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Thread: Juggernaut Incorrect BAT

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    Juggernaut Incorrect BAT

    In my last game replay id: 729540998, by the end of the game I noticed that:

    Attack Speed: 365
    Attacks per second: 0.41

    This is correct if BAT were 1.5 (like in the old patch). If my BAT were 1.4, attacks per second should be 0.38.

    Edit: It seems it shows incorrect incorrect attack speed. Actual attack speed was 344.
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    For whatever reason Valve codes tooltips separately from actual numbers, so it could just be a tooltip issue, check the combat log

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    I think it shows attack speed such that with BAT 1.7 and the shown attack speed, you will get the shown attack time.

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    It was reported already, where is that thread?

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    Those numbers don't look right at all to me. You would be attacking much more than once per second but the number shows not even a half of an attack per second. Which means not even over the course of 2 seconds would you finish an attack. Those numbers are completely wrong.
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