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Thread: Known Bugs List

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    Known Bugs List

    To browse the list use your browser's search function (default ctrl+f) and try out multiple search terms that might appear in a description of your bug (heroname, spellname, affected mechanic, etc). Searching for substrings is advised to compensate for typos (e.g. "relo" instead of "relocate").

    Severe (the exploits listed in this section are hidden)
    1. Ancient exploit
    2. Wraith Night exploit
    3. server crash exploit
    4. Repick/crash exploit
    5. Pause exploit
    6. ['12.08.03] Item icons get stuck on screen (again) | possible fix
    7. rarely unit models are not selectable/targetable (reproducable with Rubick)
    8. ['12.08.16] Several teleportation issues beyond explanation
    9. undisclosed game-crashes/team-disconnects:

    10. It is possible to get multi-/ultrakills on meepo (with clones) with spells such as Caustic finale
    11. Tusk [Snowball] occasionally ends up teleporting the group of units to random places of the map
    12. Aegis Exploit
    13. Heropicker not initializing
    14. reliable server crash
    15. Sometimes a game starts with 9 or less players
    16. New disassamble exploit (Thread 1, thread 2, thread 3)
    17. Meepo clones don't get any exp

    1. Unpausing the game misses the 3 seconds countdown
    2. Courier's delivery range is too big
    3. Leavers cannot be "frozen" inside the fountain area
    4. Creep Pathing Exploit
    5. Certain Cosmetic Wards have a misplaced hitbox
    6. Fatal bonds dealing damage to bonded units if one of the linked targets is insta-killed (using midas, devour etc)
    7. Towers still have the wrong BAT
    8. Damage and Bounty Gold are not calculated with different amounts of die resulting in less average damage/bounty values
    9. it's possible to put skill point into action skills (throw snowball)
    10. Negative Armor [armour] is calculated incorrectly
    11. Sounds are audible through fog
    12. Certain AoE spells can be seen by enemy players when under fog
    13. Using Wisp [Tether] directly after [Relocate] occasionally causes an unexpected repositioning of wisp
    14. Aghanims Scepter has incorrect ownership when picked up by ogre magi or meepo
    15. Slark Pounce & Disruptor Kinetic Field issues:

    16. Other player's observer/sentry wards can be sold
    17. Zoom out exploit
    18. Rubick's Telekinesis Cliff Abuse Still Possible
    19. Timber chain is not cancelled by stun
    20. Heroes getting stuck inside Tusk's [Ice Shards]
    21. interaction between timber chain & banishments (not cancelled)
    22. Death prophet's ultimate heals for damage done unmodified by armor (see thread for thorough explanation)
    23. Yet another ancient farming exploit
    24. Combining of items owned by different players exploit
    25. ['12.08.19] Exploit to gain Vision on the area you died in for a short time
    26. ['12.08.23] Ice Blast adds the debuff to invulnerable units (e.g. SotS)
    27. ['12.08.15] Summoning Lone Druid [Spirit Bear] before swapping doesnt swap the control properly
    28. ['12.08.14] Permanent Meld & being able to move, if meld target goes invis before the projectile arrives
    29. Sellback exploit
    30. ['12.07.31] Backdoor Protection not triggering correctly
    31. ['12.07.08] Voodoo restoration heals Witch doctor under the effect of Doom
    32. ['12.01.21] Spells Going on cooldown without doing any effect (when 2 spells are cast at the same time) [Finger of death#1 | Hex +Rage/timelapse
    33. Juggernaut [Blade Fury] can be canceled by Silencer[Global Silence] in rare situations
    34. ['12.07.08] If you manually cast an auto-castable spell such as Silencers glaives will transfer the nightmare debuff (In D1 the Unit awakes but the debuff is not transferred)
    35. ['12.01.24] Spiritbreaker bashing tossed unit in the air, if he charges through it to another unit. (see thread)
    36. ['12.07.14] Kunkka having Problems using Ghost Ship and refresher
    37. pushing to inescapable areas (Positioning on Cliffs/Terrain Bug List)

    38. ['12.03.04] Possible bug with attack speed and the time it takes to attack (see thread for more info)
    39. ['12.03.09] When you die by pudges hook having enough bloodstone charges to instantly revive, you will instead revive in the place you died (see thread)
    40. ['12.03.11] If you use X-marks the spot after swapping someone with Vengeful spirit, the target will return to the previous place (see thread for pictures)
    41. leveling spell issues:

    42. ['12.07.08] Speed bonus from multiple Eul's Scepters of divinity stack
    43. ['12.07.15] Charged items sellback price do not change when charges are used
    44. ['12.07.05] Demonic Purge Interaction with Magic Immunity
    45. ['12.07.08] Heat seeking missile (from tinker) damage goes through etheral units (only IF the target got etheral while the rocket was in mid-air), however if target is etheral before tinker uses rocket the rocked wont launch at all (see thread for more information)
    46. ['12.03.20] Sticky napalm shows no indication to invisible units, also it does show to illusions (in d1 the illusions don't get an indicator).
    47. ['12.07.05] Lycan's shapeshifted illusions have different shapeshift buff duration (if shapeshift ended for lycan himself, the illusion will still be in shapeshift form)
    48. ['12.07.05] Dust getting removed by black-king-bar (also might get dispelled from some other buff removals)
    49. corpse issues:

    50. ['12.07.17] Invokers deafening blast reapplies stun effect of mirana arrow and other effects which add the (stunned debuff)
    51. ['12.07.17] Ranged heroes cannot deny invisible friendly deniable units
    52. ['12.07.15] Fatal bonds doesn't go through astral imprisonment ( intended ?)
    53. ['12.03.30] Debuffs are not correctly removed when using Infest
    54. ['12.03.30] Issues with broodmother's web and silence. (Broodmother's invisibility will not get prevented from doom also If broodmother enters her Web while being silenced she will NOT get invisible, she will only get invisible when silence wears off) [see thread]
    55. ['12.03.31] Refresher sometimes not resetting spells properly for owning player (not just visual)
    56. ['12.04.01] Glyph of fortification does not get reset when the first creep wave starts
    57. ['12.07.17] Cyclone not dispelling poison nova/poison sting
    58. ['12.04.06] Weaver's Timelapse returns him to position of death with very low hp when used after respawning (w/w/o bloodstone)/buyback/aegis
    59. ['12.08.03] Omnislash not giving invulnerability properly (see thread)
    60. ['12.07.08] Initial Echo Slam damage going through etheral state
    61. ['12.07.27] Spirit bear can use Midas | Lone Druid doesnt get xp from Spirit Bear using Midas (might be intended)
    62. ['12.07.15] Sanity's eclipse will only do dmg to the most recent target affected by astral imprisonment(if you use refresher to trap 2 heroes and then use ultimate only the recent target that got imprisoned is damaged).
    63. ['12.07.15] Autoattack still working when it is turned off (if you cast a spell when autoattack is off, actions get reset and hero starts autoattacking, also the same for using items.)
    64. ['12.04.21] Rot and dismember damaging nightmared targets (see thread)
    65. ['12.04.22] Denying the spirit bear will not damage lone druid.
    66. ['12.04.25] Chronosphere reveals allied invisible units (should only reveal allied units with permanent invisibility)
    67. ['12.04.26] You can buy an unlimited amount of wards if you have enemy owned wards in your inventory
    68. pointer issues:

    69. ['12.02.18] Self-damage is causing suicides from Ice Blast instead of awarding the kill to Ancient Apparition
    70. teleport issues:

    71. ['12.05.17] Unable to place wards on destroyed buildings for a few seconds after it is destroyed.
    72. ['12.05.22] Hook can pull a hero during manta style's invulnerability time (possibly causing game freeze as well)
    73. ['12.05.12] Death Prophet's exorcism spirits do not disappear if she moves too far away from them
    74. ['12.05.12] If exorcism is cast twice using refresher, the first exorcism won't heal Death Prophet
    75. Omnislash target issues:

    76. ['12.07.17] Juggernaut Will keep doing damage if he dies by shadow poison while Spinning
    77. ['12.05.31] Twin Head-Dragon's Liquid fire damages Roshan.
    78. ['12.07.08] Death pulse doesn't heal hidden units (you use death pulse, target becomes astral imprisoned - it doesn't get healed - should)
    79. ['12.07.08] Flying courier is affected by Overgrowth
    80. ['12.07.31] Flying courier is affected by Echo Slam.
    81. ['12.07.08] DK can attack Roshan from outside his pit with dragon form
    82. ['12.06.13] Doom does not get silenced by Silencer's Last Word if he cast's a spell he achieved by devouring (e.g. Heal, Frost armor not sure about other spells.)
    83. ['12.06.15] PA's coup de grace blood splatter effect is visible in fog
    84. ['12.07.08] Moving while Ruptured will disable blink for the duration of Rupture |Also disables blink when magic immune and therefore not taking damage from Rupture
    85. melee attack range:

    86. flak cannon/split shot issues:

    87. ['12.06.19] Shatter killing blow removes soul ring buff or ignores soul ring mana, resulting in Skeleton King not resurrecting when he should
    88. rubicks stolen spells not stacking properly

    89. ['12.06.14] Splash attacks miss entirely if evaded, they should be dealing 50% damage in the aoe
    90. ['12.07.04] Wisp can suicide with active armlet and overcharge
    91. ['12.07.07] Dire small camp (possibly others) does not consider lane creeps when determining camp respawn
    92. ['12.07.08] Stealing Morph with Rubick permanently changes your stats and has huge impacts on balance
    93. disconnect issues:

    94. Tiny's Avalanche dealing wrong amount of damage instances when using Avalanche + Toss Combo
    95. Tiny's Avalanche + Toss Combo doing less damage unless Toss is cast with a slight delay
    96. Blink Strike (Riki, Phantom Assassin, Chaos Knight) interaction with Linkens/Razor's Static Current
    97. seeing opponents spells :

    98. Ursa's Overpower is not purgeable.
    99. Naga Siren's Ensnare does not disable consumables.
    100. Naga Siren's Song of the Siren repositioning issues:

    101. Carrying 2 Rapiers can make one of them undroppable under certain circumstances
    102. Boots of travel can be used to teleport onto flying units
    103. Naga Siren's Mirror Image Does not remove buffs properly (see thread for a list of issues)
    104. Stealing Tornado or Alacrity messes up Rubicks legacy hotkeys
    105. Ensnare not removed by Manta, Mirror Images and Phantasm
    106. Charge of Darkness stunning the target, while Spirit Breaker is immobilized
    107. Templar Assassin with Desolator is not applying debuffs and damage in the right order
    108. Backstab doing lifeleech and cleave for the wrong amount of damage
    109. Visage's familiars can destroy runes and items
    110. Dying to Pugna's Netherward with Keeper of the Light messes up his hotkeys and skill order
    111. invulnerability - buff interaction issues:

    112. Neutrals share vision with both factions
    113. Damage from Acid Spray can be blocked
    114. Broodmothers Illusions inflict Incapacitating Bite (not just fake buffs)
    115. Leaving tower range doesnt exclude a hero from the aggro consideration until the next tower attack
    116. Issuing attack orders to a group of wards renders out-of-range wards useless until they get a new manual order
    117. Wrong accelaration of homing missile (or general movement speed issue)
    118. Turnrate issues with blink dagger (possibly a general issue with turnrate and abilities)
    119. Ensnare not preventing Transformation Spells from being cast
    120. Interaction with etheral state and physical spells is wrong
    121. Items are unusable during Blackhole
    122. Unstable Concoction stops brewing during flight time, and is not possible to explode mid-air
    123. Various Spells immediately end when their caster is killed by Ice Blast
    124. Death prophet's spirits attack units in fog
    125. kills outside of xp range:

    126. Some spells can be cast (not continued casting) outside of castrange when the enemy is running away from the caster
    127. Silencing/Disabling Riki doesn't pause the fade time of permanent invisibility (->instant invis after silence)
    128. Disables are not revealing Riki's Permanent Invisibility
    129. Wards/Smoke dont restock when being sold from the courier
    130. Wind walk based invisibility does not give unit-walking in fade time. (unit walking should be granted at cast)
    131. Juggernaut is able to cleave while using Bladefury
    132. interaction with issued attacks on the hero who uses manta
    133. aoe effects are not instantly applied after exiting a banishment spell
    134. Illusions can not be denied
    135. Killing illusions does not dispel Battle Hunger
    136. Models with particle effects (e.g. Shadow Fiend) are distinguishable from their illusions
    137. Hero-only abilities & Resistant Skin issues:

    138. other non-hero issues:

    139. non-hero movementspeed issues:

    140. Discrepancies of Ancients and their skills interaction
    141. Huskar Burning Spear Damage stacks to cancel Consumables
    142. Psi blades will still spill damage even if the projectile is in mid-air when the unit dies
    143. Meepo Clones triggering Wall of Replica
    144. Various inconsistencies with ensnare spells
    145. Casting Glimpse on Clones uses the position of Meepo Prime
    146. Earthbind interaction with Magic Immunity & Ghostform
    147. ['12.08.18] Essence Aura does not activate upon using items
    148. rubick transformation spell issues:

    149. Meepo gets the wrong amount of experience when allies are nearby
    150. Meepo doesnt lose Bloodstone Charges
    151. Equipping Agh's while dead spawns fifth Meepo at death location
    152. Ethereal State and Magic Immunity/Manta
    153. Clockwerk Cogs are not containing enemy heroes as they are supposed when they are cluttered or trees are involved
    154. Dismember & Hook interaction
    155. Keeper of the Light Range is wider than it should be
    156. Several Skewer interactions are different
    157. Reverse Polarity not moving heroes under Song Of Siren, or Nightmare
    158. Denies, suicides and death to neutrals not properly granting exp and gold to nearby enemies
    159. Black Hole affects Ancients, including Roshan and couriers
    160. Rubick uses cast time on instant spells
    161. Tombstone Zombies spawned for illusions dont disappear when the illusions disappear (it is also possible to get aggression by those additional zombies)
    162. Channeling disable spells prevent fadetime of several invisibilities
    163. Channeling disable spells extend true sight once it is lost
    164. It is possible to perform additional backstab attacks during the fadetime of Shadow Blade || Same goes for Bounty Hunter's Shadow Walk
    165. Lone druid not regaining control of Spirit bear on reconnect
    166. Last word damages before activation of Dazzle Shallow Grave/magic immunity/etc
    167. Essence aura not working on some spells it should trigger on
    168. Pulse nova can NOT be disabled while silenced (not Doom)
    169. Meepo Clone not correctly assigned to his player when ulti is skilled while dead and a disconnect happens before respawn
    170. Meepo Clone not correctly assigned to his player color when ulti is skilled while the player is disconnected
    171. Forcestaff fails to work entirely if leashed or in/near kinetic field
    172. Desolate not having the right proc conditions
    173. Refraction attack charges used up incorrectly
    174. Headshot's Truestrike mechanic not working properly
    175. Strength Gain & Decay interaction not correct
    176. Split Shot damage reduction is not correctly applied to the quelling blade bonus damage
    177. Interactions with reincarnation.

    178. EMP should deal damage before mana burn (prevents skeleton king from resurrection if he died from EMP)
    179. Leashed unit from slark's pounce is able to go through kinetic field
    180. Enemy purge and cyclone don't remove negative buffs on enemies[read thread for clarification]
    181. Enfeeble is reducing too much damage
    182. Tornado purges Insatiable Hunger
    183. Mystic snake can hit invisible units
    184. Curse of the silent's interaction with some castable items
    185. Deafening Blast disarm debuff not removed by magic immunity
    186. Envenomed weapons-based skills don't deal dmg to magic immune targets (most poison spells (viper, venomancer, etc), see thread for list of spells)
    187. Envenomed weapons-based skills are removed by magic immunity (most poison spells (viper, venomancer, etc), see thread for list of spells)
    188. ['12.07.10] Fatal bonds doesnt prioritize heroes
    189. Death Pact affects the hero's Base Damage
    190. spectral dagger not drawing correctly behind invisible targets and giving shared vision instead
    191. backswing issues:

    192. Several Last Word Interactions are incorrect
    193. Snowball does not follow Invisible Units (visual only)
    194. Warlock Golems have incorrect magic resist
    195. Unstable Current purges Tusk before Snowball starts
    196. Tusk [Ice Shards] Crystal amount is 7 (should be 5)
    197. Tusk [Snowball] can be interrupted by [Pudge] Hook
    198. Shadow Fiend's [Requiem of Souls] Doing Less Damage Than It's Supposed To / not hitting enough lines
    199. Lone Druid's [Spirit Bear] does not trigger several passives
    200. Silencer [Last word] has incorrect interactions with Puck [Phase shift]
    201. Auras do not apply on invulnerable heroes
    202. Tusk [Ice Shards] dont have the correct rotation when used in an off-axis direction or hitting a target sideways
    203. wards not being purgable:

    204. Comprehensive List of incorrect Purge interactions
    205. List of incorrect ghost scepter interactions with attack modifiers
    206. Timber [Whirling Death] hp regain on str heroes should be flat, not percentage
    207. Outworld Devourer does not gain enough mana with astral imprisonment
    208. Ownership issues with Morphling replicates of Phantom Lancer and illusions as well as enchanted pl illusions
    209. Timber [Whirling death] is not correctly restoring mana when the stats debuff expires
    210. Timber [Whirling death] stats debuff interaction with decay
    211. Timber [Whirling death] is not correctly restoring hp when the stats debuff runs out on STR heroes
    212. Lycanthrope [Shapeshift] hp gain and lose is incorrect
    213. Timbersaw [Whirling Death] debuff does not stack
    214. Keeper of the Light [Mana Leak] doesn't work against Storms [Ball Lightning]
    215. Ancient Apparition [Ice Blast] does not prevent several instances of "healing" that involve increasing the Max HP of the hero and scale the current hp
    216. Clockwerk [Power Cogs] Push into the wrong direction and activate from wrong angles
    217. Timbersaw [Timber Chain] grabbing a tree near him
    218. Familiar issues:

    219. Mirana [Leap] has too fast leap speed
    220. Several skills allow their casters to not attack axe during his Berserkers Call (e.g. slithereen crush, earthshock, diabolic edict, nature's attendance)
    221. Drow Ranger's Markmanship AoE is too small
    222. Pudge [Meat Hook] rotates the unit it hits. Units should be able to rotate while being hooked
    223. Rarely Necrolyte [Death Pulse] does not hit nearby enemies
    224. Broodmother's Incapacitating Bite duration is wrong for non-hero units
    225. meat hook inconsitencies:

    226. Razor's Plasma Field's search range is way too wide
    227. Treant Protector's Living Armor ticking from several hp removal instances
    228. Every level of sight range is incosistent with any other type of range
    229. Lion's Impale's range is too high
    230. Shackleshot tree angle is incorrect
    231. Rubick loses all benefits from a stolen spectral dagger upon stealing another spell
    232. Opposing Spectral Daggers (Rubick vs Spectre) stack with each other instead of working independently
    233. Nasal Goo can be dodged by Invisiblity & Invulnerability (e.g. Leap, Windwalk)
    234. Bristleback Quill auto procs are not released when quill spray isnt skilled
    235. Pipe Barrier incorrectly blocks damage from March of the Machines & Midnight Pulse
    236. No experience for kills while dead
    237. When Relocating and dying as Wisp while being Infested by an allied Lifestealer the Lifestealer will stay infested on the ground for an indefinite time (might only work in the fountain area)
    238. Teleportation shouldnt consider moonwells & ziggurats
    239. Roshan should have a collision size of 1
    240. Beastmaster's Primal Roar's damaging/slowing/pushing range/startingposition are wrong
    241. Slark's Dark Pact issues:

    242. Motion Buffer Range working behaviour is incorrect
    243. Wisp's Relocate issues:

    244. Visage's Familiars are able to move while casting Stone Form
    245. Wisp Relocate can get players stuck on cliffs/map borders
    246. Enigma's [Black Hole] lacks far AoE damage
    247. Slark's Pounce has several incorrect parameter
    248. Brewmaster' Primal Split Primal Spirits are selected in the wrong order or not selectable at all since the latest patch
    249. Interaction of Nyx' Spiked Carapace & Blade Mail (on both attacker and defender) is incorrect
    250. bash effect issues:

    251. Rubick has Return Spirit Spell in GUI after stealing Elder Titan's Ancestral Spirit
    252. Elder Titan's Natural Order does not interact with stats increasement/decreasement
    253. Razor's Eye of the Storm damage against towers does not account for fortified armor type, it also has an incorrect amount of damage ticks
    254. Pudge's Dismember Sound ("Fresh Meat") Should Not Play Through Fog
    255. Base Buildings have an incorrect amount of Armor/Health/Exp-/Gold-bounty
    256. PRD Chance Not Incrementing While On Cooldown
    257. razor's eye of the storm & towers:

    258. Windrunner Focus Fire interaction with Damage Block is incorrect
    259. Elder Titan's Ancestor Spirit uses an incorrect damage radius while casting Echo Stomp
    260. Slark Dark Pact, Tidehunter Krakenshell & Eul's Cyclone are not purging Ancient Apparitions Ice Blast
    261. Elder Titan Astral Spirit does not apply Natural Order upon returning to Elder Titan
    262. bloodseeker rupture new damage type issues:

    263. Nyx Assassin's Vendetta can be seen through the Fog of War
    264. Area covered by Clockwerk's Power Cogs is too big
    265. Necrolyte Aghanim Reaper's Scythe doesnt prevent Meepo from rebuying when killing one of his clones
    266. Dropping/Picking Activated Armlet while Doomed gives you HP
    267. Doom's Doom does not disable the Regeneration from STR/INT
    268. Doom doesn't disable some Effects (UAMs and others)
    269. Attack speed is decided at the wrong time
    270. Attack damage is decided at wrong time
    271. All incorrect interactions with Borrowed Time and HP removal:

    272. Abaddon's Aphotic Shield and Burrowed Time nullify Knock Backs
    273. Abaddon's Aphotic Shield & Burrowed Time do not remove Fury Swipes and Caustic Finale
    274. Abaddon Curse of Avernus debuff/mark should not be purged upon gaining magic immunity
    275. Abaddon's Borrowed Time activates too early
    276. Abaddon's Aphotic shield interraction with Batrider's Flaming Lasso
    277. Abbadon's Borrowed Time and Blademail
    278. Slark [Dark Pact],[Kraken Shell] should remove stun/stone from Stone Gaze
    279. Elder Titan's Ancestral Spirit does not prevent neutral creeps from spawning
    280. Shackle-shot not providing vision when hitting unit
    281. Treant's Nature's Guise makes checks in 0.5 secs instead of having 1 sec grace time
    282. Chronosphere does not disable damage block (vanguard, kraken shell etc)
    283. Glimpse does not end phase shift
    284. Shadow Blade's invisibility breaks on cast point rather than on the start of the cast
    285. Shadow Demon's Demonic Purge does not slow attack speed
    286. Slark is visible on the minimap during Shadow Dance
    287. Doom deals damage to sleeping units
    288. Axe's Berserker's Call works on units under the effect of Rhasta's Shackle
    289. Axe's Berserker's Call doesn't affect invulnerable targets
    290. Axe's Battle Hunger gets cleared off with Hand of Midas transmution
    291. Battle Hunger doesn't get removed when Serpent/Plague/Death Wards kill a unit
    292. Axe's Culling Blade kill doesn't grant bonus ms to invulnerable allies
    293. Axe's Culling Blade deals non-threshold damage instantly
    294. Axe's Culling Blade kill, applies the movespeed bonus to illusions and non-hero units
    295. Rubick cannot Spell Steal auto-activated Borrowed Time
    296. Composite/Mixed damage not being blocked by Pipe active
    297. Disruptor's Glimpse, Keeper's Recall and Io's Relocate end Cyclone's duration prematurely.
    298. X marks the spot doesn't return invunlerable units to their previous location
    299. Test of Faith Teleport Works On Allied Creeps
    300. The Swarm bugs have lower attack priority than creeps
    301. Timbersaw can't attack during Timber Chain's pull
    302. Courier's skills give charges to Magic Stick/Wand
    303. Slark has the incorrect collision/hull size
    304. Lycan has the incorrect collision/hull size while not Shapeshifted
    305. Meepo control groups (unit selection) bugged after you disconnect.
    306. Discrepancy in the behaviour of Omnislash in dota 2 compared to DotA
    307. Weaver's Swarm Beetles ignore evasion
    308. Spirit breakers charge of darkness does not get interrupted by all items
    309. Wisp's Relocate - while it's in casting delay - gets interrupted by knock backs (Vacuum, Power Cogs, etc)
    310. Viper's Corrosive skin damaging Broodmother if spiderlings attack (works only with spiderlings, not spiderites)
    311. Queen of Pain's Shadow Strike projectile speed too low - is 900, should be 1200
    312. Undying's Decay does not work on Invulnerable Heroes
    313. Timbersaw's Whirling Death does not work on invulnerable heroes
    314. Neutral Satyr Hellcaster target their shockwawe wrong
    315. Earthshaker's Echo Slam(with aghanim's scepter) does not count Invulnerable units
    316. Dark Seer's Wall of replica is creating illusions after the damage(first illusions, then damage)
    317. Several incorrect interactions with invulnerable units.
    318. Queen of Pain's Shadow Strike disabling blink dagger even if target is magic immune.
    319. Crystal Maiden's Freezing Field's minimum/maximum Damage AoEs are wrong
    320. Slark's Shadow Dance cancels channeling
    321. Tiny with Aghanim's Scepter upgrade can attack Roshan from high ground
    322. Tether breaking when Tusk snowballs (check thread for video clarification)
    323. Spirit Breaker's Charge of Darkness does not destroy trees around SB when the charge stops (cancel, arrival at enemy)
    324. Radiance should not damage Lone Druid's Spirit Bear
    325. Visage's Familiars' Stone Form should not destroy trees upon landing(check thread for video clarification)
    326. Veil of Discord's Magic Weakness works on Golem, Familiars, Primal Split
    327. Pipe of Insight's Barrier working on Ancients (Golem, Spirit Bear, Primal Split, Familiars)
    328. Slark's Pounce is not removed by Non-BKB Magic Immunity
    329. Epicenter damages and slows ancients.
    330. You can teleport to Elder Titan's Astral Spirit
    331. Disablehelp does not disable few spells it should disable
    332. Astral Spirit deals damage after applying the Natural Order aura instead of before
    333. Tether range gets extended a lot if its pull gets interrupted
    334. Damage block is hugely bugged against Spirit Bear's Entangle
    335. Soul Ring doesn't track mana loss and exceeds mana pool
    336. Ogre Magi Bloodlust is not dispelled by magic immunity
    337. Lich's and Ogre Frostmage's Ice Armor is not dispelled by magic immunity
    338. Lich's Frost Blast and Chainfrost slow should not be dispelled by magic immunity
    339. Backdoor protection should not be smooth
    340. Shadow Strike (Shadow Strike, Venemouse Gale, Viper Strike) based skills are not dispeled by certain spells
    341. EXP from global kills is shared with allies close to the kill
    342. OD Essence Aura doesn't proc for allies' items
    343. The previously tethered target still got the Overcharge buff after the Tether broke
    344. Pressing "return to stash" on courier while your hero is dead drops the item where you died
    345. Guardian Angel buff is not dispelled by magic immunity
    346. Double Damage grants the buff to magic immune units
    347. Leaver's gold doesn't get shared among the leaver's team
    348. Lone Druid's Rabid and Battle Cry aren't dispelled by magic immunity
    349. Unit UI is not disabled during banishment, so spells and items can be clicked on during eg Disruption, so that it gets instantly used after the banishment
    350. Enemy heroes can get the items out of your stash when they pick up one of your items while you are dead
    351. Chakram does not give vision while it's flying

    Other bugs

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    1. Grave Chill is not affecting illusions' attack speed
    2. Flying units can fly out of the map boundaries
    3. Abaddon's curse bonus ms/as is granted to enemies of Abaddon that attack a cursed target (attacking an allied cursed target)
    4. ['12.07.05] If batrider creates illusions while in firefly the illusions created will still have collision (they also should be flying)
    5. ['12.06.08] Homing missile is not a valid target for decrepify
    6. neutral vision issues:

    7. ['12.07.15] Gaining base str from level doesn't increase current hp, same goes for Intelligence and mana
    8. ['12.05.02] Sven's AoE stun will not work if naix infested on a creep while projectile was in mid-air. (Stormbolt should've still stunned targets in aoe of the creep naix infested)(Same behavior with linkens, manta and phantasm (+ siren's mirror image), main target will totally nullify stun while it should still hit targets in aoe)
    9. ['12.03.23] Dark troll warlord sometimes stopping autoattack (with autoattack on)
    10. control group consistency issues:

    11. ['12.02.27] Cyclone is not purgeable
    12. ['12.07.14] Soul ring not working properly with mana-over-time spells. [see thread]
    13. ['12.02.19] Earth-Shaker's Enchant totem stacks with double damage rune
    14. ['12.07.14] Cooldown is shared from shared items e.g You have 2tp, use 1, the other you give to ally, it will have cooldown.
    15. ['12.07.14] Rexxar's hawk getting affected by ground spells.
    16. ['11.12.06] Roshan blocks Focus Fire with spell block [Windrunners Ulty]
    17. ['12.07.29] Healing Salve + clarity do not work on controlled creeps.
    18. ['12.07.14] Some item buffs are not working correctly with Omni Knight's repel
    19. ['12.07.12] Eul's + rhasta wards does not lock the player in properly[The target gets pushed out of the wards when cyclone ends]
    20. auto-cast issues (compilation) :

    21. ['12.01.11] Auto-Purchasing item if item was dropped to the ground
    22. ['12.07.13] Neutral creeps gaining speed buff from track
    23. ['12.02.17] When Spirit Breaker performs Greater Bashes on a target, his attack order is reevaluated and in the worst case he starts auto-attacking another target
    24. ['12.08.20] Entangling a target with Spirit Bear causes it to attack Spirit Bear
    25. ['12.02.22] Spectral Dagger debuff remains on heroes that bought back.
    26. ['12.07.15] Puck continues to channel phaseshift even though the effect is removed when casting shiva
    27. ['12.07.11] Juggernaut can't use items during Omnislash
    28. ['12.07.15] Hexed units can pick up/drop items and use runes(unit's under the effect of doom will also be able to pick up items/runes)
    29. ['12.07.12] Rot still deals damage when Pudge is astral imprisoned,disrupted,hexed etc.
    30. ['12.03.29] Spirit bear can be used to remotely consume tango for a hero
    31. ['12.03.29] Tiny not gaining scepter benefits if he has not skilled Grow
    32. ['12.07.15] Enemies can see trees being destroyed in fog
    33. ['12.04.12] Units with Haste cannot be slowed
    34. ['12.04.13] Forest Troll priest aura does not stack with Basilius
    35. ['12.07.14] Ancient creep (Thunder Lizard) continually using Frenzy/Slam[even though enemy is not near][only if stacked 2-3 times].
    36. ['12.02.08] Sandkings' caustic finale not debuffing mud golems(they don't take damage, but the buff should apply
    37. ['12.07.29] Hex'ed units can gain experience
    38. ['12.07.13] Items will combine into undesired combinations if all components are present, even if desired item was selected directly in shop
    39. ['12.04.28] Some hero orb attacks have incorrect interaction with ethereal targets
    40. ['12.07.05] Spirit Lance animation with illusions still not working quite right
    41. ['12.07.05] Stats provided by leveling Morph cannot be exchanged by the ability itself
    42. ['12.05.15] Torrent and Tornado can be used to stack creeps without pulling
    43. ['12.05.12] Powershot channeling time is 1.0 seconds, should be 0.75s
    44. ['12.06.06] Vengeance aura stacks with Alpha wolf's aura
    45. ['12.06.30] Tether "drag" should not stop on target death/link break
    46. ['12.06.22] Ethereal Blade damage should be delayed
    47. ['12.07.02] Morphling can get stuck in waveform
    48. ['12.07.03] Tether Interaction with some Items (Dagger, Euls, Manta) is wrong
    49. ['12.07.06] Rare Issue with Invisibility and attacking back (does not only apply to ghostwalk)
    50. ['12.07.06] Doppel Walk shift-queue and TP Interaction
    51. ['12.07.06] It's possible to glitch out of Thralls Kinetic Field
    52. ['12.07.08] Manta does not dispel poison effects
    53. ['12.07.10] Missed attacks don't reduce attack modifying buffs such as Fury Swipes
    54. ['12.07.10] Observer wards reveal spell effects even when their vision is blocked (roshpit, ward on low ground)
    55. modified attribute issues:

    56. ['12.07.12] Wisp Spirits asynchronous with their animation on ledges
    57. ['12.06.16] If you dominate one of invokers forge spirits, the one you dominated will disappear as soon as invoker spawns other spirits (not sure if it happens with other units.)
    58. ['12.07.12] Fountain Buff doesnt dispell correctly after Tp
    59. ['12.07.12] Casting Ion Shell in the exact moment a transformation spell takes place glitches it
    60. ['12.07.12] Losing assigned control groups on lag
    61. ['12.07.12] Auras arent working during Omnislash
    62. ['12.07.13] Meld Attack Modifier working on Tombstone
    63. ['12.07.13] Repel removes Sandstorm from Sand King
    64. ['12.07.13] Heroes can carry multiple Power Treads
    65. ['12.07.14] Broodmother' Incapacitating Bite not blocked by silence
    66. rubick and psionic traps:

    67. ['12.07.15] Jakiros Liquid Fire going into cooldown on a miss
    68. ['12.07.16] Bloodstone Vision & Xp Marker isn't removed on Buyback
    69. ['12.07.16] Invoker cant use his Subspells while Eul'd
    70. ['12.07.16] Backdoor Protection triggering too early (and possibly under the wrong circumstances too)
    71. cyclone/tornado & repositioning issues:

    72. skill initialization:
    73. Lightning Ball issues:

    74. ['12.07.17] Helm of the Dominator Creeps dont have Resistant Skin
    75. ['12.07.17] Doppelwalk Illusions have the wrong amount of HP
    76. ['12.07.18] Several issues concerning Witch doctor's Death ward and it's projectiles
    77. ['12.07.18] Casting Doppelwalk replaces previous Doppelwalk illusions
    78. ['12.07.18] No Magic Stick charges are awarded, when spells are cast by invisible units
    79. Tick-based Spell issues:

    80. ['12.07.19] Force Staff cancels Charge of Darkness
    81. ['12.07.19] Rupture continuing after respawn (aegis, buyback)
    82. ['12.07.20] Caustic Finale working on Psionic Traps
    83. ['12.07.21] Wisp Relocate doesnt properly remove trees at certain locations
    84. ['12.07.21] Troll Warlords Ensnare not preventing units from becoming invisible
    85. ['12.07.21] Templar Assassins Trap Hotkey still not assigned properly (non-legacy)
    86. ['12.07.22] Player can put allied items in his own stash, making them inaccessable for his allies
    87. ['12.07.22] Focus Fire not reducing damage of On-Hit-Effects (Mjolnir, Basher, etc) correctly
    88. ['12.07.22] Bladefury doesnt cancel (non-combat-)consumables
    89. ['12.07.23] Armor values different from WC3 DotA on some heroes
    90. ['12.07.24] Queued up Soul Rip continues casting, when the target (Tombstone) has already died
    91. ['12.07.24] Meld is not removed, when Lanaya is moved by X marks the Spot (it should be removed only when she is moved)
    92. ['12.07.24] Weaver can get stuck in Tombstone when casting Time Lapse
    93. ['12.07.25] Damage inflicted by Shadow Demon's Soul Catcher is lethal regardless of the causing damage (e.g. Poison Nova)
    94. ['12.07.27] Using Invisibility with Fadetime doesnt change previous attack orders into move orders
    95. ['12.07.27] Channeled Ghost-Form-Illuminates are being canceled when Ghost Form ends or ezalor dies
    96. ['12.07.27] Blur logic and affect does still apply after death
    97. ['12.07.27] Cannot attack when using Unified Orders when a Cyclone is part of the current selection
    98. ['12.07.27] Satyrs using wrong logic to cast their spells (manaburn should be blind and shockwave on sight)
    99. ['12.07.28] EMP has the wrong damage type
    100. ['12.07.28] Holy Persuation Boni stack
    101. ['12.07.29] Items being destroyed after 1 hit rather than after a certain amount of damage
    102. collision size issues:

    103. ['12.07.30] Dropping one Quelling Blade when carrying two of them removes the shared bonus damage
    104. ['12.07.31] CotS isnt removed when casting Phase Shift
    105. ['12.08.02] Differences in lane creep pathing
    106. ['12.08.03] Tornado cycloning invisible units
    107. ['12.08.04] Relocate + Euls combo doesnt work
    108. teleporting & hidden units issues:

    109. ['12.08.05] Issue when casting Tether on a unit in the same moment as being relocated
    110. ['12.08.06] Attacking illusions draws aggro from lanecreeps
    111. ['12.08.07] Resell time exploitable for items with passive boni
    112. ['12.08.07] Spawn Positions of illusions are off
    113. ['12.08.07] Song of the Siren continues after respawning (if duration isnt over yet)
    114. ['12.08.07] Moonlight Shadow Visual gives away the real hero when using Manta and attacking (should only show when the hero is fading)
    115. ['12.08.07] Backstab can be evaded
    116. ['12.08.09] Homing Missile doesnt show its level
    117. ['12.08.10] Interaction between Tether and Transformation Spells (like Flesh Golem)
    118. ['12.08.10] Berserker Call not drawing aggro
    119. ['12.08.10] Wildkin Tornados damage effects are stacking
    120. ['12.08.12] SotS working on Fountain
    121. ['12.08.12] Swap interaction with already summoned units
    122. ['12.08.12] Rubick using Morph while having odd numbers of Agi/Str gives him an additional point
    123. ['12.08.12] Courier can (globally) access items from the stash, when the heroes inventory is full
    124. ['12.08.12] Ursa Illusions do not benefit from Fury Swipes
    125. ['12.08.14] Illusions not benefiting from baseregen boni
    126. ['12.08.15] Certain bouncing spells stop working when the caster is being cycloned
    127. ['12.08.15] not breaking invisibility if attacking item or wards
    128. ['12.08.15] Bounce spells work inconsistent with wc3 dota and each other on target death
    129. ['12.08.16] Omnislash follows Ball of Lighting too far
    130. ['12.08.16] Kraken Shell dodges the interruption of a stun too
    131. ['12.08.16] Greater Bash and Blinding Light push enemies out of Kinetic Fields
    132. ['12.08.16] Damage from Impale Spells does not stack
    133. ['12.08.16] Quelling Blade stacking with Lifeleech
    134. ['12.08.17] Damage Block is working against cleaved damage
    135. ['12.08.17] DoTs dispell consumables even when not getting damaged
    136. ['12.08.17] Global Silence does not cancel Blade Fury
    137. Global Silence doesnt mute game sounds
    138. ['12.08.18] Tombstone zombie interaction with losing vision is wrong
    139. ['12.08.18] Battle Hunger blocking blink even with BKB
    140. ['12.08.19] Missing Refraction Buff icon (without charges) for enemies
    141. ['12.08.20] Urn is blocked by magic immunity
    142. ['12.08.21] Viper Strike and Shadow Word (and CotS) dont make the target deniable
    143. ['12.08.21] Only one Life Drain Syphon per target is possible (probably the same applies to Mana Drain)
    144. ['12.08.21] Shiva Damage AoE is incorrect
    145. ['12.08.22] Allied Repel is not Purgable
    146. Tombstone Zombies are not blocked by Kinetic Field
    147. Spirit Breaker is able to channel tp/boots of travel while charging
    148. Swapping a Kotl who is casting Illuminate changes the direction of illuminate
    149. Storm from Primal Split has no cast time for Dispel Magic and his Windwalk does have casting time
    150. Serpent Wards damage calculation is wrong
    151. Attack Moving invisible Spiderlings does cause the to perform Move Orders
    152. the effect of Troll Warlord's Ensnare is instant (probably due to the not yet implemented projectile/cast anim)
    153. Sandstorm animation ends when SK stops channeling rather than after a short fadetime
    154. Doom is not castable on Couriers
    155. Spiked Carapace reflecting damage to and stunning illusion instead of their owner
    156. Fadetime of Moonlight Shadows runs down during hex instead of starting after hex wears off
    157. Spawn Spiderlings spawns Spiderlings even when the projectile is still in mid air when the unit dies
    158. Nearby Lane creeps dont aggro a tower when it is about to be denied
    159. Restealing Requiem of Souls doesn't refresh the soul counter
    160. Mana regeneration from Bloodstones stacks
    161. Repicking doesnt reduce gold by the correct value
    162. Transformation Spell Buff Icon shows the remaining duration for the enemies
    163. Pathing while on Spectral Path doesnt work around corners
    164. Dismember (and possibly other disables) can stop forcestaff movement
    165. several projectile spells have the wrong interaction with magic immunity
    166. attribute manipulation issues:

    167. Glimpse isnt disjoined by death
    168. Ball of Lightning and Waveform cancel Assassinate
    169. Teleporting doesnt disjoin channeling disables such as dismember (and possibly fiends grip)
    170. Spell Steal Eclipse/Lunar Beam interaction
    171. siren collision size is too big
    172. Some neutrals have natural mana regen when they should not
    173. Roshan doesnt cancel urn of shadow heal
    174. Multiple Forest Troll heals are castable on the same target
    175. Buff Placers & Wards:
      1. Tidebringer works on wards

    176. Orb-walking triggers passives that proc upon being attacked
    177. Curse of the Silent affecting Illusions
    178. Muted items are working on (spectre's) illusions
    179. Cyclone is cancelled upon/after Recall
    180. Chronosphere pauses Fountain
    181. Linkens should block Wall of Replica
    182. Vampiric aura stops working
    183. It is possible to drop items from your inventory while being dead
    184. Issuing multiple Orders (e.g. poof) on the very same spot on the minimap in quick succession ignores some of the orders
    185. Wildkin Tornado does not trigger Neutral Creep damage avoidance
    186. Frostbite duration on creeps of level 6 and higher is incorrect (same applies to entangle)
    187. Banished units maintain their collision size
    188. Multiple armlets don't stack
    189. Eidolon Split of a persuaded Eidolon doesnt grant the spawning eidolon the correct team
    190. Blade Fury & Toss interaction
    191. Earthbind cancels current attack orders and causes the ensnared unit to autoattack
    192. Legacy keys occasionally not working on invoker
    193. Only Meepo Prime retreats to base on a disconnect
    194. Mass Serpent Wards have incorrect foot print of positioning
    195. Multiple Epicenters do not stack
    196. Multiple Forcestaff effects dont stack
    197. Items such as healing salve occasionally get lost when transferred from the courier to the hero
    198. Magnus able to skewer on a ward spot
    199. Empower adds dmg based on current value, not when cast
    200. Only the main Primal Spirit dispells smoke
    201. Spirit Bear can be recreated while taking dmg on lvl 1
    202. Reverse Polarity pulls and stuns the Courier
    203. unstable concoction aoe only damaging enemy heroes
    204. Spell Steal steals the current level of the spell rather than the cast level
    205. Liquid Fire procing less often than in wc3 dota
    206. Slight Cast delay on all Magnus Spells in comparison to wc3 dota
    207. Rupture causes Nightmare to be dispelled on the target whenever it has previously damaged the target due to movement
    208. (Forced) attacking ethereal units does not approach the attacked unit into melee distance
    209. Satyr Trickster range is incorrect
    210. Requiem of Souls spawns wrong of lines amount on death
    211. Bear's items muted if summoned by other players during disconnect
    212. Visual Glitch reveals roshan respawn
    213. Instant Spell issues:

    214. Projectiles (e.g. ranged attacks, ensnare, assassinate) can be dodged by certain (but not all!) transformation spells
    215. Plague Wards get less aggro and dont autoattack
    216. Omniknight healing radius and damage radius is smaller than in wc3 dota
    217. Black hole pulls couriers
    218. Doppelwalk illusions occasionally spawn with full hp
    219. Changing Orbs with Invoker doesnt cancel his attacks
    220. Lane Creeps encounter a deadlock
    221. BKB does not remove Bloodrage
    222. Purging dominated units kills them
    223. Shadow Blade and Wind Walk backstab boni stack
    224. Triggered amplifications don't stack properly
    225. Soul Catcher doesnt stack properly with itself
    226. Rubick performs Greater Bash upon passing through units, when using CoD
    227. Stampede does not effect allied spectre's haunt illusion
    228. Feast bonus damage is added to base damage thus being reduced by spells such as emfeeble/static link rather than being a bonus after those reductions
    229. Meepo illusions stat sharing is incorrect
    230. Rubick is able to steal Nightmare Subspell
    231. Spell Steal does not refresh the level of the stolen spell when re-stolen
    232. Juxtapose never procs on missed attacks
    233. Last word visual is visible on invisible targets
    234. Summoning a recently killed spirit bear is not possible (due to the skill being unavailable when the bear is being damaged)
    235. Demolish (Spirit Bear/Siege) does not affect Undying's Tombstone
    236. Warlock Infernals with Aghanims spawn slightly differently (wc3 dota: 2 instances, 1 s stun, .3 s delay; dota2: 1 instance, 1.3 s stun, no delay)
    237. Wave of Terror affects Tombstone Zombies
    238. Gyrocopter's homing missile is visible to the enemy as soon as it drops (it should be viewable 1sec later - e.g if launched from uphill)
    239. consumables are canceled by gnoll poison when the gnoll corpse is removed
    240. Wall of Replica should not recreate illusions of a hero if that hero has not yet left and re-entered the Wall
    241. Soul Burn (possibly other effects) triggers its damage too early when the target is being disrupted (possibly other hidden effects such as ai), gets invulnerable or magic immune
    242. nether strike is not disjointed by the targets death
    243. Shadow Poison interaction with the magic immunity is incorrect
    244. Getting repositioned (and interupted) during casting exceeds cast range
    245. Invulnerable units (e.g. SotS) are not affected by Voodoo Restauration, Bloodstone heal and Death Pulse
    246. Psi Blades are spilling damage inflicted on a Tombstone
    247. Pounce disjoins projectiles
    248. Boots of Travel & Rupture interaction
    249. Soul Rip damages allied courier
    250. Charge of Darkness granting shared vision instead of flying vision
    251. Riki's invisibility not working sometimes when respawning
    252. Napalm is removed entirely by purge
    253. Omnislash & Blackhole interaction
    254. Life leech works on mid-air ranged attacks even thought he target is already dead
    255. Courier giving bounty even if there's already a dead one
    256. Greater and Lesser Maim stacks
    257. Split Shot interaction with Chilling Touch is wrong
    258. Thunderclap-based skills are purgeable and shouldn't
    259. Mirana Arrow hitbox issue at close range
    260. Netherward & Chakram interaction
    261. KotL's Recall not cancelled on self-damage
    262. Centaur 's Stampede Collision works differently from wc3 dota (trees, buildings, etc)
    263. Berserker's Rage changes are not applied when leveling up
    264. Monkey King Bar bonus damage being reduced on siege units
    265. When (spell) stealing Lone Druid True Form, (melee) range is too big
    266. Toggling Berserker's rage or treads quickly will reduce current HP
    267. Phantom Strike Attack speed buff lasts 1 second too long
    268. it is possible to upgrade the courier while it is out of base
    269. spectre illusions do not benefit of spectral dagger's movement speed bonus
    270. Haunt illusion spell interaction is still not en par with wc3 dota
    271. Meepo boot priority is incorrect
    272. Ion shells from different players dont stack on the same target (Rubick, sh)
    273. Roshan getting damaged by blade fury
    274. Switching to melee as Troll while ranged projectile is travelling allows cleaving and lifeleeching with vlads
    275. Mystic snake can hit banished units
    276. Neutral Creeps forced-protect the hero under attack (from another hero)
    277. Malefice interaction with dark pact
    278. Frostbite and Entangling Claws dealing wrong amount of damage instances
    279. List of -same hero bugs
    280. Roshan's Illusion Protection kicks in after the attack rather than before
    281. Disruption should not create illusions for invis units and units under fadetime
    282. Courier drops Gem and Rapier when killed
    283. Spectre's Dispersion damage type
    284. HP Removal Damage should not be amplified/decreased by effects such as Dispersion or Mask of Madness
    285. Calculation of Damage Reduction and Damage Amplification is incorrect
    286. Calculation of Spectre's Dispersion and Damage amplification is incorrect
    287. Disruption Illusions on Shapeshift Lycan have wrong movement speed
    288. Weaver's timelapse does not dispell several buffs
    289. ion shell works on ancients
    290. Dark Pact & Kraken Shell completely remove sticky napalm
    291. Spell Steal doesn't immediately disable access to previously stolen spell
    292. Axe's culling blade & Blademail interaction incorrect
    293. Bloodbath can heal bloodseeker from lethal damage (resulting in him staying alive despite having 0 hp)
    294. refresh(er)/wtf issues:

    295. Casting Focus Fire while a previous cast is still active causes both casts to get dispeled
    296. Weaver's Time Lapse does not remove Naga's Ensare
    297. Weaver's Time Lapse does not remove Ice Blast & Ensnare
    298. Force staff interraction with Telekinesis
    299. Ensnare not setting movementspeed to 0
    300. Tusk's [Ice Shards] clumping radius too wide
    301. Tusk's [Frozen Sigil] doesn't aggro neutrals
    302. Tusk [Snowball] sight range is too big, it doesnt have flying vision as well
    303. Juggernaut's [Omnislash] being incorrectly blocked by linkens
    304. Wrong Nyx [Spiked Carapace] interaction with Bane [Enfeeble] and other low damage attacks
    305. Rarely Runes don't active correctly
    306. Alchemist can't dodge aoe stuns nor his own self-stun by using Chemical Rage nor when it expires
    307. Razor [Static link] does not reset when reapplied (refresher/wtf)
    308. sticky napalm incorrect trigger rules:

    309. Visage [Gravekeeper's Cloak] layers are not correctly removed on attacks with multiple damage instances
    310. Lone Druid [Summon Spirit Bear] is not usable directly after using Return
    311. Spectre [Spectral dagger] Spectral Path doesn't reliably slow heroes in its fadetime
    312. Spectre [Spectral Dagger] slow on primary target does not reliably last 7 seconds after leaving the spectral path
    313. Clockwerk [Hookshot] can not cancel Enigma [Blackhole] by stunning him with the hookshot aoe (enigma is not primary target of the hookshot)
    314. Pugna [Nether Ward] is a valid target for orb skills such as glaives of wisdom, ice arrows, poison attack
    315. Battle Point Bonus effect gives away the true hero when illusions of the same hero exist
    316. Dying as Nyx from Spectre [Dispersion] when using Vendetta can lead to Nyx not dealing the full backstab damage
    317. Magic Stick doesnt gain charges from an opposing hero under rare circumstances (replay attached)
    318. Illusions are (visually) affected by Dazzle [Weave]
    319. Timber [Whirling death] affects the stats of illusions
    320. Illusions are damaged by Outworld Destroyer [Sanity Eclipse]
    321. Shared Vision disables Slark [Shadow Dance] Passive
    322. Shop doesnt provide vision when hero in range
    323. Visages [familiar] magic resistance is slightly off
    324. Aghanims Rhasta [Mass Serpent Wards] are paused under Void [Chronosphere]
    325. Wisp [Tether] has an incorrect duration when cast during the channeling of Relocate
    326. Silencer [Last Word] can't target Mechanical Units
    327. Clockwerk [Hookshot] can be stopped by chronosphere
    328. Ocassionally Auras last longer (post mortem) than their fadetime of 4 seconds
    329. Damage Amplifications such as Soul Catcher or Penitence incorrectly trigger Napalm bonus damage
    330. Lifestealer has an incorrect Turn Rate
    331. Pugna [Decrepify] cannot be used on Tusk [Frost Sigil]
    332. Weaver's The Swarm's beetle search range is incorrect
    333. Spirit Breaker's Greater Bash works against Roshan
    334. Mirana being able to turn during leap
    335. Slark being able to turn during Pounce
    336. Purge cannot be targeted on invulnerable units
    337. Batrider [Sticky Napalm] Should Not Show Charges in Status Bar
    338. Lifesteal gets applied before everything (e.g. reflected damage)
    339. Shadow Shaman's Mass Serpent Ward's duration is wrong
    340. Disruptor's Kinetic Field cannot be used to displace units
    341. Rubick's Fade Bolt lacks a bouncing limit
    342. Rubick's Fade Bolt sometimes bouncing and sometimes not although the range is fixed
    343. Magnus's Shockwave's TRAVEL range is slightly longer
    344. Phantom Lancer's Spirit Lance's fake lance radius is positioned wrongly
    345. Phantom Lancer's Spirit Lance's fake lance radius is too wide
    346. Phantom Lancer's Spirit Lance does not have the attack speed slow
    347. Queen of Pain's Sonic Wave's TRAVEL range is slightly longer
    348. Slark [Pounce] leash doesnt display for invisible units
    349. Weaver's Geminate Attack check is made too late
    350. Windrunner's Shackleshot projectile lacks a death check for the targeted unit
    351. Bristleback quill spray is triggered by fountain, bristleback also damage reduces fountain damage
    352. Aura fade times/delays are inconsistent among each other
    353. Powershot lacks the slight damage reduction multiplier for trees
    354. Windrunner's Powershot's maximum TRAVEL range is too high
    355. Rubick doesn't benefit from synergy bonus when stealing Lone Druid Spells
    356. Windrunner's Powershot's travel speed does not get reduced enough much
    357. Ursa's Fury Swipes' damage does not cut through the Mana Shield
    358. Sandking's Caustic Finale explosion damage does not cut through the Mana Shield
    359. Magnus's Empower's cleave AoE is wrong and too low
    360. Magnus's Skewer's TRAVEL range is wrong and slightly too short
    361. Magnus's Skewer places the grabbed heroes too far in front
    362. Magnus's Skewer's grab range from his back is not far enough
    363. Timbersaw's Timberchain's chain bits lack a proper 100/100 flying vision
    364. Magnus's Reverse Polarity has incorrect duration for non-heroes
    365. Timbersaw's Chakram bumps either back or forth when getting into the stationary mode
    366. Timbersaw's Whirling Death reduces 2 attribute points too much
    367. Invoker not regenerating health when casting orbs
    368. Pipe's barrier works on Illusions
    369. Lifestealer's Open Wounds heals the hero upon using Diffusal Blade Purge
    370. Beastmaster's Wild Axes' damaging radius is too wide
    371. Beastmaster's Wild Axes spread way too wide
    372. Requiem of Souls cannot be purged

    373. Lifesteal heal is reduced when attacking a Mana Shield
    374. Beasmter's Primal Roar issues:

    375. Phaseshift and Ethereal Jaunt do not use Puck's cast time
    376. Medusa's Mystic Snake's initial speed is wrong and too high
    377. Medusa's Mystic Snake mana replenishment does not consider the amount of mana stolen
    378. Earthshaker's Fissure issues:

    379. Wisp's Tether issues:

    380. Player Controlled Units have no "leash timer" when auto-attacking nearby enemies, they also dont return to their original position
    381. Rarely Rubick can end up having a permanent Mana Shield effect
    382. Vengeful Spirit's Wave of Terror does not reduce the armor of Siege Creeps
    383. Enchanted Illusions are still keeping up their original aura effects for a short duration (e.g. radiance can deny allies)
    384. Warlock's Golem is urnable
    385. Axe's Berserker's Call disables items and abilities with no cast point
    386. Dark Seer Wall of replicate not giving vision
    387. Slardar's Slithereen Crush interaction with ancients and Magic Immunity/Magic Restistance
    388. Passives (e.g. Bash, Craggy Exterior) work when Denying an ally
    389. Rubick dying while using Charge of Darkness does not cancel the charge
    390. Illusion are not using Heroes active level/state of Transformations and Armlet, but the current level of the spell
    391. Cleave (e.g. Agha Tiny, Tidebringer, Battlefury, Empower) is not affecting targets of Boots of Travel
    392. Euls interaction with Naga Siren's Song of the Siren
    393. Alchemist's Unstable concoction AOE damage & stun does not work if thrown on a Puck using Phase Shift
    394. Pugna's Life Drain has incorrect cast range
    395. Pugna's Nether Ward zaps Storm when activating Ball of Lightning
    396. Pugna's Nether Ward targets autocast spells such as Morph
    397. Shadow Amulet inconsistencies:

    398. Disruptor [Kinetic Field] Movement Speed gets set to zero on the edges
    399. Shadow Shamans Shackle dealing dmg in wrong intervals
    400. Ancient Apparition's Cold Feet is removed by huskar's Life Break
    401. Ancient Apparition's Cold Feet is removed by magic immunity (e.g. rage, repel)
    402. Kunkka's Ghost Ship lacks an AoE marker
    403. Combat log revealing inaccessible information (such as hp and position of invisible enemies)
    404. Slark's Dark Pact purging repel & regeneration rune
    405. armor bonus issues:

    406. Roshan doesnt use his ability to walk around the pit while hexed and being attacked
    407. Rubick vs. Dirge Double Tombstone zombies do not spawn for zombies
    408. Phantom Lancer Illusions that Enchantress takes with Enchant use the wrong colors (not illusion colors) and show an illusion hp-bar for the enemies instead of a hero hp-bar
    409. Boots of Travel cannot be targeted on Tombstone but on Tombstone Zombies
    410. Lone Druid's Spirit Bear controlled units cannot control units themselves (Dark Troll Warlord), they also dont benefit from Battle Cry
    411. Luna's Lucent Beam Targets Ancients
    412. Slark's Pounce Leash can be broken with several enemy movement abilities
    413. Kunkka's X Marks the Spot Dodged by Phase Shift and Banishments (Astral Imprisonment, Disruption)
    414. Shadow Demon's Shadow Poison refreshes the duration to 10 instead of 8 seconds when getting more than one stack on an enemy
    415. Neutrals Should not Spawn with Mana and use their spells according to certain Cast rules
    416. Enchantress' Enchant and Helm of the Dominator's Dominate Don't Restore Mana
    417. Nyx Assassin's Impale's range is only slightly too high now
    418. Doom is not castable on neutrals and doesnt disable summon spells correctly
    419. Rubick stealing Troll Warlord's Berseker's Rage results in projectile issues
    420. Clockwerk's Power Cogs issues:

    421. Disarmed Neutrals should start running away instead of trying to fight
    422. Units that are pushed back by Deafening Blast should not get Unit walk/phase
    423. Juggernaut's Blade Fury dealing damage at 0.2 sec intervals instead of 0.25
    424. Illuminate's separate visual in front of Keeper of the Light should have it's own visibility check on fog
    425. Templar Assassin's Meld isn't disabled after attacking Nightmared units
    426. spirit bear hp/mana issues:

    427. Weaver's swarm does not deal any dmg to towers
    428. Treant Protector's Nature's Guise tree detection range is too large
    429. Elder Titan's Ancestor Spirit has incorrect interactions with several buffs
    430. Elder Titan's Ancestor Spirit is not considered when using unified movement orders (def. ctrl)
    431. Weaver's Time Lapse and Tidehunter's Kraken Shell remove Silencer's Last Word debuff
    432. Push effects (e.g. Power Cogs Zap, Fissure, Ice Shards) are able to push heroes out of impassable spells such as Power Cogs, Fissure or Ice Shards
    433. using Shadow Demon's Disruption on an illusion that is about to expire creates two 1 hp illusions at the end of disruption instead
    434. proximity triggers on death issues:

    435. Rubick's Spell Steal interaction with Subabilities is incorrect (it's neither consistent in wc3 dota nor in dota 2)
    436. Medusa's Mana Shield reduces damage before Magic Immunity is taken into account
    437. Non-lethal self damage should only trigger Treant Protector's Living Armour charges when the damage is greater than 5
    438. Outworld Devourer's Astral Imprisonment debuff persists after respawn
    439. Broodmother's Insatiable Hunger doesn't lifesteal from Lone Druid's Spirit Bear
    440. Losing Helm of Dominator (e.g. upgrading into satanic or droping it) kills all dominated creeps
    441. Jakiro's Dual Breath Geometry and effect succession has Multiple Issues
    442. Wisp's Tether does not transfer mana heal from Outworld Devourer's Essence Aura
    443. Undying's Flesh Golem Plague Amplification Damage isnt dealt as an separate Instance, it is also factored in too early
    444. Razor's Eye of the Storm does not reduce armor of Juggernaut in Omnislash
    445. Skywrath's Mystic Flare does not count invulnerable Heroes
    446. Skywrath's Ancient Seal Amplification should not be purgeable
    447. Orchid's Soul Burn is purgeable
    448. Razor's Eye of the Storm does not strike on base buildings
    449. Razor's Eye of the Storm Does Not Consider Invulnerable Units
    450. Razor's Eye of the Storm Order of Maluses Wrong
    451. Razor's Eye of the Storm Does Not Interrupt Orders
    452. Razor's Level 3 Eye of the Storm Deals 1 Too Much Damage
    453. Razor's Eye of the Storm Deals One Less Lightning Strike
    454. Visage's Soul Assumption charges on Spirit Bear/Familiars/Infernal
    455. Tiny's Toss Deals No aoe Damage if the tossed unit is leashed by slark's pounce
    456. Weaver's The Swarm doesn't cancel consumables
    457. Tiny cannot Toss invulnerable Units
    458. Brewmaster's Primal Split gives no vision on initial cast
    459. Brewmaster's Primal Split Storm's DISPEL MAGIC does not remove Omniknight's Repel
    460. Elder Titan Ancestral Spirit's movespeed bonus is not purgeable
    461. Omninight's Repel doesnt prevent Test of Faith Teleport/Shallow Grave
    462. Omniknight's Repel doesnt prevent several Spells
    463. Lone Druid's melee Attack Range is wrong (should be 150)
    464. Juggernaut's Omnislash kills Haunt illusions in 1 hit
    465. Dota 2 Uses Factors Vertical Axis Into Projectile Speed
    466. Furion's Sprout issues:

    467. Razor's Unstable Current damages non hero units
    468. Roshan is uneffected by Cyclone/Eul's
    469. Roshan has to regenerate the bonus Health
    470. Weaver's Swarm giving too less vision at arrival (and while flying)
    471. Roshan should not get stunned by Shackleshot and Tether
    472. Necrolyte's Heart Stopper Aura should not effect Lone Druid's Spirit Bear
    473. Necrolyte's Reaper's Scythe shouldnt work on Golem/Spirit Bear/Primal Split/Familiars
    474. Morphling's Replicate should create a hexed replicate when hero is hexed
    475. Lion's Finger of Death level 3 Aghanim's Upgrade has incorrect mana cost
    476. Neutrals do not sleep at night time
    477. Witch Doctor's aralyzing Cask Has Multiple Wrong Properties
    478. Witch Doctor's Maledict shouldnt effect Spirit Bear/Primal Split/Golem
    479. Enigma's Midnight Pulse should not effect Spirit Bear
    480. Satanic's Unholy Rage/Mjollnir's Static Charge/Mask of Madness' Berserk are purgeable
    481. Witch Doctor's Death Ward has incorrect Aghanim Upgrades
    482. Windrunner's Shackleshot should bound on invulnerable units
    483. Rubick Telekinesis; Cycloning a lifted unit results into a instant stun
    484. Various Visage Familiar spell interaction issues:

    485. Spirit Breaker's Nether Strike shouldnt work on Ancients
    486. Magnataur's Reverse Polarity pulls units to a defined position infront of him
    487. Lich's Ice Armor and Ogre Frostmage's Ice Armor stack
    488. Visage's familiars cannot be attacked while casting Stoneform
    489. Bloodseeker's Rupture charges Visage's Soul Assumption
    490. Rupture damage is incorrectly blocked/reduced by many abilities
    491. Rubick's Fade Bolt Damage Reduction on resistant skin is wrong
    492. ursa fury swipes last only 6 secounds on roshan
    493. Flying Couriers should not have basic HP Regeneration
    494. Filler Buildings still have Backdoor Protection
    495. Gyrocopter's Homing Missile deals too less damage
    496. Medusa's Stone Gaze only amplifying Phys damage, it increases everything in DotA1
    497. AA's Ice Blast's Frostbite debuff (no agha) doesn't get removed by Manta/BKB
    498. Repicked (not randomed) hero ends up being in the hero pool again
    499. Familiars' Stone Form Goes Into Cooldown Too Early
    500. Test of Faith Teleport Has No Timing Indicator
    501. doom does not disable mana break (necronomicron melee)
    502. Unstable Concoction deals damage twice if Alchemist is killed by selfdamage
    503. Undying's Soul Rip uses wrong unit count and should ignore dirge & target
    504. Disruptor's Thunder Strike's damage grows if you level it up mid-use
    505. Lich cannot Sacrifice allied Summons
    506. Mekansm Triggers Outworld Destroyer's Essence Aura
    507. Attacking Gyrocopter's Homing Missile triggers Kunkka's Tidebringer
    508. Sand King's Sand Storm misses high-terrain vision
    509. Ursa's Fury Swipes and Sprint Are Checked In The Wrong Order
    510. Templar Assassin's Refraction blocks more than one damage Instance when being under the effect of Shadow Demon's Soul Catcher
    511. Illusions take bonus damage from HP removal
    512. Charges from Treant Protector's Living Armor and Templar Assassin's Refraction can be removed by the same damage instance
    513. Darkseer's Ion Shell not dealing more damage if upgraded
    514. Courier Does Not Gain Bonuses From Carried Items (Especially Boots)
    515. Ursa Fury swipes should be removed by manta
    516. Ghost's Frost Attack should have mana cost Dust of Appearance Should Always Slow Permanent Invisibility Units
    517. Corrosive Skin Does Not Affect Owner Of Wards
    518. Bloodseeker Bloodrage's Purge Has A Few Incorrect Qualities
    519. Eidolons From Demonic Conversion Should Pause Momentarily While Splitting
    520. Bloodstone's Suicide Has No Mana Cost
    521. Quelling Blade being able to cut trees in fog
    522. Bashes Should Deal Damage In A Separate Instance
    523. Viper's Corrosive Skin Debuff Works On Viper's Illusions
    524. Omniknight's Scepter-Upgraded Guardian Angel Does Not Affect Undying's Tombstone
    525. Alchemist's Acid Spray does not apply negative armor for couriers
    526. Alchemist's Acid Spray misses one tick
    527. Alchemist's Acid Spray has no 4 seconds negative armor debuff
    528. Weaver's latched Swarm has wrong vision type
    529. Weaver's latched Swarm should not apply negative armor on Ghost Form Units
    530. Nevermore's Requiem of Souls debuff lasts .5 sec too long
    531. Nevermore's Requiem of Souls AoEs are slightly bigger
    532. Necrolyte's Sadist not procing when killing illusions
    533. Batrider's Firefly should have 36 ticks not 37
    534. HP Removal damage is reduced by Kunkka's Ghost Ship and dealt as (lethal?) damage when the buff expires
    535. Wildwing's Tornado has wrong damage intervals
    536. Small delay before units appear after Tuskar's Snowball
    537. Heroes being able to Upgrade Skills or Primary Attributes while doomed
    538. Naix Open Wounds interaction with Manta
    539. Shadowblade bonus damage should override autocast orbs
    540. Leshrac's Diabolic Edict has 1 Explosion more
    541. Weaver's bugs can latch onto Elder Titan Ancestral Spirit
    542. Gyrocopter's Flak Cannon misses 24 AoE
    543. Luna's Moon Glaive AoE is slightly to big
    544. Sand King's Sand Storm misses one tick
    545. Black Dragon's Splash Attack should affect Clockwerk's Power Cogs
    546. Shadow Shaman's Mass Serpent Ward's Splash Damage should affect Clockwerk's Power Cogs
    547. Units cant attack for a long time after Enchantress' Untouchable debuff
    548. Units owned by Lone Druid's Spirit Bear do not benefit from battle cry
    549. Lanaya's Psy Blades Spill Range is slighty lower
    550. Pugna's Nether Ward Degeneration Debuff wears off too early
    551. Earthshaker's Echo Slam travels instantly rather than relatively really slowly
    552. Juggernaut can be stunned by Nyx' Spiked Carapace while perfoming Omnislash
    553. Illusions of Necrolyte Get Fake Nonfunctional Sadist Buff
    554. Multiple empty bottles slow couriers too much
    555. Knock-back effects are redeemable by Slark's Dark Pact
    556. Treant Protector's Living armor is purgable
    557. Bottle has wrong interactions with illusion runes
    558. Lifestealer's Infest's AoE damage is instant
    559. Slark's Shadow Dance Passive doesn't linger
    560. Heart regen doesn't linger for 2-4 seconds
    561. Slark's Dark Pact pulses continue after death
    562. After disconnecting 5 upper left hero icons represent only the main meepo
    563. Batrider's Sticky Napalm should work on invulnerable Units
    564. Melee heroes can attack far targets that get slowed
    565. Illusions gain stats from items not owned by the player
    566. Dark Pact Removes Buffs Before Damaging Slark
    567. Chen's Test of Faith Not Castable On Mechanical Units
    568. Omniknight's Repel does not remove Bane's Nightmare
    569. Viper's Corrosive Skin And HP Removal
    570. Pugna Netherward misses function to deactivate netherflare
    571. True Strike causes you to be unable to miss against barracks/buildings
    572. Jakiro's Ice Path's Range is wrong
    573. Jakiro's Macropyre affects enemies behind Jakiro too far
    574. Omniknight's Repel purging Courier immunity/magic immunity
    575. Several Spells can push heroes out of Disruptor's Kinetict Field
    576. Keeper of the Light's Blinding Light has no cast delay
    577. Alchemist's Goblin's/Greevil's Greed does not apply for some illusions
    578. Necrolyte Reaper's Scythe stun cannot be removed by specific purges
    579. Roshan being pushed by ice shards/sprout+ power cogs
    580. Roof Treant is unable to use Living Armor on catapults
    581. Reaper's Scythe kill credit & culling blade
    582. Dragon Knight's Corrosive Breath should not be purgeable
    583. Magnus skewer + Slark pounce interaction
    584. Morphling's Adaptive Strike Knock-back should be instant
    585. Lina's Dragon Slave AoE Range is slightly bigger
    586. Rubick can't poof to his own illusions
    587. Dragon Knight's Breathe Fire Range is slightly bigger
    588. Shadow Blade invis (and other Windwalk abilities) should be lost on skill/item usage during fade
    589. Spirit Breaker's Nether Strike Aghanim Upgrade impact AoE center is different
    590. Spirit Breaker's Charge of Darkness AoE on impact is lower
    591. Lone Druid's Spirit Bear has no casting time
    592. Regeneration from STR/INT are not disabled during Naix's Infest
    593. Beastmaster's Wild Axes have a minimun range
    594. Doom's LVL? Death Normal Damage & Stun Has No Travel Time
    595. Clockwerk's Hookshot does not destroy trees on impact
    596. omnislash flying vision issues:

    597. Physical spells such as Death Prophet's Exorsim Spirits or Dazzle's Shadow Wave disable blink dagger when affecting ethereal units
    598. Undying's Flesh Golem's heal for undying is instant
    599. Doom should receive an improved Frost Attack when Devouring Ghost
    600. Roshan does not flee from Death Prophet's Exorcism
    601. Earthshaker [Aftershock] damage order is reversed
    602. Clockwerk's Hookshot has bigger latching AoEs
    603. Epicenter does not continue after death when sand king gets shattered
    604. TP cooldown does not apply to pooled tp scrolls
    605. Abaddon's hitbox too large
    606. Clockwerk has different Position and Damage AoE on Hookshot Impact
    607. Brewmaster's Fire & Storm Panda can be stunned by Impale-based spells
    608. AOE stuns do NOT cancel channeling when triggering Abaddon's borrowed time
    609. Damaging Abaddon in Borrowed Time does not trigger several damage effects (Heart, tranquils, orchid, soul catcher, etc.)
    610. Multiple Slark Dark Pacts do not stack
    611. Huskar Ulti Slow persists after buyback and reincarnation
    612. Ground targeted spells & wards are missing 24 Cast Range
    613. Tinker's Rearm bypassing Disabled Dagger
    614. Elder Titan's Echo Stomp does not affect Roshan
    615. Disruptor's Kinetic Field is visible to enemies before activating
    616. Rubick uses incorrect (longer) casting time for Requiem, Poof and Assassination
    617. Rubick uses incorrent (shorter) casting time for Anchor Smash, QoP Blink and AM Blink
    618. Templar Assassin's Psi Blades' spill width is too wide
    619. Teleportation has incorrect (shorter) casting time
    620. Disablehelp should prevent Relocate from teleporting you, instead of making Tether not castable on you
    621. Mekansm and Arcane Boots 'Alert Allies' isn't showing in the allied chat for allies
    622. Silencer receives the stolen int instantly rather than being through a projectile
    623. Nevermore receives the souls from kills instantly instead of using projectiles
    624. Axe's Counter Helix procs on ally's attack
    625. Razor's Unstable Current damage/purge order is wrong (should damage first, then purge)
    626. Crystal Maiden's Crystal Nova's Vision Duration is 1 second too long
    627. Crystal Maiden's Freezing Field is missing one Explosion
    628. Weaver's Geminate Attack triggering on wards
    629. Impetus is castable on wards(observer, plague, etc)
    630. Boots of Travel do not destroy trees around the hero
    631. Radiance doesn't have a 3 second cooldown and does not interrupt channeling when toggling
    632. Invulnerability vs Global Silence || Global Silence doesn't silence infested Lifestealer
    633. Geminate Attack, Maelstrom & Mjollnir - trigger ranges & fog should be checked
    634. Static Charge (Mjollnir) has incorrect targetting conditions
    635. Broodmother's Spiderlings & Spiderites have 8 collision, should have 12
    636. Storm Spirit's Overcharge can be purged
    637. Delivering one part of an item to Lifestealer while infested will combine the other parts in the stash with the part in the courier
    638. Epicenter doesn't slow attackspeed and lasts too short on creeps
    639. Casting Enfeeble, and then level it up and cast again on the same target doesn't apply the new level of Enfeeble
    640. Pugna's nether ward does not prevent neutrals from spawning
    641. Necromastery doesn't gain souls from destroying Power Cogs
    642. Meepo loses his killing streak when dying and aegis gets used
    643. Tether and a latched Shackle Shot aren't drawn probably if the target is invisible.
    644. Multiple Chaos Meteors don't stack
    645. Elder Titan illusions apply Natural Order aura
    646. Jinada can be dispelled by Dark Pact and Magic Immunity
    647. Spawn Spiderlings debuff can be dispelled by magic immunity
    648. Viscous Nasal Goo debuff can be dispelled by magic immuinty
    649. Jakiro's Liquid Fire does not apply on already magic immune units and can be dispeled by some spells.
    650. Treant's Leech Seed debuff can be dispelled by magic immunity
    651. Jakiro's Dual Breath can be removed by magic immunity
    652. Crystal Maiden's Crystal Nova can be removed by magic immunity
    653. Storm Spirit's Overload visual attachment on Storm should not be visible to enemies
    654. Rarely spells cannot be cast when they have adequate mana
    655. Windrun debuff is not applied on magic immune units
    656. Dark Seer's Surge buff is not dispelled by magic immunity
    657. Ancient Apparition's Ice Vortex debuff should not be dispelled by magic immunity
    658. Faceless Void's Timewalk debuff should not be dispelled by magic immunity
    659. Templar Assassin's Meld debuff should not be dispelled by magic immunity
    660. Drow Ranger's Frost Arrows debuff should not be dispelled by magic immunity
    661. Naga Siren's Rip Tide debuff should not be dispelled by magic immunity
    662. Slardar's Slithereen Crush slow debuff should not be dispelled by magic immunity
    663. Tidehunter's Gush debuff should not be dispelled by magic immunity
    664. Pudge's Rot slow debuff is not applied on magic immune units and does not linger for 2-4 seconds after being out of Rot's range
    665. Magnataur's Skewer slow debuff should not be dispelled by magic immunity
    666. Gyrocopter's Call Down debuff should not be dispelled by magic immunity
    667. Medusa's Split Shot and Sven's God Strength are missing transformation time and thus can't disjoint disables
    668. Ogre Magi's Ignite should not be dispelled by magic immunity
    669. Frozen Sigil debuff does not linger for 2-4 seconds
    670. Sange & Yasha debuff should not be dispelled by magic immunity
    671. Black Hole doesn't make affected units face away from the hole's center
    672. Black Hole pulls enemies over impassable terrain and through Power Cogs
    673. Brewmaster Primal Split's Storm's Dispel doesn't dispel Eul's and Invoker's Cylcone
    674. Shiva's Guard's aura debuff doesn't linger for 2-4 seconds
    675. Tinker's Heat Seeking Missiles are too slow
    676. Mekansm and Buckler armor buff aren't dispelled by magic immunity
    677. Enchant Totem buff isn't dispelled by magic immunity
    678. Picking up an activated Armlet should not give the hp from the bonus str
    679. Grave Chill buff and debuff aren't dispelled by magic immunity
    680. Units banished by Astral Imprisonment or Disruption block neutral creep camps
    681. Lifestealer's Infest dispels Shadow Demon's Shadow Poison, resulting in strange bugs
    682. Tidehunter's Gush has several wrong projectile speeds
    683. Brewmaster's Drunken Haze is instant instead of using a projectile
    684. Tinker's Laser has wrong projectile
    685. Visage's Familliars don't have reduced vision range while in Stone Form
    686. Freezing Field damages ancient units
    687. Undying's Soul Rip doesn't count invulnerable units as sources
    688. Psionic Trap slows ancient units
    689. Fury Swipes fully stacks with Maelstrom/Mjollnir
    690. Penitence's slow is instant, instead of using a projectile
    691. Items in stash can't be sold when the main hero isn't selected
    692. Flying units can miss with their attacks when attacking uphill
    693. Dire's top left big creep camp sometimes spawns outside of the camp
    694. Items are unmuted and provide all effects on couriers when the courier was created by Lone Druid's Spirit Bear
    695. Units in Astral Imprisonment or Disruption gain exp from denied units
    696. Multiple Maelstrom/Mjollnir proc chance stacks
    697. Lane creeps regenerate their hp in wrong intervals
    698. All broodmother-owned units should get the MS and HP regen from the webs
    699. Meepo illusions apply Geostrike debuff on attack
    700. Skywrath's Arcane Bolt triggers Linken's upon projectile hit, instead of upon cast so that no projectile is created
    701. Timbersaw's Chakram's starts slowing units too late and too little
    702. Borrowed Time fails to save and heal the caster in some situations
    703. Yasha, SnY and Manta Style's attackspeed bonus stack with themselves and eachother
    704. Primal Roar doesn't slow the main target
    705. Motion buffer range is too big
    706. Thunder Strike doesn't provide vision when the target goes invisible
    707. Echo Stomp takes too long to cast when used from the Astral Spirit
    708. Whirling Death cast doesn't interrupt Timbersaw
    709. Return Chakram interrupts Timbersaw
    710. Enrage cast interrupts Ursa
    711. Town Portal Scroll is ground and unit target, instead of just ground, so it procs things like Unstable Current
    712. Flesh Heap str is added to bonus str instead of base str
    713. Quas, Wex and Exort stats are added to bonus stats instead of base stats
    714. Nether Strike doesn't cancel Bara's current attack on the target
    715. Razor's Unstable Current affects units not visible to Razor and it has wrong range
    716. Dragon Knight's Dragon Blood is added to his bonus armor instead of his base armor
    717. Greater Bash push back isn't decelerating and smooth
    718. Shadow Walk doesn't break when the attack misses
    719. Neutrals attempt to cast their spells while silenced, resulting in them standing around doing nothing
    720. Pounce expiring makes Telekinesis end prematurely
    721. Neutral creeps randomly stop attacking
    722. Stone Gaze fully ignores invulnerable unit, so they don't get petrified at the right time when they lose invulnerability before
    723. Warlock Golem's Flaming Fist damages couriers in fountain area
    724. When Rubick uses Vendetta or Shadow Walk, the invisibilty gets canceled on projectile hit, instead of launch
    725. Wards can be placed on the hills outside of the map
    726. Satry Tormenter uses Shockwave only when 3 heroes are nearby, ignoring non-hero units
    727. Vhoul Assassins don't attack multiple targets to spread Envenomed Weapons
    728. Io looks visually unaffected by Ghost Scepter in some areas of the, while fully appearing invisible in other areas of the map
    729. Exorcism ghosts don't attack The Swarm beetles
    730. Exorcism ghosts don't attack Power Cogs
    731. Exorcism ghosts don't attack Wards and Tombstone, until you order an attack
    732. Exorcism doesn't trigger Reactive Armor
    733. Charge of Darkness doesn't get canceled on item usage
    734. Plasma Field vision lasts too short
    735. The Swarm doesn't trigger Reactive Armor
    736. Primal Split Storm element Wind Walk is purgable
    737. Double Edge leaves Centaur with 1 hp instead of 7.5 hp
    738. Demonic Purge can't be cast on invulnerable units
    739. Swapping heroes disables your items which you bought before the swap
    740. Torrent doesn't provide flying vision
    741. Bloodseeker illusions cause the vision granted from Thirst to flicker
    742. Hookshot can latch on Astral Spirit
    743. Spells which don't interrupt channeling spells are shift-queuable and mess with the queue
    744. Spells which don't interrupt channeling spells can't be casted during the casting time of other spells
    745. Untouchable debuff is dispelled by magic immunity
    746. Untouchable triggers on begin of spell casts targeted on Enchantress, instead of at the cast point of the spells
    747. Shiva's Guard Arctic Blast hits invisible units
    748. Hex disables Bristleback skill
    749. Electric Vortex slows Storm Spirit while he is magic immune or invulnerable
    750. When Elder Titan dies while Astral Spirit is still up, the spirit doesn't instantly return to ET, causing it to bug on the next quick cast after a fast respawn
    751. Neutrals sometimes fail to get back to their position after a pull and try untill they succeed, they also don't get aggro'd properly when not reaching their seeked position
    752. Astral Spirit starts casting Echo Stomp when Elder Titan reaches his cast point, instead of when he begins casting the spell, same goes for Elder Titan when the order comes from the spirit
    753. Phase Shift channeling gets canceled by using items which don't cancel channeling spells
    754. Lane Creeps who got dominated with Helm of the Dominator disable backdoor protection
    755. Giving a Meepo clone a Tango charge will make them have no boots
    756. Bloodseeker can escape Kinetic Field and Pounce when he has more than 522 movement speed
    757. When stealing Primal Split, Rubick passively gains Drunken Brawler without having to use Primal Split
    758. Death Wards projectiles don't bounce back to units it already hit
    759. Repicking in all random can give you the same hero again
    760. Arcane Aura inexplicably stopped working
    761. Meepo clones which got created after a buyback don't get their respawn time increased and spawn seperately from Meepo prime
    762. Spectators who are not Broadcasters can pause a lobby game
    763. Spiderling's Poison Sting damage doesn't stack with Poison Sting from other Spiderlings
    764. Cretain DoT-on-attack abilities don't apply their first tick immediatly on hit
    765. Slark is revealed during Shadow Dance when inside a Chronosphere
    766. Venomancer's Poison Sting doesn't trigger Viper's Corrosive Skin
    767. Fissure's range is still 1300
    768. Repicking after random still distracts 250 gold instead of 200
    769. Toss deals damage to the main target in one isntance instead of two
    770. Rot disables Pudge's Blink Dagger while he is magic immune
    771. Exorcism spirits don't attack Tombstone zombies
    772. Rubick can't steal Midnight Pulse when he has Black Hole
    773. Units with small collision size can walk through Ice Shards
    774. Leveling up Spin Web while standing invisible in a web reveals Broodmother
    775. Disassambling Power Treads always gives a Belt of Giant Strength, even when the treads were made with Band of Elvenskin or Robe of the Magi
    776. Units who move out of the map boundaries have unobstructed vision
    777. Stone Gaze doesn't increase damage from physical spells and skills
    778. Rubick's Aghanim's version of Global Silence doesn't apply Curse of the Silent
    779. Multicast Ignite targets units in fog of war
    780. Venemouse Gale on level 1 triggers Viper's Corrosive Skin on every tick despite dealing no damage on level 1
    781. Tangoes can target illusions, wasting one charge
    782. When stealing Plague Wards, Rubick passively gains Poison Sting on his own attacks
    783. Maelstrom/Mjollnir don't proc chain lightnings, when one chainlightning is still travelling
    784. Roshan's respawn visual effect is visible to the players
    785. Flying Courier has always 4:30 minutes cooldown, instead of 8
    786. Chronosphere instantly pauses at cast point, instead of after a short delay
    787. Boulder Smash is castable on and fully affects magic immune units
    788. Kaolin can have 10 Stone Remnants up at a time
    789. Boulder Smash is not canceled by death
    790. Rubick can have more than 3 Fire Remnants up at a time when he re-steals Fire Remnants
    791. Fire Remnants movespeed is determined upon casting them, instead of periodically adapted to Xin's movespeed
    792. Casting Boulder Smash before the previous cast fully finishes interacts with the previous cast, instead of working independently
    793. Stone Remnants can't be selected
    794. Sleight of Fist doesn't target invulnerable units
    795. Resurrecting during Boulder Smash makes you respawn at the position you died, instead of at the end of the smash
    796. Magnetize doesn't slow magic immune units when other magnetized units are affected by Rolling Bolder
    797. Rolling Boulder doesn't slow magic immune units
    798. Boulder Smash damages the target at the start of the push, instead of at the end
    799. Boulder Smash doesn't push invulnerable units
    800. Rolling Bolder is not stopped by invulnerable units
    801. Geomagnetic Grip doesn't pull invulnerable units
    802. Magnetize doesn't affect invulnerable units
    803. Searing Chains target Visage's Familliars
    804. Placing Fire or Earth Remnants gives charges for Magic Wand/Magic Stick
    805. Stone Remnant doesn't has casting time
    806. Ember Spirit has wrong turning speed
    807. Earth Spirit get stuck in Rolling Boulder when Flaming Lasso is casted on him at the right time
    808. Astral Spirit should stop moving as soon as Elder Titan starts with the cast animation, instead of when the channeling starts
    809. Rolling Boulder Stone Remnant detection range at the start of the roll is off
    810. When Rubick's Fire Remnants expire after he lost the spell, the area they were is revealed permanentally
    811. Stone Remnant dispels Curse of the Silent
    812. Coaches can see enemy team's Ice Blast indicator
    813. Sleight of Fist bugs Ember Spirit's model when it's casted at the right moment on an enemy which just becomes invisible
    814. Clicking the same key twice in a short time window always registers it as a double click, even when another key was clicked inbetween
    815. Rolling Boulder doesn't give flying vision
    816. Rolling Boulder distance with a Stone Remnant is calculated wrong
    817. Silence doesn't reveal units under Moonlight Shadow
    818. Ember Spirit doesn't benifit from auras during Sleight of Fist
    819. Sleight of Fist deals damage too early
    820. Attacking out of invisibility applies the backstab damage on every attack during the fade time, without breaking the invisibility
    821. Activate Fire Remnants doesn't cancel Sleight of Fist
    822. Boulder Smash is castable on siege units
    823. Searing Chains is dispelled by magic immunity and not dispelled by ethereal state
    824. Fire Remnants can cause Ember Spirit to get stuck and render him unable to act
    825. Sleight of Fist triggers Corrosive Skin
    826. Multiple instances of Linken's Sphere on one unit acts inconsistant
    827. Geomagnetic Grip pulls remnants too close to Kaolin
    828. Infest can be used on the Spirit Bear
    829. Sleight of Fist doesn't trigger Reactive Armor
    830. Omnislash interrupts Jugger's teleport which he started during Omnislash
    831. Life Drain and Mana Drain don't get canceled when their target becomes invisible, but their location revealed
    832. Sleight of Fist doesn't prioritize heroes
    833. Magnetize doesn't get applied on invisible units, neither the cast, nor the re-applying via Stone Remnants
    834. Rolling Boulder doesn't get interrupted properly when it's positioned so that it would have hit an enemy hero
    835. Trueshot Aura isn't applied on units which got created after the global aura has been activated
    836. Witch Doctor's Death Ward control group key isn't saved on the steam cloud
    837. Aghanim's Static Storm deals too much damage
    838. Darkness doesn't reduce vision for Towers
    839. Observer Wards sometimes don't remove fog of war within their vision range
    840. Hero names don't disappear at all from the minimap when it's set to always show hero names
    841. Rubick has no cast time for Nether Strike
    842. Wild Axes stop when Beastmaster dies
    843. Dark Troll Summoners can cast Raise Dead without any corpse being nearby, when they casted it once in the right condition before
    844. Geomagnetic Grip is castable and gets wasted on magic immune allies
    845. Geomagnetic Grip can be casted on vulnerable buildings and wards
    846. Boulder Smash is able to free units out of Black Hole and Chronosphere
    847. Overwhelming Odds doesn't count invulnerable units
    848. Overwhelming Odds applies the movement speed buff while being magic immune
    849. Overwhelming Odds doesn't deal bonus damage to Enchantress' enchanted units
    850. Legion Commander's illusions have Moment of Courage
    851. When Rubick casts Duel and his target wins, his target doesn't get the permanent damage bonus
    852. Duel doesn't disable Broodmother's Incapacitating Bite
    853. Tombstone has wrong armor type
    854. Several spells allow their caster to not attack Legion Commander duing her Duel
    855. Aghanim's upgraded Static Storm doesn't silence items from invulnerable units
    856. Berserker's Call and Duel are fully overriding each other
    857. Wraith King uses his ultimate and Aegis on the same death, when he dies while a Duel is going on
    858. Moment of Courage's legacy hotkey doesn't work
    859. Fire Remnants visually appear at wrong locations when they are casted in fog of war by a not visible enemy
    860. Moment of Courage doesn't trigger Reactive Armor
    861. Sleight of Fist doesn't provide invulnerability properly
    862. Armlet of Mordiggian gives strength in too big and slow intervals
    863. When the Duel target dies instantly after the cast of Duel, Duel doesn't end with the target's death and doesn't give Legion Commander a victory
    864. Stealing Chakram as Rubick sometimes messes up his skill orders
    865. Duel doesn't disable passives it should disable and disables passives it shouldn't disable
    866. Press the Attack heals in too small and fast intervals
    867. Death Ward doesn't target magic immune units
    868. Drum of Endurance goes into cooldown when trying to use with 0 charges left
    869. Lifesteal damages when the attack damage value is negative
    870. Dueling units can attack while being hexed
    871. Essence Shift steals stats before the attack damage is applied instead of after
    872. Losing or gaining stats from Essence Shift doesn't reduce/increase hp/int properly
    873. True Form adds bonus armor instead of increasing base armor
    874. Thirst doesn't give Bloodseeker a stack for Slark when he activates ulti and is below 25% hp.
    875. March of the Machine is centered around the cast point instead of around the caster
    876. Death Ward's primary attack can target ancient units
    877. Charge of Darkness gives no vision when targeting neutral creeps
    878. Nether Ward doesn't deal x3 times the mana used as damage against non-hero units
    879. Liquid Fire has too high cast range
    880. Illusions don't benifit from Chemical Rage hp regeneration
    881. Various spells provide their vision wrong or don't provide it at all
    882. Spells with projectiles aggro neutrals creeps inconsistently
    883. Casting Shadow Dance makes Slark lose his current attack target
    884. Casting Battery Assault while the previous cast is still active, refreshes the duration instead of starting a new, undependant instance
    885. Fire Spirits have no vision and Supernova uses wrong vision
    886. Bloodlust can't be purged
    887. Icarus Dive allows to leave the map boundaries
    888. Icarus Dive breaks Slark's Pounce
    889. Reflection isn't castable on non-hero units
    890. Observer Wards and Sentry Wards can be given to illusions
    891. Moment of Courage attack doesn't trigger any attack modifier like crits or cleave
    892. Inner Vitality doesn't stack up with itself when casted twice on the same unit
    893. Press the Attack doesn't stack up with itself when casted on twice on the same unit
    894. Overwhelming Odds movement speed buff doesn't update when hitting a different amount of units while having the buff from a previous cast
    895. Reflection illusions of Phantom Lancer have Juxtapose and create illusions
    896. A hero affected by two Duels attacks the enemy of the 1st Duel instead of not attacking at all
    897. When a hero affected by 2 Duels dies, only the duelist who got into Duel first gets the damage instead of both
    898. Sunder heal is not blocked by Ice Blast
    899. Sunder heal is not transfered with Wisp's Tether, when the heal is below the threshold
    900. Casting Focus Fire while a previous cast on a different unit is still active, the new cast refreshes the buff of the old cast, so you only have full attackspeed against your previous target, instead of the new target
    901. Battle Hunger is dispelled by magic immunity
    902. Culling Blade's non-lethal cast isn't blocked by Linken's Sphere
    903. Hex doesn't cancel the affected unit's order, so it will execute it after the hex
    904. Hex is castable on summoned units
    905. Linken's Sphere is castable on self
    906. Conjure Image doesn't always create the illusion infront of Terrorblade (1 out of 4 times)
    907. Timber Chain pulls Timbersaw for a short distane, when the hook latches on a tree while he's stun, damaging nearby enemies
    908. Sun Ray movement is not disabled by Entangles and Ensnares
    909. Observer Wards and Sentry Wards can be targeted on self, making it difficult to place them close to oneself
    910. Rubick in Flesh Golem form doesn't transform back upon dying
    911. Tranquil Boots gets disabled when an attack lands, instead of when an attack starts
    912. Casting Maledict on a hero who is already affected by Maledict from a previous cast, refreshes the duration instead of working independantly
    913. Conjure Image illusions take too much damage
    914. Heart of Tarrasque regeneration doesn't get paused during Primal Split
    915. Moment of Courage doesn't trigger on attacks from Exorcism ghosts and The Swarm beetles
    916. Song of the Siren doesn't sleep invulnerable units
    917. Forged Spirits' Melting Strike consumes mana only when the projectile hits without missing, instead of always at projectile launch
    918. Casting Demonic Purge on a unit who is already affected by Demonic Purge, makes the previous cast of Demonic Purge deal no damage
    919. Sun Ray heals for too little
    920. Linking spells don't update the link position when the linked target isn't visible
    921. Rabid doesn't increase the caster's and the Sprit Bear's model size
    922. Spectre with Spectral Dagger, Bat Rider with Firefly and Astral Spirit aren't able to move through Clockwerk's Power Cogs and Earth Shaker's Fissure
    923. Recasting Venemouse Gale refreshes the duration, instead of applying a 2nd, independant debuff
    924. Bottle exploit
    925. Geminate Attack affects Supernova egg
    926. Focus Fire deals lowered damage for one attack when switching to another target, and deals full damage for one attack when switching back to Focus Fire target
    927. Moment of Courage allows multiple strikes when the attack doesn't proc the lifesteal
    928. Reflection isn't castable on non-hero units
    929. When Phoenix dies during Supernova while having Blademail activated, he deals his hp as damage to the unit who destroyed the egg
    930. Metamorphosis has transformation time
    931. Spiked Carapace reflects and stuns for damage instances which got fully blocked by magic immunity
    932. Null Field affects creep-heroes and illusions
    933. Nature's Call can be casted on tree-less areas, so that the spell gets wasted, instead of giving an error message and getting canceled
    934. Casting Tunder Strike on a unit who is already affected by Thunder Strike refreshes the duration instead of applying a new, independant debuff
    935. Casting Malefics on a unit who is already affected by Malefice refreshes the duration instead of applying a new, independant debuff
    936. Multiple Midnight Pulses stack with themselves, instead of only stacking with Aghanim's Black Hole's Midnight Pulse
    937. Casting Nature's Attendants while a previous cast is still active, refreshes the duration instead of starting a new, independant isntance
    938. Casting Last Word on a unit who already is affected by Last Word has no effect, instead of working fully independant (every instance should trigger exaclty 5 seconds after cast, casting a spell while affected by multiple debuffs should make them all trigger at once, and damage for each debuff)
    939. Leveling Moment of Courage during Duel causes Duel to get canceled
    940. Moment of Courage works differently when it triggers while an attack is already ongoing, or when starting to attack while having Moment of Courage buff on
    941. Brewmaster can't access to his stash while Primal Split is active
    942. Primal Split doesn't dispel magical debuffs
    943. Items bought appear after a short delay in the stash, instead of instantly in your inventory
    944. Mass Serpent Ward splash damage is magical damage, instead of physical, is blocked by magic immunity and fully ignores armor type and value

    1. Dragging the mouse after using a spell on the minimap acts like directly clicking and dragging on minimap. Dragging the mouse towards the minimap from the hero portrait makes the minimap cam stuck on the mouse until the mouse leaves the minimap
    2. ['11.12.17] You are able to zoom out the screen using courier.
    3. ['12.07.13] Issues with the counter for items (only visual)
    4. ['12.06.05] Manually casting Orb spells will dispel smoke of deceit
    5. ['12.06.10] If tracked or amplified damage'd, and has Scepter upgrade, Nightstalker will give enemies unobstructed vision
    6. ['12.07.28] Hero Attribute Panel is not visible (obstructed by the multi-unit control panel) when selecting the hero after having more than one units selected already
    7. ['12.07.06] Cant grab items from stash with spirit bear
    8. ['12.08.12] sychronisation issue between picking aegis up and destroying it at the same time
    9. ['12.07.08] Ultimate Indicator of AA is bugged
    10. ['12.07.08] Control Groups get messed up, when illusions die
    11. ['12.07.09] Hotkeys stop working, when spamming invoker spells in -wtf mode
    12. ['12.07.09] Shiva can crash the server in -wtf mode
    13. ['12.07.10] Boosters and other +hp/+mana items dont work on courier
    14. ['12.07.12] Dazzles Weave doesnt give proper flying vision
    15. ['12.07.13] Some Kills don't get announced
    16. leveling togglable spells:

    17. ['12.07.16] Spell Steal notification which Spell was stolen
    18. ['12.07.19] Relocate Camera Focus is not working reliable
    19. ['12.07.20] Song of the Siren affecting Aegis of the Champions
    20. ['12.07.20] Stacking tp scrolls while using them cancels tp
    21. ['12.07.21] Brewmaster performs his last order prior to Primal Split after the Primal Split duration ends
    22. ['12.07.23] Pugna's Nether Ward Netherflare does not flare heroes when spellcasting in -wtf mode
    23. ['12.08.13] Attribute Boni arent displayed correctly, when a hero is dead
    24. ['12.07.27] Follow unit logic is flawed
    25. ['12.07.27] Items (sometimes) are not combining
    26. ['12.07.28] -refresh dont work for familars
    27. ['12.07.28] Darkseer illusion damage is not credited correctly in the combatlog/killcard
    28. ['12.07.29] Match Overview doesnt show item levels
    29. ['12.07.30] Furion able to teleport out of map bounds
    30. ['12.07.30] Spirit Bear items rearrange themselves when the Bear gets resummoned
    31. ['12.08.01] Cant buy items after dying near a side- or secretshop
    32. ['12.08.04] Incorrect hero portraits in the chat
    33. ['12.08.06] Cant drop items at certain locations (rosh pit)
    34. ['12.08.06] Courier item handing range inconsistent
    35. ['12.08.09] Illuminate animation is sometimes bugged (visual)
    36. ['12.08.14] Double-tabbing Dagger is restricted near the fountain area
    37. ['12.08.15] Dagger has no minimal blink range
    38. ['12.08.22] Assist stats use a too long timewindow
    39. ['12.08.23] Silhouette of invisible heroes are visible when they are targeted by Charge of Darkness
    40. ['12.08.23] Corpses of Units that are killed by Meathook arent hooked
    41. Death "Frame Effect" is not removed from UI on respawn
    42. Aoe target indicator is off if the view changes
    43. Quillbeast Poison affects buildings
    44. HP-loss due to item usage (e.g. Power Treads) shows a damage indication when the hero is off-screen
    45. Occasionally Courier doesnt pick up all items from stash
    46. Targeting a unit followed by selecting it counts as a doubleclick
    47. creeps have no visual feedback for missing attacks out of smoke screen
    48. Summons such as Lycan's Wolves can spawn in inaccessible areas (e.g. in between trees)
    49. Differences of hero portrait/model animation while game is paused
    50. Can't sell items from stash when meepo clones are selected
    51. Permanent Earthbind visuals in -wtf mode
    52. Poof interaction with an already casted Teleportation spell on the target is off
    53. Cant buy items when having player controlled units selected
    54. Forcestaff on hooked target interaction
    55. Casting multiple spells on the heroes portrait locks the camera on the hero
    56. Buff Icon of DoTs doesnt show the spell level
    57. Melee attacks across cliffs are possible
    58. Heroes with built-in bash abilities can not buy Basher
    59. Shift-queueing spells that are castable during channeling and channeling spells doesnt work correctly
    60. Lanecreeps have incorrect HP
    61. Neutral Ogre Magi Frost Armor has no hotkey assigned
    62. Bane's ultimate channel bar doesn't give the correct time with scepter
    63. Lion's Stun not targeting
    64. Shadow Amulet plays it "fade/explosion" animation each time you see the hero
    65. Multiple Meepos in the same game die if any Clone or Meepo dies (cheats or -sh mode)
    66. Magnus spawns in the air when using Manta Style or teleporting
    67. Courier can spawn in inaccessable areas
    68. Aghanim's Scepter dont refresh range circle / indicator on Jakiro
    69. Rarely a lpq notification shows in non-lpq matches
    70. Kraken Shell doesn't cancel Dismember and Fiend's Grip animation
    71. Combining items does not prefer items that are in the heroes inventory over items that are on the ground
    72. Windrun ability does not have a backswing
    73. Items appear in fogged areas when disassembling
    74. Buff/Debuff animations are replayed each time unit gets out of the fog
    75. Queued orders to move a bottle do not succeed and prompt an error when the state of the bottle changes
    76. Hero is automatically selected when controlled unit dies
    77. Issues with test commands and Meepo
    78. Some Buff Icons have no duration yet (e.g. Sadist)
    79. movespeed doesn't update correctly for several spells with decreasing slows
    80. creating a multitude of couriers with -item item_courier in a custom game crashes the game
    81. Tower status (attackable, invulnerable) does not update while the tower is still under FoW
    82. Familars are always added to the heroes control group, auto select summon setting has no effect on them (might be intended)
    83. Boots of Travel keeps on channeling when target is dead (ground target)
    84. Movement at the limits of the Kinetic Field and Pounce Leash
    85. Silencer's Int-Steal buff icon counts kills rather than intelligence stolen
    86. When Rubick uses Berserker's Rage the ability icon doesn't switch from melee to range
    87. Roshan increases in size after being hexed multiple times
    88. Wrath of Nature doesnt reveal Nature's Prophet
    89. Ogre Magi can not auto-cast bloodlust
    90. Range indicator for Unstable Concoction is missing
    91. Tusk [Ice Shards] have glitched visual in Melee Range
    92. Tusk jumps even if his Walrus Punch doesn't land (when cancelling the attack)
    93. Tusk [Ice Shards] Tree destruction is centered on wrong spot(s)
    94. Tusk [Walrus Punch] cancels shift queueing
    95. buying more than 1 tango to the courier removes their refund time
    96. Dropping items inside Trees/Juke Areas does not create their "chests" at the correct location (you can lose track on where you dropped items)
    97. Enemy Phantom Lancer [Doppelwalk] illusions don't show up on minimap
    98. (empty) courier stops his delivery or is delayed for a short period of time when trying to override an allies delivery with return or deliver item commands
    99. Tinker [March of the Machines] doesnt work at the outmost map edges
    100. Swap dialog persists between games
    101. Bounty Hunter's Shiruken Toss's ministun duration is too long
    102. Shukuchi is missing debuff icon on enemies it affected
    103. Pudge's Dismember's duration is slightly too short
    104. Disruptor's Thunder Strike grants wrong type of vision
    105. Magnus's Shockwave's CAST range is slightly too high
    106. acquisition ranges of some heroes is incorrect
    107. Windrunner's Shackleshot projectile lacks a small flying vision
    108. Mekansm/pipe/orchid do not autocomplete correctly when already owning a branch/ror/sobi
    109. Beastmaster's Wild Axes are not unit targetable
    110. Transformation heroes (e.g. Troll Warlord) only refresh existing (Orb of Venom) debuffs version (range/melee) when switching forms instead of applying the corresponding ranged/melee debuff
    111. Roshan Attack Range is Incorrect
    112. Sniper Assassinate has a Debuff timer
    113. Selection of Enemy units should be lost when allies no longer have vision on them
    114. Auto attacking (not by towers) should select the closest enemy not the closest enemy who attacks allies
    115. Towers should select the closest aggressive enemy target when not being under attack themselves
    116. Pugna's Nether Ward zaps invulnerable targets w/o effect (e.g. Storm's Ball of Lightning)
    117. Hook is always ground targeting, it should be able to target units too
    118. Visage familiars are being auto-selected despite the option to auto-select summoned units being turned off
    119. All Mid All Meepos spawn at the same fountain
    120. Sentry wards showing Observer ward timing & Sentry ward timing in status
    121. Dota 2 Missing Up To 0.25 Second Reaction Delay For Auto Attacks
    122. Lone Druid's True Form Transformation Time Should Be 2 Seconds
    123. Megacreeps are not upgrading over time
    124. Illusions Casting Spirit Lance Face Wrong Angle And Other Minor Issues
    125. Rubick Steal Chakram, Permanent Visual on Map
    126. Meepo has an inconvienent respawn pattern
    127. Multiple Pugna netherwards nether flare can affect the same target
    128. Death Prophet's Exorcism AoE is slightly less
    129. Aghanims reveals enemy's ultimate level
    130. Expiring Invisibility does not work properly with Permanent Invisibilities
    131. Control group selection retains active command cursoron
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    Possibly Fixed (Please bump these threads, if you encounter the bug again)

    Fixed in the Last Patch (Please bump those threads or post in here, if the bugs are indeed fixed)

    Fixed on the Test Client (Please bump those threads or post in here, if the bugs are indeed fixed)

    Fixed in the Next Patch (Expect a bug fix for those issues in the upcoming patch)
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    Before posting a bug read the Bug posting guidelines first and check the Known Bugs list For existing bugs.

    Use the report () button when you need help from a Moderator.

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    I'm not sure about pudge's hook not working if unit is in higher terrain. I was pulled from my base by pudge standing in front of it quite a few times

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    I'm not sure either, but it happened to me once, and i also saw some posts about it.
    might be fixed.
    Before posting a bug read the Bug posting guidelines first and check the Known Bugs list For existing bugs.

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    i can confirm #3. you can't buy more than 1 tp from sideshop if all 6 slots are full. works fine in base though

    check your pm trena99

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    Before posting a bug read the Bug posting guidelines first and check the Known Bugs list For existing bugs.

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    Please don't add bugs that aren't necessarily bugs.

    If you aren't sure -> that's exactly what the brainstorming forum is for.
    Or at least add "needs confirmation"

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr.ioes View Post
    Please don't add bugs that aren't necessarily bugs.

    If you aren't sure -> that's exactly what the brainstorming forum is for.
    Or at least add "needs confirmation"
    only things previously posted/seen/known were added to this list. instead of sifting through tons and tons of threads trying to translate some of the non-english speaker posts, you can get a huge list here. this saves you from seeing and reading the same bug 50 times a week

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    Fixed Necronomicon truesight not revealing wards
    from last week's patch.

    if you connect to a game (crash/reconnect or spectate) and broodmother has webs previously placed they are invisible on your screen. you can only see the new ones she creates
    Fixed Broodmother's webs not showing up if you connected after they were created.
    From 8th/9th December patch.

    Make sure to not add things that are not necessarily bugs. Noone could confirm spells going on Cooldown while being Stunlocked and I think Hawk is supposed to be hit by Ground spells.

    Other than that, Stickied, but work on your way to add things.

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