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Thread: Rare items disapeared, and only the rare ones

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    Unhappy Rare items disapeared, and only the rare ones


    I'm a dota player, never paid to get items, i just trade them in Dota 2 lounge. Today i've entered my account and 3 rare items have disapeared. Dont know why. This ones i've haven't traded. Plz help explain me whats happening, can this happen again?
    the items: Bloodseeker's scarlet raven helm. Broodmother's Spiderlings(perception). And Nature's Prophet's Outcast back.
    Thanks for your time.

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    you should look up your invertory history its in invertory top right corner i believe

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    Login to your steam community

    click on "inventory" in the right column

    click on "view inventory history" in the top right

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