Hi there,

I am experiencing major Sound issues since i have been using my new Headset. Headset works properly in any other game, Teamspeak and with different Media players.

When i start dota2, i get the usual ingame sounds. Everything works fine in the Main Menu. As soon as i open the Options or start a game, the Sound completly vanishes. This includes all non dota related sounds, i. e. Media Player, Teamspeak.

So, here i am with no Sounds. Dota2 ingame mic detects sounds, so i guess it works properly.

1) If i close dota2, everything works fine again. Media Player and external voice programs are hearable again.

2) If i restart (and therefore reconnect) my headset and leave dota2 open, Media Player Sounds are muted, ingame micro doesnt work anymore but the dota 2 ingame music works fine.

Since the Headset works fine in any other way, i guess Dota is somehow changing the Audio Device as soon as the Options menu is opened/ a game is started to something else. I found some people with similar problems via google, but no solution.

Thank you for your help,