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Thread: Minimap Hero Icons are blurry .

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    Exclamation Minimap Hero Icons are blurry .

    Anyone experiencing this kind of bug while in game ?

    EDIT : Any ways to fix this ?

    EDIT : Added Photo

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    This might be caused by low texture settings. Customized larger minimap icon size may also be an issue. It may be worse in conjunction with -novid in your launch options (not sure if you have that set), because for whatever reason that setting makes minimap less clear.

    Obviously you have a lower end machine or you wouldn't be running the game with lower settings, so I don't advice you to change the texture quality if your set low for stable fps.

    So you can first make sure you don't haver -novid in your launch options. Secondly, try to reduce the size of the minimap icons by using dota_minimap_hero_size 600 in console. 600 is the default size, but you could go smaller if it fixes the issue and is still visible.
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