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Thread: 500 internal server error

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    Question 500 internal server error

    I'm grabbing matches by seq_num:< key>&language=en_us

    This same request will fail with http 500 several times but eventually succeed 30 seconds or a minute later. Anyone else having this? I'm using php and doing
    after every request, so I don't believe I'm violating the speed limit. Any insights?

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    it just happens.
    search the forum and you'll find people complaining about it.
    sometimes the servers go down without warning.
    Just configure your application to wait for 5 mins or so before continuing.

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    In general this happens in long streaks. It's not, like, a % chance that any given request will fail. It's that the API servers crash and will respond with 500 errors to all requests for a period of some minutes. That might help to design around this issue; what MuppetMaster suggests usually makes sense because once you get one 500 you're going to keep getting 500s for a while.

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    Yeah I have this exact problem. I just brute force through it, I haven't found anything that will fix it.

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