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Thread: More spectator HUD suggestions

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    Post More spectator HUD suggestions

    Aegis and cheese is important part of the game. Imo it would be reasonable to make it clear who have it all the time. Maybe there should be timer which would show when they will expire, under these icons (but maybe this info should appear only when we hover on them as I suggested here ). Also there could be info about runes or rapiers as well.

    BKB next cooldown seen without need to hover mouse on it. Just make it easier to see even when casters don't check it often. Midas uses, will show how much this item have gave for the user. Could be useful statistic to compare midas carriers race.

    Illusions have their spells blocked in similar way when we are silenced. That is so we could easily see what caster clicked on. Also maybe cooldowns of spells should be shown from main hero not the illusion. Or maybe illusions should have blank spell space.

    Those are suggestions for SPECTATOR HUD. But maybe some of them should be for players as well (clicking on friendly illusion for example).

    My other suggestions:
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    i like that aegis and cheese thing

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