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Thread: Inscribed Gems no longer show counts in inventories

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    Inscribed Gems no longer show counts in inventories

    I have two Kills gems. One has no kills, and the other I just popped out of an item so that I can move it to another.

    I have no clue which is the one that I just took out of an item and want to use, and which is the one that has no stats on it whatsoever.

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    Would like to see this issue fixed. It's making it impossible to attach gems properly. It's also making it impossible to check things on the marketplace, such as kill counts or (more importantly) people who are scamming by selling their items with 1 use remaining (seriously why is this still possible?).

    Such items on the marketplace don't show extra information like they used to by hovering over them.

    Please add the tooltip back to show counters in the armoury so we don't have to use a dozen hammers or chisels to put the right gems into the right heroes.

    edit: fixed as of July 20, thanks very much
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