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Thread: BUG: Compendium 10 Hero challange not showing a win for hero.

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    BUG: Compendium 10 Hero challange not showing a win for hero.

    I completed a win with Lina and the check has never appeared. I have subsequently won with three more heroes that all updated correctly to show the win.

    When I finished the Lina game the Dota client had lost connection to the server and I suspect that is the issue. In my game history I show the win however.

    Is there a way to force the compendium to recheck? Or do I have to redo the Lina game?


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    Same happened to me, I won a match with one of the heroes, didn't get the "checked" on the hero.

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    same here
    match id : 672299977
    hero : Phantom Assasin

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    When the servers have high traffic at the end of a game and the stats get updated later it doesn't update the compendium.
    I had this as well.

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    I had the same problem as well but, both stats and compendium is not recorded, not in LPQ, no one quitted, win fair and square, and it's a pub game.

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    match id: 675776885
    hero: Brewmaster

    If some know please help. please send me a message or post here thanks.
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