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Thread: [Confirmed] Meepo clones are instantly killed under Ice Blast debuff

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    [Confirmed] Meepo clones are instantly killed under Ice Blast debuff

    Meepo clones fully suffer from AA's ulty.
    • Meepo clones take initial damage (as creeps do)
    • Frozen debuff is applied
    • Debuff does damage over time
    • Dropping clone under 10-12% HP kills Meepo, kill will be normally granted to the source of the damage that triggers the shatter

    • The debuff can be applied only on main Meepo.
    • Meepo clones only take initial damage (250/350/450)

    P.S.: Can't be dispelled, too.
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    Strange bug, I remember this working correctly in a prior version
    Also, although this is marked as duplicate, it does not show up in the known bug list (or am I blind?)

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    I thought it was..

    I remember this being reported before.

    And it's a rather "new" bug. The patch which fixed only mid meepo introduced this. They fixed Zeus' ulti hitting the clones, but not Ice Blast.
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