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Thread: Language preferences on ranked????????????????????

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    Language preferences on ranked????????????????????

    So, what is happening to language preferences on ranked, why do i keep getting spanish only people on the SA server, it wasn't this common on ranked before, did something changed? i think that out of 5games 3 im on a team of spanish speaking people.

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    Because valve does not care about the feelings of the community. they just want money. There will likely never be a good mm system as region block will never be implemented and we will continuously be matched with braindead peruvians.

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    They disabled language preferences many months ago because people used it to end up in the same team if you had high MMR in solo queue.

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    language preferences never worked and never will. you can queue on SA with spanish and u gna get brs. you queue portuguese and u gona get hispanics. same goes for usa andother regions.

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