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Thread: Suggestion pour Ability Draft mod

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    Suggestion for Ability Draft mod

    Hi everyone.
    First, i'm french. So my apologies for my bad English :]
    Second, I play a lot of Ability Draft game.(About 400 to 500 games since the release of mod) That's why i would suggest things for this mod.

    - I think it will bring a lot if we had the opportunity to chat during the draft.
    Why are we not able to communicate during the draft?

    - From the beginning, there is a large imbalance with the hero. Often end up with a team of melee or worse, a team composed entirely with agility hero
    I've been thinking, I thought it would be interesting to choose his hero SD or RD but we always end up with the same hero. That is why I think it would be interesting to keep random AD but with the only rule to always have a strength, agility and intelligence hero in every team.

    Thanks for reading

    edit : I guess i'm not in the right place for this post.. sorry for that
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