    317. Several incorrect interactions with invulnerable units.
    318. Queen of Pain's Shadow Strike disabling blink dagger even if target is magic immune.
    319. Crystal Maiden's Freezing Field's minimum/maximum Damage AoEs are wrong
    320. Slark's Shadow Dance cancels channeling
    321. Tiny with Aghanim's Scepter upgrade can attack Roshan from high ground
    322. Tether breaking when Tusk snowballs (check thread for video clarification)
    323. Spirit Breaker's Charge of Darkness does not destroy trees around SB when the charge stops (cancel, arrival at enemy)
    324. Radiance should not damage Lone Druid's Spirit Bear
    325. Visage's Familiars' Stone Form should not destroy trees upon landing(check thread for video clarification)
    326. Veil of Discord's Magic Weakness works on Golem, Familiars, Primal Split
    327. Pipe of Insight's Barrier working on Ancients (Golem, Spirit Bear, Primal Split, Familiars)
    328. Slark's Pounce is not removed by Non-BKB Magic Immunity
    329. Epicenter damages and slows ancients.
    330. You can teleport to Elder Titan's Astral Spirit
    331. Disablehelp does not disable few spells it should disable
    332. Astral Spirit deals damage after applying the Natural Order aura instead of before
    333. Tether range gets extended a lot if its pull gets interrupted
    334. Damage block is hugely bugged against Spirit Bear's Entangle
    335. Soul Ring doesn't track mana loss and exceeds mana pool
    336. Ogre Magi Bloodlust is not dispelled by magic immunity
    337. Lich's and Ogre Frostmage's Ice Armor is not dispelled by magic immunity
    338. Lich's Frost Blast and Chainfrost slow should not be dispelled by magic immunity
    339. Backdoor protection should not be smooth
    340. Shadow Strike (Shadow Strike, Venemouse Gale, Viper Strike) based skills are not dispeled by certain spells
    341. EXP from global kills is shared with allies close to the kill
    342. OD Essence Aura doesn't proc for allies' items
    343. The previously tethered target still got the Overcharge buff after the Tether broke
    344. Pressing "return to stash" on courier while your hero is dead drops the item where you died
    345. Guardian Angel buff is not dispelled by magic immunity
    346. Double Damage grants the buff to magic immune units
    347. Leaver's gold doesn't get shared among the leaver's team
    348. Lone Druid's Rabid and Battle Cry aren't dispelled by magic immunity
    349. Unit UI is not disabled during banishment, so spells and items can be clicked on during eg Disruption, so that it gets instantly used after the banishment
    350. Enemy heroes can get the items out of your stash when they pick up one of your items while you are dead
    351. Chakram does not give vision while it's flying

    Other bugs

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