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Thread: No sound of hero/ Announcer

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    No sound of hero/ Announcer

    After the latest patch no sound(killing creep , hero , announcer ).
    Already verified the integrity of game cache, but this doesn't help.
    Any solution plz.

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    Similar problems. I also can not hear other players on voice. Pings work but the ctrl-alt 'X' has no sound.
    There is music and some sounds like the steps and casts.

    Set audio settings to default. Restarted Dota. Steam. Computer. Verified game cache. Re-installed Dota. Updated audio drivers.

    Please help!
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    FIXED for me:

    I ran a speaker test for a 5.1 setup even though every setting in windows is in stereo. The center channel was extremely quiet. I assume Dota uses the center channel for only some of the sounds like Voice and Announcers.

    After f'n re-installing Dota, All I had to do was unplug my headphones and plug them back in.... windows....

    A good test may be to get in a bot game and ping then 'X' an area in the map. The 'X' sound seems to use the center channel. If you don't get the sound you may also have sound going to a non existent center channel speaker.

    GL HF.

    ( You didn't happen to install Dolby Axon did you? )
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    Have similar problem. Verified the integrity of game cache many times, but it didn't help.
    My left speaker is not working and I thought maybe it is somehow connected with this problem, so I tried to use headphones but it didn't change anything.
    Hope there is any solution for it.

    P.S. I have the 'X' sound

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