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Thread: More Flexibility In Directed Mode

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    More Flexibility In Directed Mode

    Title, basically. I've been using this making shoutcasts and finding it so frustrating that I've had to stop it. Can we please have an option to override the director and have temporary manual control, or better yet the ability to make it follow a certain hero for a time? It has irritating flaws, like snapping to another gank midway-through one, or not showing the tower being pushed in favour of a gaggle of ranged heroes pushing something the viewer can't then see.

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    You can put it to "free camera" or "hero-chase".
    But I guess you want instant access to those camera-options so I would suggest hotkeys to change between them easily.
    Maybe you can do that already with a console key-bind.

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    I think a temporary override like suggested is best, like you press Alt and as long as Alt is pressed, it goes into free camera instead of directed. Release alt, goes back to directed. I guess if you could bind the different modes you could do something similar with two different keys, which would work anyway.

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