Can someone please tell my if there are any plans to get this russian players out of the english language filter or off the EU-west servers? I live in germany and I speak decent english. I always try to communicate with the team and usually play support. But it is simply NOT possible to play with people that cannot speak or write a single word in english. I play on an mmr of ~4k since the rating system was implemented and it is not possible to climb in matchmaking because of communication issues. Most of the russian or ukraine players that cannot speak english tend to be aggressive too. The only thing they look at are the stats in the current game. For example you play Lion as solo support with common 1-5-9 stats, then you fail a stun and the shitstorm begins. Okay I mute all-chat (it's really sad that this option has to be in a teamplay game at all) but what to do now? I get pinged like shit for no reason, followed by cyrillic hyroglyphs.. At this point I'm frustrated enough to not give shit anymore.

I often play in a Team with RL friends too and it's a complete different game. You can simply communicate with people and look at that my Team-MMR is 4,7k. You really should get points for winning Team-MMR games too. Like +25 Team-MMR and +3 Solo-MMR. I also watch a lot of competitive games and tournaments and a friend of mine plays dota in the competitive scene, he also teaches me much. So I guess I can say that I really know much about the game.

I don't complain about ALL russians or ukraine players out there. But when you read this as russian you must admit that the situation is just no longer acceptable. Something must be done with the language filter or something else so non-english speakers cannot join the english servers anymore.