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Thread: [Confirmed]Incorrect (misleading) Agility tooltip

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    [Confirmed]Incorrect (misleading) Agility tooltip

    Hello Dears,

    Every 7 points increase Armor by 1
    the current tooltip for the Agility attribute, one of the ancient Warcraft 3 relics (it was worded exactly like this in Warcraft 3), is incorrect (suggesting agilityarmor armor rising in integer steps of 1 full point of armor for every 7 full points of agility) - it should rather be worded like this
    Each point increases Armor by .14*
    (* Value might be off. Warcraft 3 used to round the output value to the nearest integer; ladder maps had an armor gain of .3 per point of agility, which was represented by 1 full point of armor per 3 agility, suggesting a .33 armor gain per agility)

    <3, Sela
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    do you actually get incremental armor gains though? I don't think you do. [X]

    well thanks for confirmation
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