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Thread: EG Mason marked as 'S', and not earning points.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisC View Post
    For some reason he changed his role to Support (this is part of the official player info that they submit). I changed it back to Core so you should be earning points for him again.
    Thanks Chris, looks like the points were restored!

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    Thanks Chris!

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    Arrow Gaming have only 1 player on support role - MozuN, but they actually play with 2 supports (+ 1 semi-support).
    You can see it from here:
    JoHnNy is full support and xiangzaii is support / offlaner (depends on picks)

    Fix please.

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    yeah well after i saw yesterday that you changed his role, i changed his position on a support place. and now today he didn't make any points because of this last switch...
    can i have my points for 2day? it's not fair ChrisC !!!
    my league is 41840
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    Mason still with bugs
    returns to support

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    Yep. I also missed out on points because he seems to have changed his role again. -.-

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    Same issue here and still not fixed

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