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Thread: Hero Races

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    Drow Ranger should be reconsidered a bit.
    Look at the bit about Selkie / norwegian history. Trow/Drow may have origins from there, with descriptions of darker people that traditionally used bows. Trow/Drow are also described as a sort of sprite as well in the mythological/folklore path. But if you go along with the realistic/historical accounts, drow would be considered far more tribal and barbaric than a bunch of pissy forest fairies.

    Basically, Drow is likely not an elf. Closer to a "traditional native american" in description with bits of folklore magic surrounding them. All because they scared the crap out of vikings. Dota 2 Drow Ranger is exactly the result of myth and legend surrounding the nordic raids in the Northern Isles.
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    Is Abaddon a Baelnorn Lich?

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