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Thread: Announcer's sound doesn't work

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    Announcer's sound doesn't work

    My announcer's sound doesn't work in game , i don't hear anyone doing anything , i didn't know the right position to post this thread so i posted it here, any help please ??

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    Just some advice: It may sound generic, but every time you get similar problems (textures/audio file missings, etc), try verifying the game cache.

    In order to access this window, go to your game library > find Dota 2 > right click on it > click properties.

    Then do what you see in that screenshot.

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    Had a similar issue. Unplug and plug in headphones / speakers. It appears sounds are trying to go through the non-existent center channel.

    ( Did you just install Dolby Axon by chance? I think it caused my initial problem. )

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