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if i mute someone his mic is 100% disabled. also if īve muted you cuz you are a pain on the ass on the mic you will most likely keep being a pain on the ass on chat.

i guess valve should tweek muting and how it works, give more options. maybe a curse words filter and what not.
You are missing the point.

Turning the voice recieve volume to 0 IS disabling voice chat to 100%. BUT, when they use voice chat, you STILL get your game volume reduced because the game recognizes mic being used. This lowering game volume is a feature so voice chat doesnt get lost between game sounds.
This also happens when you mute them. You still see the voice chat icon on the right side of the screen and your game sound gets lowered.

There is no reason for the game to lower the volume when you have voice chat volume set to 0.