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Thread: Compedium predictions bugged

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    Exclamation Compedium predictions bugged

    Just got the compedium and 2x 2400 poins...I have a activated lvl 49 compedium....and I can't predict anything since it wont save my resets to "Make a selection" after 1-2 seconds.
    Only thing that I can select is the vote for the future arcana's and nothing else...
    the options are not locked... at this moment I still have 3 days + to make selections for the qualifiers and many many days to make predictions for the MAIN event.
    But it wont save any of my options.
    I have the coloured writing in chat, friends see the compedium in my dota profile and the compedium level.
    !! Battle bonus on bottom left side of screen says The International Battle Point Bonus at 200%.... but in the Compedium book at "most recent rewards" it says 400% battle point in-game i dont get 400% and I only get 200%. !!
    Any ideeas ?? !!

    DEVS please answer me to this in person and not just forward me to a different post...since I have read this forum for more then 1 hour and I still have not found a resolve

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    instead of asking for a dev to answer and tell you "we are aware of the situation and working on a fix" why don't you just post your problem and wait until they fix it. It has been reported and Devs have read it. They will probably not answer you cause Valve almost never answer those types of threads. They just read then work on a fix.
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    I could do that....but I prefer that answer that they are "aware of the problem"....since time is running out for the predictions.

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    I am having the same problem would love to see a fix come through as OP said time is running out for the predictions

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    I Just hope this problem (which i am also having) is fixed in the 3-day period, as i would hate to see the money used for the compendium be wasted and have just less and less direct benefits to me.

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    Compendium won't allow any selections

    It says the votes are closing soon for some things, but I can't make any changes at all. Not favourite team or anything. It just instantly resets to "make a selection" and removes the choice I made. Any help with this from support staff cos this seems like a big oversight considering I paid good money for this.

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    Compendium qualifier predictions - unable to change

    I'm no longer able to change any of my qualifier predictions. Each time I try it shows my new prediction for a moment, say half a second, and then flicks back to the old prediction. Has this happened to anyone else? I was under the impression that we could change them as many times as we liked until the countdown ends, and have already changed some predictions (days ago).

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    I'm having this exact same issue.

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    I'm having this exact issue as well. For me it's longest game length that wont allow a selection to stick.

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    I have the same issue. One of my fields is stuck on 'make selection' and I can't change it.

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