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Thread: Missed league draft. League and ticket gone.

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    Missed league draft. League and ticket gone.


    I joined my friends fantasy league couple of days ago and we scheduled the draft for 20th of May. However, it seems that they already did the drafting yesterday and I missed it. It doesn't show that I am in any league at the moment and when I look for the league with its ID it is locked. Fantasy ticket was however consumed in this progress...

    Q. What happens if I miss my Fantasy League’s live draft?
    The draft system will automatically pick players for you.

    League ID: 105243
    Profile ID: 21374507

    Since draft on that league is already completed, I would like to get my ticket replaced with a new one.

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    Anyone? ;_;

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    When you are not present for the draft, according to valve's info page the system is supposed to assign a player for you, so I think normally missing the draft should not throw you out of the league. Maybe you have been kicked from the league for the sake of someone else? Although imo Valve should give back the Fantasy Ticket in a case like this.
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