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Thread: Issue whit "Booties of travel Kinetic Gem"

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    Quote Originally Posted by wachon1992 View Post
    what i meant is, the gem is also for the boot of travel custom icon? so u can have the custom icon on any hero? or it comes with the item itself.
    well the icon i think shud stay whit the inmortal.. BUT since the other inmortals dont have any gem and still have an efect, so when i saw kinetic gem booties of travel then it came to my mind.. well this guys made this so we cud have the travel boots efect on any hero.. thats cool.. since the efect is actually for an item not for a skill liek the others inmortals... (the icon shud stay whit the tinker item tho cuz the icon is similar to the item.. wudnt go right whit other heroes)

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    So the other heroes wont get the BoT in-game item picture & TP animation?

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