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    Name references and copyrighted content in DotA

    Some of you may be aware of this list which I found HERE (original article). The names of heroes and items below are references to other games, myths etc. Some of them are still used in Dota 2, but others are copyrighted and had to be changed. So if you ever wondered why Eaglehorn is renamed to Eaglesong, the answer is below
    Some of those references are not confirmed as there are only speculations about them.


    • Aegis of the Immortal - A shield carried by Athena, for Zeus the Greek god. Dropped by Roshan.
    • Aghanim's Scepter - Refers to Agahnim, the final boss in some of the Zelda games.
    • Armlet of Mordiggian (In Dota 2 - Armlet) - Mordiggian is a fictional character in the Cthulhu Mythos.
    • Black King Bar - Reference to a weapon in Phantasy Star Online.
    • Buriza do Kyanon (In Dota 2 - Daedalus) - is a unique crossbow from Diablo II.
    • Cranium Basher (In Dota 2 - Skull Basher) - Cranium Basher is a maul from Diablo. It's also in Diablo II.
    • Dagon - A Semitic God.
    • Eaglehorn (In Dota 2 - Eaglesong) - is a bow from Diablo II, originally from Diablo.
    • Eul's Scepter of Divinity - A tribute to the creator of the original Defense of the Ancients, which included an item of the same name.
    • Eye of Skadi - Skadi is the wife of the Van god Njord in Norse mythology. She was the Goddess of winter, and as a tribute to her the item causes a hero's attack to deal frost damage, slowing opponents.
    • Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse (In Dota 2 - Scythe of Vyse) - A tribute to the Guinsoo an editor of Defense of the Ancients: Allstars.
    • Hand of Midas - Midas is a character in Greek mythology who turned everything he touched into gold. In Allstars, this item kills and turns an enemy creep into gold.
    • Heart of Tarrasque - A nearly immortal creature from Dungeons & Dragons, also mythical creature resembling a dragon, lion and scorpion. Also a small boss from Starcraft, another Blizzard game.
    • Khadgar's Pipe of Insight (In Dota 2 - Pipe of Insight) - Named after the Warcraft III item of the same name.
    • Lothar's Edge (In Dota 2 - Shadow Blade) - A tribute to Sir Anduin Lothar, the Champion of Azeroth, during the First War (in Warcraft and Warcraft II.)
    • Messerschmidt's Reaver (In Dota 2 - Reaver) - Messerschmidt's Reaver is an axe from Diablo II, originally from Diablo.
    • Monkey King Bar - From the Chinese folk tale Journey to the West, the Monkey King Bar was a staff used by the hero Sun Wukong and could alter its size to his will; the same bar used by the character Son Goku in the Dragon Ball series. The weapon also appears in Phantasy Star Online and may also be another reference to that game.
    • Nathrezim Buckler (In Dota 2 - Buckler) - The Nathrezim or Dreadlords are a race in the Warcraft universe of games.
    • Necronomicon - A fictional book invented by the early pulp fiction writer H. P. Lovecraft. Also the strongest book wielded by Cecilia in the RPG Wild Arms. A book bearing this title also appeared in the movie Army of Darkness.
    • Poor Man's Shield - Refers to poor man's copyright.
    • Sange - A sword from the game Phantasy Star Online.
    • Sange and Yasha - In Phantasy Star Online The Sange and Yasha could be combined to form a formidable dual sword weapon, and thus the same is allowed here.
    • Shiva's Guard - Refers to the Hindu deity.
    • Stygian Desolator - A weapon from the game Anarchy Online. The name is derived from the river that flows in the Greek underworld, the River Styx (Stygian, meaning to have the properties of Styx). This is however counterintuitive, because the waters of the River Styx was supposed to confer immortality to those who touched it. Achilles was said to have been dipped in the waters of the Styx as a baby.
    • Talisman of Evasion - An item from the games Warcraft III and World of Warcraft.
    • Yasha - A type of demon in Indian mythology. Also refers to another sword from the game Phantasy Star Online.
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