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Thread: Announcers announcing hero picks in 1v1 game

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    1v1 Mid announcer spoiler

    Hello. I just played my first 1v1 mid match and came up with something intresting.

    Ofc picks were hidden, i was thinking what should i pick and then my Bastion Announcer said "dragon knight..." and something. Its pretty much spoiler when you havent picked your hero yet. I tihnk it should be fixed.

    Also i dont think 2 kills 1 tower is viable option. It should be 2 kills and 2 towers. T1 can die too easy from krobe or dk or even kotl or veno.

    Bug: announcer spoiler enemy pick
    Remedy: Revise announcer sounds on pickphase in 1v1 mid.

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    1v1 Matchmaking bug

    My announcer tells me during picking stage what the enemy picked even if i havent picked yet ( i got the bastion)

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    Announcers announcing hero picks in 1v1 game

    as it said in 1v1 rules "Enemy cannot see your hero selection until they choose theirs." but some announcers announces the hero pick like TRINE ANNOUNCER. I just played a game and my opponent picked TA before me(I didn't pick any hero by that time) but announcer announce Templar Assassin. Don't know about other announces as i have only 1 but its violating rules and no fun like this, fix it somehow valve?

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    i totaly agree maybe valve let u choose winning conditions and get a 1v1 match with some1 makes same choice as you also i believe announcer bug is kinda op and should fixed fast

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    win/lose bug

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